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Blazin Neon What I Wore

I’m back with Blogmas day 10 and I am doing another What I Wore and this is for the Forever 21 Grand Launch which I posted my experience yesterday if you missed that it is here.

I wanted this outfit to be all Forever 21. So don’t be surprised by the details down below. Of course I had to wear mostly everything I bought from F21. My top is this lovely neon pink and is very bright color and thought it would be perfect for this event. I wore a blazer to tone the color down but I dint know how big it was or what to wear to event like that so I came up with this. I wore these pant as I wanted the polka dots and pink to class and I just wore that with my favorite sandals and brought out y special Juicy Couture bag which I don’t use often but I figure would be fine for an event like this. I liked the outfit and wanted this party vibe but causal at the same time so I hope I pulled it off a bit. I wore a neon pink lipstick to match and just pulled my hair to a half up and down style with loose curls. I forgot I wore sparkly pink nail polish that I also got from Forever 21 to tie everything together.

| top: Forever 21, blazer: Forever 21, pants: Forever 21, earrings: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21, bag: Juicy Couture, shoes: Montego Bay Club |

A very chic look for me and I love how comfy it was. Next time I know what to wear though if I would be invited to another event like this. I was just unsure if I should be too casual or get dressed up but next time I will be doing the in between. Hope you liked this outfit post and thought it was very bright! A haul of what I got will be up as soon as I finish editing the pictures for that!

That has been my outfit and Blogmas day 10. Come back again tomorrow to see what I will be posting for Blogmas day 11. I cant believe how far I am and hope to continue. *knocks on wood* See you tomorrow!

What is your favorite shopping outfit?

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