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Happy December 1st! Guess what I am doing again this year? I am doing Blogmas and that means I am doing a blog post everyday until Christmas. I did this last year and loved it so I am back with it again this year plus some amazing things coming up in between. I want to start this year’s Blogmas with a nail post which I haven’t done in a while. It may be an odd one but sparkles are also festive so I don’t mind it.

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It’s almost winter and yet I choose a Barbie pink glitter nail polish. I bought it and I thought it would match my neon pink blouse and the outfit I was going to wear that day so I couldn’t wait to try it and fell in love with how girly it was. Even though I’m supposed to embrace bold nail colors for Fall like I usually do I haven’t this year and it is really weird how much I am loving anything with glitter and sparkles I am. Maybe I will be more glittery this year and I don’t mind that. I did the regular darker tones last year and this year I am going to go out and buy more glitter top coats as I have seen quite a few lately.

The formula of it is quite nice actually. I thought I was going to have a problem with the chunky glitter or how opaque it was going to be and may need to add a base color but when I painted the first coat it actually applied a lot of glitter with one stroke. I got this done in three coats but they were all light strokes so it didn’t make it do thick. I dabbed some glitter with a brush and didn’t have to use a toothpick which I thought I would.

The color is amazing and for me another great Forever 21 nail polish. I haven’t tried one I didn’t like yet which is great. I love the color and I might be a little biased since it is my favorite color. It probably will become my signature color when spring and summer come back though.

I hope you liked this nail post and I want to be doing more of them since I missed doing y nails more often. This really encouraged to start doing them again. I am going to be posting again tomorrow and continuing Blogmas so I hope you stick around for all that. See you again tomorrow!

What do you think about glitter polishes?

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