1920’s Elegance | What I Wore

1920’s Elegance What I Wore

Here is day 5 of Blogmas and it is a special What I Wore!

This is actually what I wore to Styling class last Saturday. Our assignment was to come dressed in an outfit inspired from the 1920’s and knowing me I went all out if you couldn’t tell. I didn’t get to take pictures of last week but it was very crazy as well with me having a grunge look which is far from my style but very fun to come up with an outfit fr it. As for this one I didn’t have anything to wear so I had to go out and pick up everything. 

My top is something I saw and knew it would look great for that time era with the color and the lace. My skirt is not actually a skirt but a dress which you cant see but there is some black lace as well underneath it. I loved the dress and it fit so well. My tight are actually from ballet but they worked. I was supposed to have stockings but it is the same thing but very hot to wear. Now the exciting part which is the accessories. I wore very many pearls as that was whats popular back then. All the accessories are from Forever 21 and so are pretty much all the clothes for this outfit. I loved all the pearls and I did add some modern pieces if you couldn’t tell. I also wore long silk black gloves because even back then that’s what they wore. For my headpiece I was wearing a diamond headband I thought would look good with it and set my hair with foam curlers to have those big curly waves. I was going to wear red lipstick but couldn’t find mine so that is what I feel as missing.

Styling Class has really got me out of my comfort zone and wearing all these fun outfits so I hope to be sharing some with you. I really did enjoy putting it together and I would totally get to wear this again for something just a little more toned down.

| top: Forever 21, skirt: Forever 21, tights: Danskin, gloves: Claire’s, bracelets: Forever 21, necklaces: Forever 21

earrings: Forever 21, head piece: Forever 21, shoes: Lower East Side |

I hope you enjoyed this type of blog post and I can’t wait to share more of my creations from styling class on here. Right now I am kind of using my blog as a portfolio so I hope you don’t mind. Tomorrow I am doing a fashion finds of the accessories from this outfit so I hope to see you here tomorrow for Blogmas day 6!

What would be your favorite thing to wear in the 1920’s?

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