Uno de 50 Store Review

Uno de 50 store Review

Today I wanted to do a sort of different post where I look at Uno de 50 store at SM Aura. They were one of the first stores to open in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. They are a unique jewelry store which they only sell 50 unique pieces and that’s it so only 50 people will have the same item as you which is so cool and I like knowing everyone will have the same one as me and it remains unique to you. They sell a few pieces in different stores only so it might be in one or it won’t. The jewelry is unique as well and a different style. I never seen pieces like this and think each one has it’s own different look about it. The reason I went there was because I won a limited edition bracelet from Philippine Fashion Week and so I went to this branch to pick it up. I wasn’t initially planning on blogging about it but I decided since it was so pretty and I though it would be a little different to show you their jewelry.

So let’s take a peek inside the store.

The staff was so friendly and kind that they let me take pictures and do a post about their store. I also took my dad with me so he got to talk with them as well and be my overall PR for my blog. They have other branches in the Philippines including Mall of Asia and Megamall and have a sale going on if you’d like to get a piece for yourself. I love my bracelet and I really want the one I tried on in store as well but I’m saving up for it as it was 4,219php and it is pretty pricey right now but very nice quality. I’m sure putting it on my Christmas wish list this year. Thank you Uno de 50 staff, Ms. Rhea for letting me take pictures and browse your collection as it was loving talking to you and exploring all the pretty jewelry.

What is your favorite jewelry piece you own?

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