Unboxing | October BDJ Elite Box: Corporate Chic

Unboxing October Elite Box: Corporate Chic

Here I am with not just any old BDJ box which I’ve gotten monthly
since June. I’m unboxing with you the October BDJ Elite Box: Corporate
Chic for today. I availed their last Elite Box which had all full size Heroine Make products which you could read here.

An elite box is different from their monthly box because in the monthly box you can get this for a 580php fee and not know what products will be in it until you receive it. The elite box is where they show you what’s in it and charge 1,480php but you know exactly what you’ll be getting and the amount of each individual product and sometimes you get to pick certain shades for items like in the last elite box and this one.

I saw this come out and really wanted it but held out for a while but I was worried they would sell out because elite boxes can go quick as well. I saw it in person at the BDJ Fair and fell in love even more so a week later I ordered one myself and it came the same time as my October BDJ box which was a nice treat.

So let’s get into the unboxing but I can’t call it that right now since it came in a bag.

As you unzip it after pulling it out of the shipping envelop and another plastic you get this gorgeous bag makeup case. First thing is the cards, the first of the deck is the logo card of this elite box with a short intro on the back of it. We get individual ones with the picture on the front and the info on the back stating the product information and prices.Just like my last Elite Box it has these cute deck of cards I like to call them and I like it is different fro the monthly box.

The theme is Corporate Chic which means this is for girls who are in a rush in the morning and it caters to those morning rushes so you have everything in one place. It contains products for every corporate woman’s daily needs all in one place. It comes in a super chic pouch to carry so that you can just grab and go and do your makeup with you while commuting. I think it is a great idea but I’m not working but heading to school I could totally use this for my class. All the products are based around this theme for hair, skin and of course makeup goodies to suite an everyday makeup look which I do wear for class. I really like the theme even though I don’t fit the category I know I’ll be able to use them.

Looking into it at first glance everything is packaged well and the pouch is protecting it good since it is padded which is nice. My favorite part and looking at all the goodies that is inside. Inside there is  lot of bubble wrap which I am a total fan of and love popping them when I’m stressed. That means everything is protected good and it is all taped up shut so no spillage to ruin the products and bag. They definitely did a great job packaging all of this up from the bottom to the top and they took time to make sure it was safe so great job BDJ! All of it turned out to be safe and in perfect condition unlike my monthly BDJ box which sometimes have a few dents in the box. Nothing major but I am a perfectionist and hate when my box is crinkly.

Pureology Precious Oil Shamp’oil
Full Size // 250ml
Price // 1,195

Start your workdays right with soft and healthy hair. This Pureology Philippines shamp’oil is made of a ZeroSulfate, ZeroSilicone concentrated-oil formula that promises to restore and replenish hair while protecting your hair color’s vibrancy! It’s formulated with a unique oil delivery system that penetrates deep into the hair fiber. Just apply a quarter sized amount of this shamp’oil, lather up, and nourish your hair effortlessly! 

The first thing is this Shampoo that I heard was great and I think it is because it is all natural and I’ve been using shampoos that have zero chemicals in it lately to see if it helps my hair. I’ve seen BDJ give this out as a prize sometimes and I’m glad I get to try it and it is full sized. It is almost worth the box and I have to try it and really love it before I spend that kind of money for this.

Davines Oi/Oil
Travel Size // 12ml
Price // 800php

Add extraordinary shine while repairing your hair and with the help of protective breathable silicones and antioxidant-rich roucou oil found in this lightweight hair serum. It instantly tames frizz and nourishes hair to prevent hair aging and breakage. Just a couple of drops of this multipurpose Davines oi oil to your damp or dry hair, and you’re good to go. No wonder it’s raved about by magazine editors and beauty experts!

I have never heard of this brand so I’m interested to try it as I love the description of this. I do see a lot of hype with other PH bloggers I follow and they have said it does wonders so I will definitely try it and see whats so great about it. This I think is a travel size so not full size but the price is 800php for this I’m really curious how big and how much the full size of this is because I think it would definitely be pricey.

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment
Sample Size // 5ml
Price // 150php
Full size // 50g | 3,750php

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment
Sample Size // 5ml
Price // 150php
Full size // 34g | 3,750php

Let this magical Glamglow Philippines mud draw out the dirt and congestion after a day’s work! Its Activated-X Charcoal keeps face and pores smooth and healthy-looking as it contains a formula clinically developed by dermatological chemist to target, heal, and prevent common skin concerns including breakouts, and discoloration. 

This seems to be everywhere! International and local bloggers, beauty gurus on youtube and celebrities have raved about this mud mask and I want to give in and try it myself but now I can as I have two samples I can try with Lynn as soon as she comes back. I’m glad we got a sample so I can try it first as I’ve heard it is quite expensive but so worth it. I’ll just have to see and will let you know!

Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon
Full Size
Price // 350php

the attention of everyone with just one swipe of Revlon’s most iconic
lipstick. Women around the world have made it one of the brands
bestsellers, and with good reason — its LiquiSilk™ formula seals in
color and softness, while Vitamin E and Avocado oil conditions lips and
ensures no tackiness. It’s everything you want in a lipstick encased in a
sleek black tube, so you can bring it everywhere you go. 

lippies? Yay another to add to my collection. Getting lip products if
you couldn’t tell has been one of my favorite item to receive in my
monthly boxes lately or just makeup in general getting different makeup
products has been great. I was actually given a choice with this elite
box to pick the shade of lipstick I wanted and the choices were: Pink in
the Afternoon, Berry Rich, Blushing Mauve, and Coralberry. I went back and forth with
the color shade and it was pretty hard to choose just one. I had to ask
my cousins, aunts and my parents to help me decide between Pink in the
Afternoon and Coralberry. PitA is so pretty and reading reviews about it
convinced me as it seemed like my color but Cb was something different
and looked so pretty as well and I didn’t have a color like it and knew I
would want it as well after seeing swatches. Just to summarize all of
that it was the most difficult makeup decision I had to make so far in
my life. I did finally decided and got Pink in the Afternoon after the
difficult debate and inner struggle I was having. I’m sure I’ll be
picking up Coral Berry on my own though. As for the color I think I am
happy with my decision as it is so pretty but I haven’t swatched it yet.
I’m going to be doing a review on this soon because I’m absolutely
obsessed with it.

Canmake Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip
Full Size
 Price // 410php

out in your workplace with this beautifully sheer lip gloss packed with
beauty essence and moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid,
squalane, honey and royal jelly extract. It comes in a fleur honey shade
that’s lightly tinted and super shiny, to highlight your pucker. Just
apply one coat and it will spread evenly over your lips, so you’re ready
to show off a polished and sophisticated finish! 

haven’t tried any Canmake makeup but I’ve really wanted to since I’ve
discovered the brand. The packaging is adorable and I have been liking
trying some Japanese cosmetics. I do have the Canmake Body Cream and
loved that so trying some of their makeup was something I’ve been
wanting. I actually love the color as I don’t have anything that is an
orange tint. It’s also my first lip gloss in a while as I’ve been
getting in to lipsticks that I don’t pay much attention to them. Now
I’ll definitely be using this and trying it out how it looks on me.

K-Palette 1-Day Magic Eyeliner
Full Size
Price // 695php

Bid goodbye to eyeliner application woes with K-palette 1Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner! With its ingenious two-sided brush, you can use the flat side to get three times the thickness in a single stroke, while its pointed side is great for super thin lines. The long-wearing formula allows it to stay on your lids the whole workday, so you don’t need to keep checking for smudges. Defining your eyes will now be a breeze! 

I’ve seen this all over many Philippine beauty bloggers I follow showing this launched and I was so curious it made me want to try myself but I couldn’t find it in local stores. The packaging is so cute and pink and you know those two combinations surely will suck me into purchasing makeup or any product for that matter. I can’t wait to try this eyeliner as a lot of bloggers say it is amazing to use so I’ll be trying it myself this time.

Simply She Cosmetic Pouch
Price // 400php

Shave off a few minutes from your makeup prep time before going to work
with this SimplyShe Cosmetic Pouch that’s both chic and handy for the
on-the-go lady. It’s roomy and compact at the same time, so you can
bring it you wherever you go. Just put your make-up staples inside and
you’ve got everything you need within easy reach! 

Can I say I wanted to get this elite box for this makeup bag? I have been wanting one and this looked so cute. I mean I saw the rest of the products that came with it but this was one of the items that convinced me even more that I needed this. It’s such a great color and it’s chevron. The size is great and it will definitely hold my growing collection of makeup products. The inside has nice material and I love the light pink to go with the outside print. The zippers are very durable and easy to zip and unzip because I was worried it might not be. I’m really loving this and I just can’t wait to use it daily for all my makeup. I’ll definitely be doing a What’s in my Makeup Bag soon with this.

So that was everything in my “un-bagging or un-pouching” as it was technically not a box. I have loved getting the elite boxes as I feel they are more special and definitely worth the money because you do save with all the products it comes with. The total amount of all these come out to be 3,850php not including the Glam Glow samples but altogether total around 4,150php. That is double the amount I paid which was 1,480php.

Overall it was a great October Elite box and I can honestly ay I am going to use everything from this. Some monthly boxes I give to Lynn but this I can get a use out of. I didn’t mind that I knew the contents it just made me want it even more and I’m glad I did. It was a worthwhile purchase so thanks BDJ for another amazing Elite Box and keep it up as I would love to get more!

The BDJ Box Elite: Corporate Chic came out on October 17, 2014 and has limited availability. For more information or to avail this box yourself head to their Website to check if it’s still available. These boxes get sold out fast so go check it out and see if they have anymore because it is worth it!

What is your typical makeup for your job?

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