Sunday Summaries | November 23, 2014

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Sunday Summaries November 23, 2014

I was in the mood to write a Sunday Summaries post since I haven’t updated you in a while and thought I should plus I had a lot to say so there’s that. You might have caught my post where I announced I was attending fashion school and I have been busy with that but I wanted to document a little bit of that as well so I would do it here. I also been up to a few other things as well that are just as exciting!

As for going to fashion school I have a lot to update you on. I love my classes and I finally feel like this was what I was supposed to do in the first place instead of getting a communications degree. let me list some amazing things that have happened so far since I started fashion school. 1) I have so many new friends and really love hanging out with them, 2) Some of them are actually bloggers as well so I now have some real life friends who are bloggers and we understand each other, 3) the school environment is so cool and did I mention we get hooked up with so many events and get to do some fun things as well, 4) I don’t feel like I’m in school and it sounds crazy but I can’t describe it because it’s like your all just there to have fun while learning something new, 5) I love my classes and can’t get enough of them. I am so enjoying this and I’m thinking it was the right thing to take and I’m glad I didn’t chicken out or try to get out of it because I love it. I finally feel at home and bond with people who have similar interests as me. I am more outgoing and participating in class which I never did. I’m also trying to get out of my shell and not be as shy but baby steps towards that. It is just so fun being creative and doing what I’m doing. It is just totally amazing. There also a lot more reasons why I love fashion school but it will take me all day and will be just too long of a post I feel like.

So speaking of my classes. I found out I’m taking Makeup Techniques which I knew I did but when I got there and was explained the course I was not actually aware what I was getting myself into. When I’m finished I could be a professional makeup artist which is so crazy and I thought I would just dream about it but no it is becoming a reality everyone. I was planning on going to beauty school right after fashion school but nope it is an actually subject apart of my course so I don’t need to its all in one. So given that information we were required to buy some makeup and I don’t have as much for myself as I hardly wear the stuff but now I’ve started to a lot more. That means I went makeup shopping and picked up things from MAC Cosmetics. I bought my first MAC products and that made me so happy I cannot describe it. I actually own a MAC lippie and love the shade I picked up so much. I can now die happy that I owned a MAC lipstick. Okay I sill need to do more shopping for it so I bought a custom eyeshadow palette and I’m searching for my perfect foundation but no luck so far. I’ve been hitting up all the makeup brands from high and low so I’ve been accumulating a lot of stuff for this course and it hurts my wallet like crazy. After I get everything though, expect a lot of hauls from me including MAC, Benefit and some other high end brands as I have been building my kit.

So what else have I been doing besides going to class, going shopping and blogging in my spare time? I started another thing that I have wanted and tried to do for the past four years and that is NANOWRIMO. That’s where you write 50,000 words in November to kind of get you started on finishing your novel. It motivates you to try and get it finished which helped a lot for me and helped me focus on completing it. I didn’t have much going on this time around even though its sounds like a lot but trust me I have extra time not like I did when I went to university full time. I failed so many times and this year I stuck to it and everyday and I would make myself right 2,000-3,000 words per night before bed since I’m most creative around that time. I pushed myself and I’m so happy to say I made it and finished 50,000 words in 20 days and I can’t describe how much a relief it is. I have a few more things to write and then I can edit it all together and I can’t wait for that process since I never thought I’d make it that far. I’m still continuing to write until the 30th of this month but I did it. I DID IT! I made this my goal in 2014 and it was to finish a book and have it almost 100% done and I’m so close and feel like I accomplished a whole lot.

So many exciting things right now that are raising my spirits. I started out this year miserable and not happy where life was going and had so many downs in the first of the year but I’m slowly getting out of the slight depression I’m having by the good things that are finally starting to come slowly.I felt like I am accomplishing so much and it feels good. That’s it and I hope to update you again really soon but I have been tweeting about it a little here and there and been crazy on instagram lately with posting snippets of my everyday life so follow me on those if you want more of a real time update.

What have you been really proud of accomplishing?

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