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I’m back with another favorites post after not doing one for a couple months but that’s because I felt like I was using the same products over and over and haven’t felt like anything was worth featuring but now that I’m out of that rut I’m here with what I was loving in the month of October. Can you believe October is over and it is literally only a month away from Christmas? I’m excited for the upcoming holidays and can’t wait to get in that holiday spirit.

But enough about that let’s see what I loved in October and what made it to the list.

October Favorites 2014

Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner Travel Kit

First off is the Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner. This has been my best friend while traveling the past couple of weeks. It is also TSA approved sizes so if I need to take them on a plane I could. It leaves my hair so soft and I think the Keratin just makes it even much better. I did notice that it reduces my hair to frizz after using it which says a lot for me. It did reduce it and that makes me so happy. I was convinced to get a full size of this so I could have that at home and refill these bottles for when I go agin. I’ve been traveling a lot and there still is a lot of product left which is amazing and I could use both of them for a few more washes. The one thing I’m not a fan of is it has sulfate and I was going for a sulfate-free shampoo to see if that helps my hair and it has as well so I’m really torn. I do still love this and might just use it only for traveling and once in a while because seriously it calms my extremely frizzy hair and that for me is a miracle right there. Still a great set and I do recommend it if you have frizzy hair and want a quick fix and don’t mind it has sulfate in it.

Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water*

I’ve added the Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water to my hair care routine so after I shower I rub a quarter size amount into my palm and run it through my hair. I like that it lets my hair calm down and doesn’t feel oily or greasy because that is something I really hate about some products and that’s why I have given up using them. I also don’t like adding a lot of extra things to my hair as it causes build up and I’m trying to get rid of products in my hair care routine that just doesn’t help and just weighs it down. This is lovely and smells great and it is a water-based product which I like about that. If you have any hair products that are a miracle for you I might want to try it as I’ve been trying my best to reinvent my hair care routine to make it better. This is really great and if you see it where you live try it out as I just think it’s amazing.

Pink Sugar Strawberry Pop and Wild Berry Body Spray

This is my everyday scent and I spritz some on before I leave the house and I’m good to go. I just love the scent and it has definitely been my absolute favorite lately. I just have an obsession with the Pink Sugar Strawberry Pop Body Spray and I’m think this is going to be a signature scent for right now as it just describes me and fits my personality perfectly. The bottle is quite big and I fell like I haven’t even made a dent in it as it still seems full even though I spray a quite lot all over me. Just smelling it just makes me happy and the bottle is so cute. I’ve been enjoying this more than perfume lately even though I should be loving lighter and more autumn scents but I can’t stop using this. I’m doing something interesting to do a separate post on this so keep your eyes out on that.

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Gold Edition

I’ve featured this in my recent haul post if you missed it you can read that here. I spent a few weeks at my cousin, Lynn’s house that’s why I have been absent on here for a while. Well I brought this with me so we could do a pamper session and just have a girly evening. When we finally found time and her 1 year old son fell asleep we got to have a full on pamper girls night and it was fabulous. We applied the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask to our faces and it felt amazing. While we waited for that to dry we got our hair hot-oiled, got a manicure and pedicure and watch some crazy TV shows. Her husband came home and he wanted to try the mask as well as he says he wanted to get rid of his blackheads so all of us had this on our faces  for the evening and it was just the funniest random thing we did while I was there. Definitely a highlight of my trip. So as for the mask it is great and made my face so soft and less oily after I washed it off. We tried it again and the results have been amazing as I’ve noticed a difference making it one of my faves this month. 

Heroine Make Pressed Powder

If you didn’t know I like wearing pressed powders, powder foundations and recently I’ve been getting into mineral foundations. I do wear liquid and liquid foundation once in a while but if I’m going to the mall, going to do errands or just heading out for a short while I’ll use a pressed powder. I don’t wear powder everyday or when I’m at home either as I like my skin to breathe when I’m just at home doing nothing. The Heroine Make Pressed Powder has been the powder I’ve been picking up lately as it is light, the right shade and blends nicely to give decent coverage to leave me with smooth skin and no imperfections. I like that and so I’ve been reaching for it before I leave and pop it into my makeup bag for on the go. It last quite a while but if I’m out more than a couple of hours than I do at ouch it up a bit around my T-Zone as that part gets oilier than the rest of my face. It’s a great powder and I’m going to be doing a full review on this soon.

Dashé Powder Brush

Along with the pressed powder, I use the Dashé Powder Brush which came in a full kit but I love this one the most as it is the perfect size to do my whole face in a few swipes and is great for touch ups as well. It is really soft and isn’t irritating on my skin. I have been taking good care of it and I have had this brush for quite a few years now. Since it’s one of my most used brushes I tend to wash it often and I do it properly so it’s great it has lasted this long and hasn’t shed so far so it is a great brush to have. The set wasn’t too expensive and I’m glad my dad bought this for me as I was just starting out and had no idea what brush was for. I think I have come along way as when I’m doing a full makeup look I use them. I’ve did a post about this back in my earlier days of blogging which was a part of a haul but if you’d like to see a proper review or better picture then I’ll be glad to do it as the one back then probably had terrible picture quality.

Pixy Eyeshadow in Sorrel Brown 02

This is my perfect everyday eye look palette and when I’m in the mood to do a more fuller makeup look that isn’t my basic simple everyday look than I’ll go for this one and it just helps. The Pixy Eyeshadow in Sorrel Brown 02 is just great and they have a great color selection and different combinations to choose from. I sometimes will use my fingers if I’m in a rush and just want a really natural look, I use a eyeshadow brush it came with if I need some extra blend or if I’m really trying then I will get my brush kit out and do a daytime smokey eye look with the pink all over my lid and the brown smoked around the edge and blend it well. I love the colors and it is so pretty and definitely a pretty palette if your looking for some simple colors, is affordable and has the prettiest package. Did I mention how pretty this mirrored pink eyeshadow duo this is. I have an in depth review scheduled next month for this so get ready for that. 

I added some lifestyle faves as well this month because I always have some random favorites and I just don’t want to add another post so I decided to add them here. I have 2 things I’ve been loving this month that are absolutely amazing right now for me. And they are…

Line Camera 

I’ve gotten more onto posting on Instagram lately after not for a while because I thought my life was absolutely boring but now that I’m doing some pretty exciting things instead of laying in bed and watching Netflix all day I started posting some daily snaps here and there. I’ve found Line Camera and I have been loving it to edit my photos with before I post them. It has some pretty cool effects and a lot to choose from, some pretty frames I can add and my recent favorite is adding stickers they have all kinds and it’s so cute. Plus it’s free so that’s another benefit.

Once Upon A Time

I’m addicted to Once Upon a Time the ABC TV Show and even though I always have from the beginning Season 4 is my absolute favorite so far. It’s not all about Elsa and Frozen which is another plus but I’ve just loved the story lately and it just leaves me in a happy mood. I immediately prepare my lunch and then head to my laptop to load it so while I’m eating I’m entertained by this amazing show. It also makes my Mondays better because we are a day ahead of the US so I have a reason for Mondays not to suck. And also I just love my fairytales! If there is any other show like this or just a show that you think I would like let me know. I don’t have many things going on right now and I would love to binge on a new TV show. 

That has been what I’ve been loving in October. I decided to change up the format of my favorites post and tried some new props in my pictures and I’m considering them in my favorites as well. If you haven’t noticed they have been in a lot of my recent product posts and they just help to make them op I think. I also love my little flower pots. They are super small and when I’m not using them for the backgrounds they add a lovely mix to my side table to match the color of my room. I hope you enjoyed my favorites and let me know if you use any of them cause I’d love to know.

What was your most loved product of October?

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