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Nighttime Fancy What I Wore

I really loved my outfit from the BDJ Fair which I posted the event
recap here if you want to read it in case you missed it. I wanted to
take my outfit pictures earlier but when your so caught up in the event
you just can’t leave which has happened to me several times now but this
time I’ll try a night time shoot. I though the pictures looked decent
enough so I’ll show you a special edition nighttime What I Wore. I might
go back to afternoon shoots after this one but tell me if you’d like
one of these once in a while.

My top is the pretty dark coralish orange but since it is night it turned out a different color than what it is. I might have to use it for another outfit one day in the light to see how nice it is. I love that it is loose and it has a bow on he shoulder and you know me with bows because it  definitely is my trademark. I paired that with my jeggings which I haven’t worn in a while so I pulled them out to go with the top instead of leggings and I think it worked better. My bag had a chain strap which was so pretty and why I bought the bag in the first place but it fell apart so now I just use it as a clutch and I think it worked out well and I like the tan with the top. My shoes are my black wedges but I wore sandals most of the day to be comfy walking around the event but for the night I planned these wedges as I thought mixing a black color would make the outfit. I like the mix and match of it all together.All together I loved how my outfit turned out and the way I styled it this time. If you didn’t notice I’m actually not wearing a bow in my hair and that’s because I just got my hair done and straightened and couldn’t put it up. But It would have been black as I had it in my bag before my hair was straightened. 

The makeup was simple as I did a powder foundation and a little coral blush with a tomato red lip tint that probably isn’t even showing up in the picture. It was very minimal that day as it was very hot at the event since it was outside with no air conditioning.

| top:  Exquisite, jeans: Forever21, bag: Robins, shoes: Dexter, earrings: Accessorize |

That is my outfit and I really loved the styling with this one and it made me feel good. I love when my outfits make me feel so confident and pretty. The colors I tried to match them with Autumn even though it was a pretty hot day but I’m getting in the mood for dressing in Autumn colors lately like the top. I also hope my outfit posing has gotten  little better as I still don’t know what I’m doing but I’m trying. There were actually a lot of people passing by and I was not phased by any of them looking which is definitely a confident boost from before.

Hope you enjoyed this look and if you got any Autumn outfit inspiration I would love some but not too hot as it is still really hot and humid on some days where I live. Until my next What I Wear post!

What would you wear for a night out?

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  1. Christina L
    November 11, 2014 / 11:38 am

    I love this outfit! You look absolutely beautiful :)The colour of your jeans go so well with the colour of your top!Christina |

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