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Heading to Fashion School

If you couldn’t guess by the title, I’m heading to fashion school! I just waited until now to announce it because I didn’t want to jinx it and it almost didn’t happen so I waited until I was officially registered before writing or saying it out loud. I hinted about it in a Sunday summaries post a while back but it was just a thought and now it’s a reality. I never thought it would be and just writing this gives me goosebumps and making my mouth hurt from smiling.

I have been taking a year off after such a stressful time of going to university and I never really truly loved the course I was taking but I stuck with it and finished. I wanted to find myself with my time off and what do I do? I go out and enroll in fashion school but this time I made sure I really wanted this and I can honestly say I do want it and I’m really excited for this, before I started my degree about 4 years ago I wanted to go and get a degree in fashion but I just couldn’t as transportation and money was tighter making it impossible so I gave up on that dream. During my stay at Uni I realized that I was unhappy and wanted to take something else and I looked at the fashion schools again but I was so far into my degree I couldn’t switch and decided to suffer and just finish it out. Now that I graduated I have the option and what other time can you do this so this time I couldn’t let this opportunity pass and I started looking at what kind of course I wanted next as I knew I wanted to go to school for something I had a passion for.

Why fashion school? 

I was actually already in the lookout for a second course. I was in between going to design school for graphic arts or we design and then my dream of going to a fashion school. So while browsing on the internet I found this school that offered courses that I was sure I could get into and I was so excited to see I didn’t need to be great at drawing or designing to go so that was a plus for me.

What will I be taking?

I signed up for a Certificate in Fashion Styling. I can design clothes but drawing them is a little bit out of my talent and I didn’t want to hate my subject. I thought that I was great in styling and putting outfits together that it might work for me. I also wanted to take Fashion Media but they advised me against it because I already graduated with a 4-year Media degree and it might be similar to this one so I was left with choosing Fashion Styling but in the end I was happy with my choice. 

What subjects are there?

This was a big deciding factor for me as I was really content in the subjects this course was offering. The subjects are: Fashion Styling, Fashion Photography and Makeup Techniques. I knew when I heard about these subjects it would be great for my blog as I love doing outfit photos now and so this will help me, the styling will help me figure out what goes good with what for my outfits and makeup techniques just let’s me learn about makeup even more and honestly can’t wait for this one as it just pounds so fun for me.

I’m not going to be forgetting about blogging. In fact I’ve been really inspired as I’ve been quite happy lately and has given me so much inspiration. Also I only have class 2 days a week, on Wednesday at 6:00-9:00 PM and Saturday is all day from 8:00-3:00. It’s going to be from November to March so roughly about 4 months before I finish. I still have a lot of time off and I like that it is a great schedule for me.

Also the picture is the day I enrolled and my dad took it for me as
he was quite excited I was going. I’m heading to SOFA if you’re really
interested and it is a fashion and design school which I kind of want to
take up graphic design when I’m done but I’m not sure.

Doesn’t it sound interesting? I’m really excited and to be honest I was always a little bit into going to school so I’m quite thrilled to be learning about something I love and I’m interested in. This will help me in the long run cause I know I could use this for my blog and further advance it or use it for a career in the fashion industry cause I really want to write for a fashion magazine plus it combines both my degrees and after writing this blog I have fallen in love with this sort of industry.

With one of our favorite benefits of heading back to school is the shopping. I’ve been naughty and have been buying some new outfits because you need to have some sense of style going to fashion school and even if I wasn’t going to fashion school and just regular school I would definitely by me some new clothes. I picked up a lot of new things before it starts so look back here for a pretty big haul. 

Hope you liked this sort of lifestyle post to just give you more of a glimpse of me and what I’m up to outside my blog. I’ll be doing some posts about this if you want and I’ll definitely be writing my experience about the whole thing for someone who is interested as well but hasn’t taken the plunge as I was a little intimidated before I actually got the courage to do it. 

To the next chapter of my life.

What’s your dream course and did you take it in Uni?

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