Fashion Finds | Flip Flops & Sandals

Fashion Finds Flip Flops & Sandals

I love shoes, I can go shopping for shoes and spend my whole day t the store trying to decide which ones I should get. I also have had a million pairs over the years and I can still manage to want more. I have various styles and types but my favorite to wear year round are flip flops. So where I live it doesn’t get cold and we have no winter. When it does get gloomy and rainy it is still warm and humid and I could still manage to wear flip flops around the house. I mostly wear them at home but if I am running quick errands at the mall I love just throwing on my flip flops to be comfortable. Even though it is Autumn/Winter season I can never go wrong with flip flops or sandals when you could style it with the season which I have been doing. So for this post I will show you my picks for some comfortable rubber flip flops from Zalora.

Amber Flip Flops

| Price // 199.75php |

I actually have a lot of flip flops like this and love this style and have it in a few different colors. It is my go to flip flop I pick up when I’m in need of a pair. I love this color as well and love having the colors match my outfit.

Heart Flip Flops

| Price // 189php |

These rubber flip flops you can get everywhere it seems like here and I love how many prints and styles they come in. Some are cheap and some can be on the pricey side because of the brand. I think they are comfortable and easy to wear but not

Metal Mix Fem Flip Flops

| Price // 1,295php |

I love diamonds, stones and decoration so why not on flip flops. I actually don’t have any like this and kind of want a pair. I love the criss-cross pattern and think it is so cute.

Beaded Flip Flops

| Price // 999php |

This is such a beach flip flop and when I see it I just want to wear it in the sand. The detailing is so cute and I really just love how the wicker is I’m just unsure how comfy it is.

Besides flip flops I do love sandals. I used to not like them besides they fit my feet weird but after fisniding a style I found I thought looked good on me and are comfortable I’ve been on a look out for sandals to wear to be more dressy than flip flops.

Spring Fling Black Leather Strap

| Price // 1.099php |

This style is just pretty and I love these pairs of sandals plus black goes with everything.

Spring Fling Sky Blue Leather Strap

| Price // 1,099php |

I love how these are such a pretty color and mostly a spring summer shade but still cute.

Spring Fling White Leather Strap

| Price // 1,099php |

This for me are just nice sandals and I really want a white pair as I’m thinking it would go great with my wardrobe right now.

Spring Fling Brown Ankle Strap Sandal

| Price // 1,099php |

I actually never have tried ankle strap sandals and after seeing these I want a basic pair like this. I feel they are so in trend that I need to find some I love to wear too.

That’s all my picks and I hope there is someone out there as well
that likes wearing flip flops all year round just like me. You can pick
up all these flip flops and also sandals on Zalora Philippines.

What shoe could you wear all year round?

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