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Crowning Glory What I Wore

For today’s what I wore is something very fall like for me and I anted to show you how I wore my fave hoodie. The weather seemed perfect for this outfit and when I woke up and saw it was rainy and gloomy it meant I could pull out my favorite comfy hoodie that keeps me warm but isn’t too thick for the tropical weather. It might be raining but sometimes you can’t wear a jacket because it is still too hot and the sun will come out a little later but today seemed like it was perfect to wear comfy clothes while still heading out and being cute. I went to SM Aura to pick up my bracelet I won and I braved it out even through the weather as I didn’t have anymore time and this was the only day I had. I did a blog post about that as well last Wednesday here.

For my outfit I am wearing my big and loose comfy top that is so comfy and over that is my favorite hoodie that I always wear when the weather is like this. It has a white and black crown print which when I bought it I thought it was perfect for me and my style. Ever since then I have been so obsessed with it and it is pretty and has a purpose so a great fashion piece for me. It is a little worn from using it a lot but it makes it more comfy I think. I threw on some leggings that were in the back of my closet and I needed pair to wear and all the others were dirty so this one was it. I don’t like it as it is a little too short for me and shows my ankles but I figure its in trend and though I really wanted longer leggins for the weather it actually saved me from getting wet so a definite plus. SO as you see I have a very red and grey color theme and I did not plan that but I like it. My shoes were not very comfy and my bag was the perfect size to fit my things in that day. My bow is white as I couldn’t seem to find my red one and I wore dangling earrings for once I found in a random drawer in my room. If you couldn’t tell I’ve been trying to wear more accessories and jewelry lately and that’s it for my look. I also loved my hair in a side pony as it looked so big as it had so much volume that day and I hated that but it turned out amazing in its style.

| hoodie: Portside, top: Forever21, leggings: Michelle, bag: Accessorize, bow: Forever21, earrings: Accessorize, shoes: Brash |

That is what I wear on a day like this and I wish sometimes we had a few more as I have been enjoying the almost fall like weather to add some layers to my outfits. It is still pretty warm and I know it wont be happening very often so I take advantage of these days to grab my hoodies and cardigans from the back of my closet. I have a few more fall outfit inspirations I am trying to do so hope to be more what I wore’s up as I started fashion school and that means more outfits and more style to them. Until next what I wore!

What do you wear with a cosy hoodie?

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