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Carefree Casual What I Wore

If you couldn’t tell but since I started fashion school I have been doing more outfit posts and that gave me an excuse to dress up a little more and document what I am wearing. I have fallen head over heels with my style posts and I hope you do to because a lot more are coming now that I am getting a degree in fashion styling. I actually just got back from my orientation and it was supposed to be short and I didn’t want to go all out and dress up so I went for something casual and I was comfortable in. Just as I guessed we were there for an hour so I went to one of the big shopping centers close to campus to look around as I am in the market for a new camera and so I heard they had many around there so off I went. My dad came so we decided to have a photo opp by this area which had a garden and a waterfall surrounding all these high end shops. It was a perfect opportunity for an outfit shoot.

You probably just saw this top but looking at those pictures I could see it didn’t bring the color out all the way so I wore this that day. I love the color and have been obsessed with it lately. I’m not sure what the exact color is called but I am going to find more pieces in that color. My leggings are very comfy and are grey and I am starting to like them again. My sandals have been in most my outfit posts but they are so cute and actually rel comfortable to walk in so they have been everywhere with me just please excuse the repeat because my outfit plans are not planned and I like spur of the moment or else I would change it up. Same for my bag, you will be seeing a lot of it. I picked this up at Forever 21 and it was apart of my haul post and I told you will be seeing it more often. This is the first outfit post it is appearing in though. I don’t have a matching bow color so white will always match. As for beauty I have very minimal makeup on. 

| top: Exquisite, leggings: Michelle, bag: Forver21, bow: Forver21, shoes: Montego Bay Club |

That’s it for another outfit. It was carefree and I didn’t put much thoughts into this one as you can see it isn’t done up as other ones but I am improving on it and have more planned out. There are a lot more coming up so I hope your ready for that. I feel like I have been doing ore and more of these and I enjoy putting them together and I feel like it is also a diary for me to see outfits and ones I will be doing for style class. Until next outfit post!

What do you like wearing on comfy days?

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