BDJ Fair: LIVEITUP | Loot Bag & Freebies

BDJ Fair LIVE IT UP Loot Bag & Freebies

This is the loot bag I got from he event and you can catch up with that post here if you want to read about my experience. I got a lot of fun goodies and I will go over them with you and to tell you how amazing and exciting they are for me.

So here is what’s inside:

The tickets, my VIP pass and the schedule to the talks and a map around the booths.

A lot of flyers and discounts to certain stores and brand partners.

I won a folder from the Wacoal booth from playing their game and it wil come in handy I’m sure as I’m always in need of a folder for some reason to add some papers in. More brochures and flyers from other booths as well.

Some exciting stuff from the loot bag was a cracker biscuit, a Coffee Bean latte and some other stuff as well.

Here is the snacks up close and they were quite yummy.

I also got a stationary set from Lenovo and another pen in my bag so I have these fun things to start playing with and designing.

Here is the loot bag I got from the Roxy booth which I was talking about I designed. I got some stickers, two baller bracelets and a balloon with its stick so that was nice and I actually loved it so much.

And of course the photo booth picture which Lynn and I got both. She as another post and I got this one. We were trying to be cool and act like models but we couldn’t pull it off obviously. It is definitely one of my favorite things at events now is collect my picture form all the photo booths.

The most exciting part was I won one of their prizes at the BDJ talk. I was really discouraged as I don’t win many things at these events but turns out I did and I was so happy with my prize. SO if you saw my last picture in the recap post then you can see how happy and my reaction was with winning this. I got a power bank from Digital Walker that costs 2,500php and a t-shirt which was so awesome. I won an amazing prize and have been using the powerbank to charge my iphone and ipad and this would be great to take to events so my battery doesnt run low as I am taking pictures and trying to enter a contest to win because it almost happened that day. Thanks for this again!

Thanks BDJ for the wonderful event and this loot. I’m always so happy about it and you have been doing great with the content. I love doing these so if I attend another one and get another loot bag you’ll know I’ll do an unbagging.

What prize were you lucky enough to win in a contest?

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