BDJ Fair 2014 – LIVE IT UP Event

BDJ Fair 2014: LIVE IT UP Experience

It seems like I just went to Camp Gorgeous: BDJ Beauty Social which I
posted my event recap here and I loved that event and have loved all the
BDJ events I’ve attended so far. So when they announced they’ll be
having another event I always jump at the chance of pre-registering for
VIP access to the event because it’s just worthwhile for me.

The BDJ Fair is entitled: Live It Up! Dance to the Beat of Your Dreams! It was held at SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall Sunday, October 19. This Fair is where they launch the yearly planner which at this fair
they released the 2015 edition. I have last year’s as I needed a new
planner and I just learned about their company so I decided to buy the
2014 planner and have loved it so of course I had to check out the next one too.

 I haven’t attended the BDJ Fair yet so this was my first time but I hope not the last.

Since this event was at Mall of Asia it was just an hour away from us. We meant to leave the house at 9:00 but we didn’t end we ended up leaving a couple of minutes before 10. For the event, my BFF was Lynn who is my cousin and attends most events with me so if I mention her you now know. She has a 1 year old so we had to take him with us plus her husband, my aunt and also my dad tagged along. They didn’t attend the event like the two of us but they wanted to hang around at the mall while we did our own thing. My aunt did pop in as she was registered for a talk and loot bag but mostly watched over the toddler (so weird thinking he is now so big) while Lynn and I ventured into the fair.

We got there around 11 and registered first. The line wasn’t very long and we were able to get our VIP passes quick. We took a small tour of the booths and left for lunch because leaving the house with nothing to eat and going to an all day event don’t mix.

By the time we got back, it was Lynn and I’s time to venture the booths so let’s get started!


 Sharpie Wall

The first thing we did was go to the Sharpie Wall/Booth where we both got to write a message. It was already starting to get full so we wanted to do this first s it was right by the entrance. We both got to choose a color which I picked a berry pink and Lynn choose purple for her message. I wrote, “Once a Bella always a Bella.” with my name and blog URL to be sneaky. Lynn wrote something about the event but I forgot exactly what she wrote.

By the way, this is Lynn! She is my cousin/BFF and pretty much attends a lot of events with me. It is her first official appearance on my blog and I asked if she wanted to and she said yes as she has been going with me and has pictures as well. She also takes my outfit pictures for me which I always love. I’m trying to convince her to create a mommy/beauty and style blog but we’ll see if she does.

Revlon Booth

We went around so after the Sharpie Wall the first one to the right was Revlon. We went to Revlon booth at Camp Gorgeous and we did a makeup workshop there and you can see that post here. At this event they had hair dye application again like last time, a makeover and nail art activities for free. I really wanted to get my nails done but they were full up so we got to try out the polishes ourselves and see if they had any available spaces. I decided to just try out the nail polishes available and I choose to apply Solar Flare which is a duo nail art pen which has a polish and glitter as a second polish to do a quick manicure. I really liked the product and the color was so pretty but it smudged on me but I didn’t let it fully dry and have a top coat. If I do buy one I will fully test it and see because they were pretty good. 

Benefit Booth

Again, the Benefit Booth is one I always go to if they are at the event. They had more activities this time around and not just an instagram contest which I enter anyway but I liked they had a game. The game was to shoot a lemon through the whole and you win a mini Benefit sample which Lynn and I really wanted but I lost as I am terrible at those games. When Lynn tried she didn’t win either so we both ended up losing but we got out pictures taken at the Porefessional cutout afterwards. The lady running it again recognized us and said hi because she is so friendly and I always love getting to say hi and chat with her for a few minutes. Sadly no mascot this time like the other times but I loved the game idea it’s just too bad we aren’t good at it.

Wacoal Booth

This was quite fun! At the Wacoal Booth we got to play 2 games if we liked them on facebook and followed on instagram. Since I had internet on my iphone I did both and I ended up playing both the games. The first was to spell out “I Love Wacoal” in 60 seconds but again I didn’t end up getting it as I was not very good at speed games like this and it was quite hard. I did end up wining a consolation prize which was a folder to hold my stuff in which was nice. The second game was to find a few words in the crossword puzzle in less than 60 seconds and again I’m terrible at those so I ended up losing once again but got another folder which I gave to Lynn so we both could have one. I did like it and loved the challenge of it so a fun booth indeed.

Roxy Booth

At the Roxy Booth they had a jam session which you could jam with the people. They also had another fun activity which was we got to create our own loot bag which we were given a brown paper sack and we got to decorate there. They had stamps and sharpies to help us decorate them and Lynn was getting very creative with hers. I just did a very simple design, wrote my name, my blog url and a crown because I’m not really creative under pressure and it wasn’t timed but there was a lot of people and I just couldn’t come up with an idea I loved. It turned out okay but Lynn went all out as she put her family’s name and decorated all pretty for her son. So to get the actually stuff to put in the loot bag we headed upstairs out of the event and up to their store and it was like early trick or treating because they put in the contents in our newly decorated bags. Lynn was more excited because she wanted to share with her family and I got to keep everything as I had no one to share with. I show you what I got and the finished results in my loot bag and freebies post I’ll be putting up in a few days.

Subic Grand Seas Booth

This booth was next and we got to win a free gift or a discount card at their resort. Of course Lynn and I tried it and I can you guess? I lost yet again as my ball went into the black space. Lynn was more luckier than I was and she got a 10% discount certificate to a one night stay. We also got to take a picture with their pretty seashell frame but it is on my iphone so I didn’t get a chance to upload it.

Mister Donut Booth

This booth had a long line and when they have a long line it must be good so we decided to line up as well at the Mister Donut Booth. We were informed to take a picture in front of the booth and just tag it to them on Facebook and you get to play the plunk game I think what it’s called. Good thing it was on Facebook because Lynn doesn’t have instagram so she could join this one. I actually ended up winning a heart tin which you will see in my loot bag post and Lynn got a Christmas tree tin. We were both happy we won one and I got Valentines and she won Christmas. I definitely loved this booth as well.

 My Amazing Blowdry Secret Booth

We went to this booth because Lynn wanted to get her hair blown dry and experience a blowout and since this didn’t have much wait time when we went it was perfect for both of us. I was debating whether to get my hair done but i decided why not and was next in line. My hairstylist was so nice and he liked my natural curly hair which was up in a bun up do thanks to Lynn for doing my hair that morning. I kind of felt bad for taking down her creation but she didn’t mind. He straightened my hair and it surprisingly didn’t take that long because I have shorter hair than before and when I still had long hair it would take me hours to get straight. He applied the product, bow dried it and then straightened it. I haven’t had straight hair for a while since when I was in high school I would do it every day and damaged my hair so I have been refraining from using heat on my hair but I decided to give myself a treat as it was free. I loved how straight it turned out and I really miss it straight. You cant really see in the picture but it is really straight. The next picture you can really see it and how pretty it is.

Pond’s Booth

Just as we got to this booth we saw Tricia Gosingtian from Tricia Will Go Places. She also had a talk as well but unfortunately we couldn’t attend because it was full by the time we signed up.I love her blog and I met her before at her book signing which you can see here back in March. She remembered me which I can’t believe she did and as always she was so nice and took a picture with us as I think she was about to leave. Lynn wanted a picture with her this time as she was so shy last time and so we got one of the guys at the booth to take our picture. I got to chat with her for a few minutes which was nice before she had to head off. I just love her fashion blog and try to take inspiration from it for my outfits. Definitely a lovely person and if you gt a chance to meet her it will be amazing.

We went to many other booths but I was getting so caught up with everything this time I couldn’t take a picture of all of them as there were just too many. I did want to mention them as they were great and again we got to pick up a few more freebies from them. We went to the Lenovo Booth and got to update our BDJ profiles and after that you get a stationary kit which came with a notepad and a few colored pens which I loved. We went to the Ace Water Spa Booth and I won a fan with the plink game and Lynn won a mug which I am telling you she was so excited about. We got to try some things at other booths but we just couldn’t go to all of them as it was getting late and we still had to attend out talks to get our loot bag. I did enjoy all the booths we attended and they had so many fun activities for us to do and prizes to win. Great job on the selected booths BDJ Team!


The registration area for the talk and the place to buy the BDJ Planner was in the middle of the venue. I actually bought one because I couldn’t pass up the deal of being more than 50% off I think since it was the launch day. I couldn’t makeup my mind at first between the leather one and the customized one but I ended up choosing the customized one and it will be delivered to me in a few weeks. I was okay with that and I would love to have my name on it. It was 600php and worth it as it is an everyday planner, has perks for events like this including their BDJ Card and I think they said over 40,00 coupons I may be wrong though but it has coupons to use with their selected partners and brands. The lady I bought my planner from was real nice to me and the fellow Bellas as she gave out her email address in case they didn’t come and to notify her. Besides selling their 2015 planners, I also saw they were selling their Elite Box which just cam out which I was debating on getting their but didn’t. I was convinced though and a few days later I ended up ordering one and you’ll see an unboxing of that in a few days as well.

The Talks

The stage area was quite amazing this time around for the event as it was quite large and had this huge LED screen in the back showing the slideshows and the videos BDJ made and present to the audience. It was quite impressive and I loved how it all was organized.The talks were hosted by Tracey bad who I met before who also hosted another BDJ event I attended before. She did a lovely job and I loved her outfit as well. I wish I could have gotten a picture with her but I think I have one already I’ just not sure. It would have also been nice if I could of gotten a picture with both the speakers like at past couple events.

The Fullness of Life with Radio DJ/Host Andi Manzano-Reyes for GSK

This talk was a Q & A with the host, Ms. Tracey Abad and the guest Mrs. Andi Manzano-Reyes. It was inspiring talk and it felt like a conversation between the 2 and we were their listening to her story. I learned fro that talk is to take care of yourself and don’t take anything for granted because you don’t know will happen in the future. Like I said it was a great talk and I really felt inspired by her experience.

Seasons of Style with Isha Andaya-Valles of Preview Magazine

The next talk I attended was with Lynn and my aunt. I am always interested in fashion and style so I knew this was going to be perfect and I decided to have the 2 attend it with me. This was with the editor of Preview Magazine and she gave a talk The Excuses We Make to Avoid Being Stylish and 10 tips how to get rid of that. I loved it and agreed with everything sh said and the excuses were really true. Some days I don’t really want to dress up or make an effort but she tried to change that and I will now try to make an effort and a more of an effort than what I do but I know I’m still going to have those days in which I don’t want to get ready. I loved the talk and she definitely had great tips not just for me but Lynn had the same opinion.

That was my experience and I have to say it was a great one nd I really enjoyed it. It was so fun and inspiring and I was just buzzed about it until I got home. Lynn and I had so much fun and I can’t believe we stayed so late at the event but we were having such a good time. If you stay tune I will be doing another loot bag and freebies post for this event which trust me there are a lot more freebies and more things to show you. After the last talk something really exciting happened and I probably gave it away but you can find out in the post.

Thanks BDJ Team for another amazing event and can’t wait ’till next years. Lynn and I both enjoyed and she was as happy as I was. You can tell by the smile on my face. 

Hope you enjoyed my event experience as I did and got to see what I did that day.

For more information on the Belle de Jour Power Planner, other products and events you can just visit them on their: Website, Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram @BDJBuzz

What did you think if you went and what do you look forward to from an event?

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