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It’s another month and I can’t believe it is almost November and that means after that we have Christmas. Every time I get one of my BDJ boxes I can’t believe how fast a month goes by because I say to myself I swear I just finished taking pictures and writing last months unboxing, how can I be doing it again? But it’s here again and it’s that time to unbox the October BDJ box for you.

This month I was not spoiled by seeing any thing on the internet and it was a surprise again like the previous months. I refused to go on Twitter and Facebook  that morning until I opened it myself later that afternoon to take pictures of it. I absolutely love finding out whats inside on my own and I always call it my little present.

I can’t believe there was 2 boxes and I was a little confused because I had a few other packages come at the same time that arrived on the same day. Once I took it out of its shipping packaging I realized it was 2 and they came together. The box is also elite size again which I call it that because that’s what elite boxes look like compared to their original size. If you look back at my other BDJ unboxings you can kind of tell a difference. I actually did a size comparison in July if you haven’t seen that it’s here. So far I have gotten 3 elite sized boxes which are the July, September and now October boxes. I also have an actual elite box from last July as well and one coming up soon so watch out for that unboximg coming to you. Enough about the size of the box let’s jump into the exciting part where we find out what goodies wait inside.

This months theme is Skin Savers which you guessed it is products that are able to help your skin and to pamper it as well. According to BDJ, “Youthful, glowing skin is something we all value, as
it’s one of the first things other people notice. Whether it’s your
face, hands or the rest of your body, you’d want for it to be supple and
firm as long as possible.” I agree with that so let’s start seeing how we can pamper our skin with these months products as described.

Here is everything on the card for this months box. It s the same thing, introduction, product description inside and promos on the back. I haven’t mention though how creative each card is every month. I always notice the design and I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned how pretty they all are doping on the theme for that month. The colors are always so nice and coordinated and I don’t know it just makes me happy and I love seeing them as soon as I open the box.

This months sticker reads, “Show Off Your Heart’s Beauty.” I love this month’s quote as it just is so true. So for the rest of the month (which there is only a few days left) I’m planning on showing as much beauty and try all these new beauty products.

I reveal to you the contents!

Doesn’t it seem amazing again this month? It doesn’t have as many items as last month but only a few sample products came with this month’s box which is good.

The L’oreal Paris Youth Duo

L’oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 Serum
Sample Size // 5ml
Price // 250php
Full Size // 30ml | Price // 1500php

Enriched with ceramide pro to stimulate the skin’s renewal process, this serum reduces fine lines & refines skin texture in just 4 weeks. 

L’oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 Anti-aging Day Cream
Sample Size // 5ml
Price // 250php
Full Size | Price // 1500.00

This day cream has LHA to smoothen pores and 3% concentrated pro-xylane for replumped skin. Apply over the serum for better results.

I got cute tiny size tubes of this L’oreal product and I never heard of this but I’ve been wanting to try more of L’oreal’s products mainly makeup but I want to explore their hair and skin care as well. I’ve received a few samples from L’oreal and found out I really like the stuff I have tried so I am totally going to see if this works. It is an anti-aging and skin renewel type of product and it seems pretty cool to try out. I’m getting to the point where I should think about investing in some good anti-aging products as I’ve read it will help you in the long run. I’ve been thinking of updating my skincare routine so this came at the right time. I’ll see how I like it but the price just seems too much.

Revlon Colorstay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Quad in 535 Goddess
Full Size // 1.9oz
Price // 795php

Rich, velvety shadows blend smoothly for beautiful, luxurious color that
wears for up to 16 hours. Won’t crease, fade or smudge. Available in a
variety of expertly color-coordinated palettes for your most gorgeous
eyes yet.

Another eyeshadow palette! And it’s Revlon, what more can I ask for? This might have to be one of my favorites in this months box as I just love the color of the palette and it’s like BDJ just know what colors I like or really want to try so good job BDJ box Team! I got the shade 535 Goddess and it has lovely shades like a creamy white for highlighting, a light taupe/pink color for the lid, another pink with a brown undertone and lastly a crease color which is a gorgeous chocolate brown color perfect to smoke out if you’d like.I hope to create fun looks with it this fall and winter but also in the spring as well. I now have a few eyeshadow duos and quads but I’m still working on getting some good full sized palettes maybe even start my own MAC palette one of these days.This is probably my favorite item I received in this month’s box.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue
Full Size // 7ml x 7 vials
Price // 470php

As the first hair care system that treats hair loss from the roots, Dove Hair Fall Rescue has infused Trichazole, Soy protein and Ginseng into their hair tonic, to reduce damage at the roots and lock your hair formly in place, effectively lessening hair fail due at the source in just two weeks. Their formula feeds vital nutrients deep inside your hair, defending it from external stress and breakage. 

This was the first thing that really popped up as soon as I unwrapped the tissue paper it comes with. I got a Dove product last month as well and I haven’t tried them yet but I will soon but I have so many other products to try I’m still lost where to start sometimes. It is another hair product which I like and sounds amazing as I have a problem with hair loss in the shower and my brush but it has lessened as I’ve been taking Biotin again. It will be great to combine the two and I’ll definitely be doing a review as this feels very unique to me and look at the shape of them I just find it way cool.

My Choice Smooth Skin Pack

My Choice Spa Salt in Coconut
Size // 500g
Prize // 100php

Maintain your skin’s youthful glow with this salt scrub that’s packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins. 

When I first saw this all I said was that is a pretty amazing
gift bag. I don’t know why I call it a gift bag but it just reminds me
of one and I didn’t really know what to call it. I loved the little
carrying case it came in and will be perfect for putting other products
in if buy any chance I pack up and travel somewhere again (fingers
crossed very soon.)

My Choice Hand and Body Lotion in Coconut
Full Size // 90ml
Price // 70.00php

This creamy lotion is concocted with natural ingredients, as well as collagen to nourish and protect your skin from harmful radicals.

The first thing I pulled out of the gift bag is the Coconut Lotion. I automatically had to smell it and when I did I liked it. I’m not really into coconut after putting coconut oil and count scented shampoo in my hair for a couple of years thinking it would help my hair (but didn’t by the way) so I kind of got tired of it. After not using it for a while I’m back to taking in the coconut scent little by little. How many times did I say coconut in that paragraph?

There was also two samples that came in the gift bag as well which were the Coconut Salt in a 30g sample size sachet and a Papaya Hand and Body lotion which is a 12ml sample size sachet.

Yves Rocher Zero Blemish Gel Cream
 Sample Size // 0.03 fl.oz. or 1ml for 7 pcs.
Price // 111php

Full Size // 50ml | Price // 795php

The secret to flawless and smooth skin, the Zero Blemish Gel Cream, absorbs excess sebum and minimizes pores. Enriched with Baikal Powder, recognized for its re-balancing virtues, this gel cream smoothens imperfections and hydrates for a full 24 hours so you don’t need to worry about over-drying your skin. Dab the fresh gel cream on your t-zone for all day protection against blemish and shine.

I actually got a few samples just like this at the Beauty Social from their booth and now I have a lot more. Another skincare product and I don’t mind because this seems like it can help. It would have been nice to get a deluxe sample size of this but I’m happy I got plenty of sachets to get a good glimpse of the product plus many extras from before hand.

Strip RPT Kit 

Strip Ice Cream
Sample Size // Not Identified
Full Size // 50ml | Price // 1750php

RELIEVE- This soothing calming whip delight calmes your inflamed skin-perfect as a post-hair removal treatment. 

I haven’t tried waxing but I plan to one of these days. I want to at least once wax my legs and just try it and if I end up not liking it then at least I experienced it. This seems great for after I get it done so I will keep this trio.

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub
Sample Size // 5ml
Price // 38php
Full Size // 220ml | Price // 1,650php

PREVENT – With bamboo and pumice to help shed dead skin, this cooling and creamy scrub will prevent ingrown hair. 

After shaving my legs I see I get those stubborn ingron hairs so I’ll be trying this to see if it will help take that away.

Malin + Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream
Sample Size // 1.2ml
Price // 140php
Full Size //  | Price // 1,750php

TREAT- It contains papaya and pineapple enzyme to eliminate ingrown hair, as well as vitamins B5 and E to repair your skin. 

This one seems like it would smell amazing. I do have dry uneven skin after shaving so I’ll definitely try this out the next time I shave.

Strip RPT Voucher

Loved any of Strip’s items? Simply present the RPT Kit holder to get a 20% discount on all full sized products. 

This set is intriguing but I’m not going to wax my legs any time soon so maybe I will try these samples after I shave my legs to see if it works for that. Isn’t that voucher the cutest thing? I loved how unique the samples came in and it just made it more special. And is it bad that I named the orangutan Oscar?

Now I’m kind of unboxing the bonus box this month. I liked that it was in its own special box because I know it would have
never fit in the BDJ box of this month and it was already jam packed
with other full size products in an already larger size box.

Dial Cleansing Pair Coconut Water Scent 

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash
Full Size // 473ml
Price // 200php

The first of its kind to contain coconut water, this body wash delivers a fresh infusion of moisture, every time you shower. 

As a kid my mom always bought Dial body washes and soaps for me as I told her I liked the scents they came in. It kind of brings back memories of showering in the house I grew up in. I immediately showed my mom the contents because I was so excited and knew exactly how she felt about the body wash as well. I can’t wait to use this one as it smells amazing and even if I wasn’t a fan of coconut scented products all that much before I still want to use it and try it out. To be honest I didn’t realize it was coconut until I read the bottle. My mom wants to bar soap so I might hand it over as long as I keep the body wash all to myself.

Dial Coconut Water Bar Soap
 Full Size // 113g
Price // 140php for 3 Bars oe 46php for 1 bar

This bar is infused with moisture from coconut water and bamboo leaf extract, to hydrate your skin naturally.

As for the bar soap, I’m not really a fan anymore as I’ve been buying body wash since I was a teenage and probably have gone through a lot of flavors and scents since then. It still smells amazing and probably I’ll go back to bar soap eventually but I need to finish the ones I bought and have received before jumping back in to it. As I said it is still going to a good home as my mom wants to take it from me so I don’t feel as bad to waste it.

That was everything in the October BDJ Box. I liked this months theme as it’s mostly for the body. I need some pampering so this will do the trick and I can try some new things I haven’t heard of in the process. The total of the products for this month is 1,682php not including the samples or a total of around 2,500php and for a 580php subscription fee I think that was wroth it. That’s roughly 4x the amount of the actual price of the box. Plus that Revlon Eyeshadow Palette is 795php and that makes up for it right there.

Every month that I’ve subscribed I haven’t regretted it so far and I haven’t been severely disappointed yet. It is a hit and miss with these types of boxes but I’ve had a pretty good run so far and I have more good things to say that I can’t count and I can count the not so good things I’ve come across and for me that’s great. Even though I received more than what I paid for, I still liked last month’s box a little better which compared to this month had more items I could use. But still, I’m extremely happy for getting the products I received that are still good quality and which I haven’t tried plus no-repeat products from the same brand from previous months which all have been different so far. Now I’m done with my ramble and I appreciate this so much don’t get me wrong.

I think I’ve finally gotten caught up with my unboxings and I hope I stick to posting them every month while I’m subscribed. After all that traveling and business in my life I can finally settle back in with blogging. I’ve been really trying hard and catching up with editing the pictures to drafting up posts for my little ol’ blog.

You may visit BDJBox.com for more information to get your own BDJ Box every month for only 580php or follow their Facebook page, BDJ Box.

What product brings back memories from your childhood?

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