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It’s unboxing time again and this time it’s the September Beauty Innovations BDJ box. I actually got this while I was away on holiday which I was gone 2 weeks so I got spoilers and knew what was inside when I got home but I made an exception since I was not around to open it the second I received it. So another late unboxing but at least it’s still going up.

This month the box’s theme is Beauty Innovations, which is products known and loved to help us in our everyday lives. There are some new products and some newly reinvented ones to try. Its also easy to pick any of these products up one you enjoy them and to give a better you according to the welcome card.

Here is everything on the card introducing the theme on the front with the BDJ box team, the contests on the back and inside we have each of the product’s description with prices and sizes. As always it’s usually the same and I have been enjoying  collecting each one as all the designs are so pretty and different. The sticker this month says “Seek the Beauty in Everything You See.” which is very inspiring and I have loved seeing these stickers and also sticking them on random things.

Let the unwrapping begin!

This box is not the standard size again which is great and so you know you’ll be getting some amazing products. When I picked it up it was super heavy so I knew there would be a lot of great things waiting inside (even though I kind of already knew there would be) I had to make two trips to where I was going to photograph this as the box was so heavy and I couldn’t carry it both and my DSLR at the same time. Most all the product are full size which is great about this month’s box. There is only 1 sample product out of the 10 products which makes it a good mix between both.

Now shall we see each product in detail…

FS Gel Liner

Full Size // 5ml

Price // 299php

Say goodbye to your pencils and say hello to this gel-based eyeliner from FS! It’s soft on the lids and rich in definition, so you can easily define your eyes. It comes in a 5ml elegant glass bottle and also comes with a free brush! It glides on smoothly helping you effortlessly achieve the look you want.

I really was so excited to get this gel liner as I have never bought a gel formula eyeliner so this is my first to be trying. I wanted to get one sooner but I’m not great at doing my eyeliner in the first place so I thought I would not buy one yet in case I wouldn’t use it. So this is great that I received this to finally try and experience a gel liner. It is a brown which I think is perfect as I don’t think a black would be suited for just yet but I could totally practice using this and then once I really know how to use it I can buy the black version. I will have a review of this when I really get into using it and testing and will definitely let you know how I like it.

FS Single Eyeshadow in Potter Clay

Full Size // 4g

Price // 150php

These easy to blend powder shadows from FS are a great way to build up your eyeshadow collection. They come in various finishes – shimmer, matte, satin and glitter that you can mix and match to create the look that you want. Their silky textures make it easy to blend on your eyes and prevents product fall out.

The eyeshadow was a pretty good choice for me as I was expecting to get an out there color which I saw in many other unboxings. I was glad I got this pretty brownish coral color which can be a great color to use for some night out looks as I don’t think I’m that bold to use during the day even if it is a pretty neutral color. It does seem a little to pigmented but I may be wrong when I swatch it which I haven’t yes.these two products are my forts to try of this brand and their range looks pretty good so I hope I find another decent priced makeup brand.

Jergens Daily Moisture

Full Size // 200ml

Price // 153php

Infused with Moisturizing Silk Proteins and a Citrus Extract, this formula leaves the skin look and feeling silky and smooth all day long.

Jergens has always been a brand I’ve heard of when it comes to lotions as a kid since my mom used to buy them back them. So I liked getting two bottles of 2 different kinds of lotions for different causes. The first one is a moisturizing one which is okay but I don’t really have very dry skin and don’t use lotion on my arms and legs much this will make me start more especially after a shower. I also like the scent of this and it isn’t too strong but doesn’t smell like plain lotion.

 Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion

Full Size // 100ml

Price // 88php

Be the first to try this newly re-launched lotion that’s formulate with Hydralucence Blend to go deep beneath skin’s surface to heal dryness at the surface.

The second one I got this month is a healing lotion which I have very dry heals from ballet so this will help I hope and get my feet in a better condition. I don’t use lotion as much but now I might start to and I love the size of this one as I can bring it in my ballet bag with me instead of the other one which is a lot bigger.

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner

Full Size // 180ml

Price // 134php

This product combines the benefits of a weekly hair treatment with the speed of a daily conditioner. It’s formulated with a Vita-boost Complex that deeply penetrates the hair strand to nourish it from within. Use it in place of your regular conditioner to pamper your hair everyday. With 4 variants to choose from, you’re sure to find one that addresses your hair concerns. 

Getting not 1 but 2 big bottles of Cream Silk Conditioner is really a good deal because they are such big  products and you get to try 2 different variants which is great. I got damage control which is going to be great for my damage hair from always straightening and curling it so it really needs that extra TLC to get it a little more headliner than it is in it’s current state. The second one is Dry Rescue which I need as well since all that heat abuse my hair has become really dry. I never tried this local conditioner brand but I’ve heard its good and I’m glad I get to try them now.

Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin

Full Size // 6ml x 6 capsules per pack

Price // 75php

Lock in nourishment for your hair the whole day of using these newly launched hair vitamins from Dove. Packaged in individual capsules to keep the formula fresh, simply cut out the end to squeeze the contents on your palm and apply to the middle section of your hair down to the tips for log lasting shine and smoothness. 

I saw the commercial of this so many times on TV and I usually never buy anything from a commercial unless it really catches my eye and I really want it. These hair vitamins sounded cool but I would have never thought to pick it up. This is why I love having a beauty subscription box since I get to try things I would have never thought I would and jump out of my comfort zone which has been fun doing so. I have frizzy curly hair and it still hasn’t helped after cutting off about 8 inches of it last May. I hope this works and I know Dove does some pretty good hair care so I’m hoping good things and will let you know the results.

Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel


Price // 150php

Dewy, soft skin is now easy to achieve with Pond’s Institute’s newest formulation, Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel. This whitening gel is infused with Rose Lumiere Serum that goes deep into the skin to lighten dark spots and smoothen pores outside giving you that rosy glow you’ve always wanted.

I’ve gotten Pond’s products before and I really haven’t tried them but I might since this is a gel formula which I’ve heard is better for the skin. I’m hoping to like this but I already gave one to my cousin as she loves getting Pond’s stuff it’s something she always loves getting from me. I like sharing with her so we both can experience these. This is also such a cute size and perfect for traveling around. I’m still looking for a perfect moisturizer and maybe this is it and I’ve found it. I might do a first impression of this as I’ve always wanted to do one and this seems great for that.

Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Wash

Sample Size // 6ml x 4 sachets

Price // 85php

It’s low-foaming, soap-free formula is infuse with Licorice Root Extract, to gently cleanse your skin, leaving it with a softer, smoother glow. 

This has been a brand I’ve been seeing in beauty blogs lately and in stores a lot so I’m glad I’m getting to try it now. I got 4 sachets of this and it gives me a chance to try it. I’m not really into whitening products and I’m already quite white but since many Filipinos are into whitening products I understand why I got these products. I might try it and see what it will do for me.

Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Toner

Full Size // 60ml

Price // 60php

Get longer-lasting whiter skin with this toner formulated with Glabridin, an effectively even out skintone and get rid of stubborn makeup gently.

The toner is a great match with the sachets and I have been wanting to try a new toner that doesn’t dry me out so it’s good to have this one. I like the scent and it isn’t too bad but I need to try it and see if it will be okay for my sensitive skin.

Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock

Full Size // 180ml

Price // 390php

Gone are the days of having to spread that sticky, messy sunblock on your skin! Stay longer under the sun without worrying about those harmful rays, it provides better, easier and even application than your ordinary sunblock lotion. Just spray and go!

I actually have this! It’s the first time to receive something I bought myself and it’s kind weird but kinda cool. I needed a spray sunscreen over the summer months for extra protection and I picked this one up in my local drugstore and it did work well. So now I have an extra bottle to use and can use it more often now since I’ve heard its necessary to use a sun block everyday. I was even going to to a review on this but I missed out since summers over but I might still do one next summer to really test it out. I’ve always like spray sunscreens while swimming and I was glad I found this and I might get to do more swimming so that’s great.

PAC Free Makeover Voucher

Price // 1,500php

Get a brand new look from the PAC Makeup Experts!

This months voucher is for a free make over at PAC Cosmetics which I guess is great since we don’t need to pay and we can try their products. I actually saw their booth at BDJ Beauty Socials which I’ve seen their products. I might actually use this if I see a PAC Counter.

That was everything in the Beauty Innovations box for September and I was pretty satisfied with it this month.

As for the box value this month it comes to a total of: 1,858php (I added up all the full size samples) or 1,898php (with everything including the samples) I think that is great for a 580php subscription fee I paid. It’s totally worth the money if you like the products which my verdict was a great box as I dont really buy these products when I’m at the drug/grocery store so I say it was interesting to recieve. I think some may have found it not so good especially locals who already see these product everyday but I’m still new to all these brands I don’t see as much or never picked up. I still have my susbription for about 3 more month so I’ll see how it goes but so far I am liking my experience with these.

Hope you liked this unboxing and tell me what you enjoyed about this box or what you didn’t find interesting. I’d love to know what you think as I still haven’t tried anything as I’ve been super busy with other stuff but as soon as I get a spare moment I really want to try the FS makeup. Until next unboxing! 

You may visit BDJBox.com for more information to get your own BDJ Box every month for only 580php or follow their Facebook page, BDJ Box.

What was the first gel liner you’ve tried?

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