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It’s been a while since I’ve taken outfit photos outside of my parents house. This was my usual backdrop before I decided to venture and be more adventuress and take my pictures in public and now I’m kind of used to it and I like that it raised my confidence a little more than it used to be. For today though I knew I might not be able to take pictures where we are going and it might be dark when we head out so I stuck with taking them here and it was the perfect time because the lighting was great since it was golden hour and not too many people passing by in the streets. If you didn’t know it was my parent’s 33rd Wedding Anniversary on October 30 (I don’t know why they didn’t get married on Halloween) I decided to take them out to dinner. So of course I had to dress up because I had a reason to dress a little more fancy than I would.

My top is this flowy baby doll type shirt and it’s a tad but short for me to be a dress so I paired it with this velvet pencil skirt that I found in the back of my closet a month ago. The wonders you find while cleaning up your closet every so often. The length of the skirt is perfect as it isn’t too short for me to sit and it isn’t too long and I’m not a big fan of having very long skirts. It fits nicely and it could be worn high waisted but I like pairing it with long tops like this one. I went for simple back wedges because the skirt and my shoes are both velvet and they looked great together. My bow is larger than normal as it was the only one I had that matched the color perfectly. I went for light makeup and a nude lip as I had no idea what to do and we would be eating dinner so I though just to simple. 

| top: Forever 21, skirt: Asos, shoes: Dexter, bow: Broadway Gems |

We had a simple evening, had great food and enjoyed each other’s company. The place we ate at was so pretty and you can see the food and decorations on my Instagram. I’ve been really enjoying my outfit posts lately and working harder to do more. Hope you enjoyed this outfit post and tomorrow I’m doing another one but Halloween edition to show you what I’m wearing for Halloween. So hope you look forward to back-to-back what I wore.

What do you wear with a pencil skirt?

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