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To continue my series of the event I attended the, BDJ Camp Goregous Beauty Social, I’m showing you the Revlon Booth where they had a makeup workshop with Ms. Geraldine Carlos who is a Revlon Makeup Ambassador. Lynn and I were perusing the booths and when we passed the Revlon one they asked if we would like to sign up for their makeup workshops they were having that day. We decided to sign up for the one at 2pm as we couldn’t make the 12 o’clock one as we were going to lunch and we couldn’t go to the 4 o’clock one as we were both signed up for a talk. So the 2pm one was perfect. We were the first ones to arrived so we took our seats while our makeup artist teacher was giving a one on one talk to another girl and we watched as she did that. She almost offered us a one on two session but some of the attendees started to arrive. It actually turned out funner because the group of girls we attended with made it that much more enjoyable.

The first thing she asked us was what kind of makeup look we wanted to learn about. We could have chosen from, a full makeup look, a very in depth makeup look and also an everyday and basic makeup look. Her question was what did everyone do during the day. My group was mostly girls who stayed at home, one who works but doesn’t have time for their make and a student. I was in between going to school and staying at home making me an inbetweener. We decided on a basic everyday look since majority won. Personally I wanted to learn an in depth full makeup look including everything but I was fine with the choice because I knew I would be learning something.


Here is my before as I have no makeup on what so ever. I started with a
blank canvas so I could really learn how to do my makeup myself and make
it look good. The lighting was not too good and very yellow and I
didn’t like that as it didn’t make the pictures that nice.

The Setup 

Our setup in front of us had a mirror, a brush kit, tissues and makeup
remover in case you had any makeup on so you can be a bare canvas to
apply the makeup and some of their product right on the table for us to
use. I’ve done something like this before at a Pixy event a while back
so it felt just like that.

Revlon Mini Brush Kit

The brush kit contained some mini brushes such as a eyeliner, eyeshadow,
blush, blending, foundation and a big fluffy brush a pretty decent set
for what we were going to be doing that day. I managed to use a few of
them but not all as we didn’t end up using eyeshadow so the eyeshadow
and blending brush wasn’t used by me.

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer in 001

To start off with she let us use a primer so that the foundation we would be using would stay longer which I already knew that and I’m kind of proud that I’ve learned something good from reading beauty blogs. Her tips were that if you didn’t want to put on a full face for a day then primer and a little powder would be just fine. She applied a few pumps to our hands and we were all matched with what our skin types were. Since I have oily/combo skin she gave me the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer one so that it becomes a matte finish. When I applied it in with my fingers I felt it smooth out and after looking in the little mirror we had in front of us I could tell it made a difference. That was the moment I was convinced that it worked. Now I am always going to apply a primer.

Revlon Photoready Foundation in 006 Meduim Beige

After primer is foundation now that we perfected the base we started with the color base as she called.  We each got matched with out right shade and I got Revlon Photoready Foundation in Medium Beige. I decided to try a foundation brush as we had one and I never used one before. It was pretty hard to blend for me after I applied it to my face. Maybe I just have to practice more so after I smoothed it with the brush I moved on to using my fingers to really get it in the harder reach spots and onto my neck. I still wasn’t happy with my blending and she saw all of us having a hard time so she brought out some sponges. Lynn helped me buff it all in even more as I’m still not very good with seeing where I missed since the mirrors were hard to see in and the lighting was not really good to actually see what I was doing. Yellow lights plus my yellow undertones don’t really mix together. I was the last one to finish but I was a beginner still and don’t do my makeup all the time.

Revlon Photoready Setting Powder in Light/Medium

I eventually caught up and next was blending the powder to finalized the foundation. I used the big fluffy brush and since I was so used to just applying powder everyday this was an easier step for me and I knew I could do it confidently not like the other next steps. I set my foundation and use the Revlon Photoready Setting Powder. They also had a pressed powder if you would want and use could use it wet or dry. She gave us tips for the sponge and again beauty bloggers are good people as I learned never to use a sponge for that long as it collects bacteria. I felt really good knowing some of the tips. What I didn’t know was you could used one of those pressed powders as a wet foundation since I use it dry all the time. I’ve seen on packages though that it says wet and dry foundation but I didn’t know that it can turn into a liquid foundation if you wanted it to be. Now that’s a tip I just learned about.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in 01 Black

We moved on to eyes and since it was everyday we focused on eyeliner so it can define the eyes without having the hassle to apply and create an eye look in a short amount of time. She taught us different techniques for applying it and to be honest I’m not that good with applying it just yet. We got to use the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner. She taught us the waterline and tight line technique which I already knew about thanks to YouTube beauty gurus but I don’t really practice on myself to often so this was the time I did. It really hurts and I get really treaty eyed easily so this was difficult for me. She did one eye for me as I was having trouble and she did it so fast that it didn’t hurt as much as when I did. I just now how to learn to do it fast so I don’t feel the pain. I liked that one girl commented, “it hurts to be pretty,” which I think is true and her comment made us all laugh and lose focus. 

I forgot to take a picture but we used mascara as well. I hate that I didn’t get a picture as I loved the mascara we tried. The name is the Revlon Bold Lacquer Length + Volume Mascara. It comes in a blue and green sparkly tube. This mascara was different she said as it isn’t a matte finish like all the other mascaras being offered at the different brands booths that day. I know she is supposed to say that because of course you are going to represent your brand. The mascara had a glossy finish which I never seen and she said it doesn’t clump. I have super long lashes and I sometimes have a problem with that so when I tried it I could coat my lashes several times an no clumps. It was like a miracle and I was actually convinced because I had my lashes stand out even more. When she saw mine she said I had beautiful lashes and that it worked well on me. I might pick this up when I go through my current mascara collection.

Again, I guess I was so preoccupied that I most have forgotten to take a picture of the brow palette as well. I was a little behind then the rest because I kept on stopping to take a photo of each product I was using that I must have just skipped a head and started following along with her. So next up was brows which I am terrible at and brows are somewhat of a big trend I’m seeing as girls cannot leave the house without filling them in. I have naturally filled in thick brows so I usually skip that step but she advised me was to shape them, fill in the outline and light fill in the sparse spots which I followed. She taught us how to measure them so we all took the brow brush, combed them out and she taught each one of us how to do it. I was having a hard time but her tick was to gently pick up some powder and make a small line where the brow begins, how high the arch is and where it ends. I managed to do that and drew the lines together. The last step was to gently color them in. I commented like drawing on your facing connecting the dots and she said that was the correct concept. I managed to do one and she did the other one.

There was a another girl in front of me who refused to do her brows and so the table convinced her to let the makeup artist to do them. Her and her husband say she doesn’t look good but it is in the technique. So after she was convinced and had them done she was really amazed how it could actually work. I wonder if she does them now. I still haven’t perfected it but I try and sometimes I just don’t but a little practice more and I might get it.

Revlon Powder Blush in Oh Baby! Pink 001

Enough about the eyes and move on to the cheeks and blush. My cheeks have naturally pink tint to them without me using blush so I hardly wear it. I was told by my grandmother when I was little to eat plenty of tomatoes so I can have rosy cheeks and so I listened and I guess her old fashion beauty tip worked as now I have a natural flush that doesn’t make me look like I’m embarrassed all the time but gives me this pink glow right on my cheek bones. I’m not sure if I was blessed or that trick really worked but it now is definitely an advantage as a lot of people and makeup artists have told me. I’m still unsure about it. I told her this story and she said it must be true. So the trick she gave me was use lighter shades that match my pink glow for everyday looks and try a medium pink for special occasions to brighten it up even more. I should have asked if I look good with another shade like coral or berry but I may experiment on my own to see what it’ll look like.

I loved the blush she recommended which was the Revlon Powder Blush and it looked like I wasn’t wearing anything and just have a little more color. She told me to brush it on lightly and so I did and it ended up making the look. I also needed a lighter color as my lip choice was going to be very bright and she advised me to have lighter cheeks than lips to make it stand out more. I think many other people might have knew that but remember I’m still learning and the tips I have just heard I’m going to use. I learned how to use it, where to apply my blush for my face shape and just a lot more tips to use for blush. I never knew how to properly apply it as my mom used to just smear it all over my checks so this was nice just learning how to do it properly on myself.

She gave a few tips on contouring but didn’t focus on that too much as it was a basic look. I would have liked to learn but maybe some other time.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer and Matte Balms

This for me was the most exciting part! I have been loving lately trying new lipstick colors and we were given a choice of pretty much all the Lip Crayons to choose from. I should of taken a picture of the whole pile of them as there were so many and I was just loving trying to pick a shade to choose from. I ended up picking the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Showy 220 which was this pretty neon pink and I really wanted to try this shade not only as it went well with my blouse but to have a bold lip as that is pretty much the only time I really like going bold with my lip color at events like this. I liked that it was matte and I was going for a matte texture as I knew I would like to try more of that kind. Next time I want to use the lacquer over the matte as she said it’s okay to mix the colors as it creates a whole other color which got me really curious but we didn’t have the time to just try every single lip color. Definitely my fave step out of the whole look.


And here is my final look. I think it turned out great and I think it was a perfect look for the event as it is simple but with a bold lip to finish it off. Can you tell my lipstick matches my blouse? That was so intentional and pretty much based my pick on my outfit. I hope you like the look and I’m definitely going to recreate it myself. I like that it is different this time and it fits me more than my really bold look I tried at the Pixy event that made me look not so good. I did love my base last time though as this wasn’t as in depth as the other one was. Hope you enjoyed this look as I am definitely in live with it.

Ms. Geraldine and I

I had to get a picture together as I really enjoyed that and truly learned a lot from the workshop. I’ve been to other workshops but they either just teach you with a model of do the makeup on you which you can’t really see. I liked her technique and it truly gave me more knowledge to apply it myself. It was like a proper school. Thank you so much Ms. Geraldine Carlos and hope to do another workshop with you again. You can find her on Instagram to see some other looks she does.

Here is the group of girls I did the workshop with as I saw it on the BDJ Box Facebook page. Also some behind the scenes of me actually doing the steps as I couldn’t take my picture while doing it can I?

It was definitely one of my favorite things I did at Camp Gorgeous: BDJ Beauty Social that’s why it had its own post. I hope you liked this as well and let me know your experience at a makeup workshop and what you learned that you never knew before about makeup as I learned quite a few things. I know I learned a lot more about applying makeup on myself and it truly works and I use it now. 

The last post of this 3-part series is the loot bag which I received a few things and what some booths gave me as freebies as well. I’m looking forward to showing you that!

What’s the one think you want to learn at a makeup workshop?

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