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I’m just now getting round to posting part II of my travel diary which is the rest of the days I stayed up in Pampanga with my cousins. I actually just got back from my godson’s first birthday (which will also be going up) and stayed another 2 weeks there but I didn’t do as much as last time. I didn’t have the pictures as I left my laptop behind holding all the pictures for my blog but I was still able to get a few posts done thanks to my cousin for lending me his laptop.

Now on to the vacation pictures. I got to go to a friends wedding well it wasn’t my friend but my cousins and I got to go as well. The church was so pretty and it was such a great venue and a lovely day. The weather was also perfect because it was rainy most days but that day there was no clouds in the sky and it was a lovely summer day and absolutely perfect for the occasion. After the ceremony we went to the reception and they had such a friendly dog and since I missed my two dogs so much it really made me feel better. He was all over me and even though I had on a pretty dress I still agreed because he loved giving hugs. I do have an outfit post of my dress which I show you in detail this Friday.

The next day we had a relaxing day at the mall and went out to lunch with the whole family since it was our last full day we were there. It was my second time heading to this shopping center and I got to browse and do some shopping. On our last day, a couple hours before we left we were invited to another friends house that was down the street and had a yummy homemade lunch made by the friends family. So after that we headed on the road for three hours and my cousin packed a lunch which we ate at a picnic area along the way which had a pretty view. We got home safely and it was a fun couple day road trip with family and some friends.

I hope you enjoy this two part travel diary I did and I hope there are plenty more coming and I get to go travel around more and do fun adventures to blog about. I enjoyed doing this kind of post and I hope you did as well and tell me if you will look for these. Look out for the second outfit in my Travel Lookbook that I will be putting up which I wore to the wedding.

If you missed part I of this travel diary then don’t be worried and read it here.

What do you enjoy while traveling?

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  1. Grace
    October 12, 2014 / 12:45 pm

    gorgeous photos! that dog is adorable, awww! xxGrace | Glitter and Carousels

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