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Another outfit for my Travel Lookbook is here and this time it’s for a wedding I attended. I wrote about that in my Travel Diary (Part II) which can be read here. I had another reason to wear this dress and I just love this dress so much and can’t praise it enough. It’s the perfect summer dress perfect for this type of occasion.

This is my favorite dress right now and I love the way it fits. I tried it on and knew I had to have it. The skirt on it just makes it so girly and feminine and the top hugs the curves just right. It isn’t too short so your pulling it down and it isn’t too long which makes you look older and it’s just the perfect length to hide places I don’t want to show. The sleeves are just the right length to cover enough and I liked it had sleeves because a lot of dresses I saw that day didn’t. This is such a pretty floral print and it is really bold for me but I just loved it and knew I could do a lot of styling with it. It’s the perfect dress and I just love it so much and need more places to wear it to.

I thought the royal blue bag would look lovely with the dress. I know many other colors would match with this dress as well since it has pretty different shades mixed into it and you can just pick what to accessorize with it. I mixed this with red and purple before but I like the blue as well. I’m really enjoying mixing bolder colors into my wardrobe and it’s been great to experiment like this outfit. The shoes I’ve worn with this dress and they were actually the shoes I bought to match the dress in the first place. Plus these shoes were bought with my first paycheck so they’re very special for me. I wasn’t actually sure what type of shoes I would pair with this and what else would look good but for now I love these wedges with it. My bow was white and I kept it neutral which I usually use a colored bow but I thought it was a wedding so I would wear it to match.

The beauty part of this outfit I wore the Heroine Make BB Cream and Heroine Make Pressed Powder because I wanted to wear something light since it was so hot. I would have gone for foundation but was in a rush to blend well. I used some Benefit That’s Real Mascara and a Maybelline Quad in Copper for my eyes but only used a little amount in the creases for a soft effect. On my lips is Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 101 which is my favorite lippie right now. I would have been more creative and do another color but I didn’t know what would match and look good. I curled my hair in big curls and pinned it to the side.

| dress: Forever 21, bag: Accessorize, bow: Forever 21, shoes: Montego Bay Club |

I’ve tried to take pictures of this dress for so long now but I always ended up failing. The first time was at a baptism of my godson’s but everyone was so busy and it was so hot making it just a terrible time to do so. The second time was at an event but it ran late so it was dark by the time we headed out of their leaving no light to take decent photos, we would have done it earlier but the traffic made us late for that event making it impossible. Now I finally took them at the wedding and I think they turned out great. I guess third times the charm is true because I finally got perfect pictures of this dress and I’m quite proud of how it turned out. If it would have worked before http then I don’t think I would get these shots so the timing was just perfect for once.

Hope you enjoyed this outfit post as it is another one of my favorites I did. I would like to thank my cousin, Lynn, for taking these pictures. She is always amazing at doing my outfit shots and it is always so hard choosing what shot to pick.

What pretty dress makes you feel like a princess?

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