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I’m very excited to share with you my Camp Gorgeous: BDJ Beauty Social experience in which I went to last September 14 with my cousin, Lynn. As you may know I went to the last BDJ Beauty Social last March and I posted about my experience since it was my first event I ever went to I decided to dedicate a whole week of posts about that which if you haven’t read it or want to see it you can find it here. So that means I already knew what the event was like and what exactly would be going on not like the last time around where I was still new and was very shy about everything. This time I was more confident took more pictures and had a great time. I also took Lynn the last time and so she knew more about it as well and I could tell she was a lot more excited this time around as we had so much fun the last time we went.

We got there in record time as I live pretty much in the Provence and this was on the other side of the city which the venue was held at SM North EDSA. It was only an hour drive and for once not much traffic so instead of a 2 hour drive it took half the time which was great and plus it was a Sunday so that’s probably why. We arrived at around 10:30 and the event started at 10. The worst part is we couldn’t find the Sky Dome and was asking the guards where the event was and that took most of our time even though we’ve been there before but only twice. Once we found the place, we registered and got our passports which is to give us access to the area as a VIP. This is also our ticket for the loot bags, our photo booth picture and entrance to our assigned talks we signed up for prior to the event. It had the map, some information about giveaways and of course their contact info about boxes and planners.

The first thing we did was check things out because the Sky Dome seemed a little bigger than Samsung Hall at SM Aura from last time. I also loved it had much more lighting and made the photos much more brighter than before. There was some familiar booths from last time and then new ones which I liked to see some new brands. We just took a little tour and walked around seeing the sights, the stage area and seeing some people we’ve seen at events before.

The Booths

Heroine Make Booth

This was the first booth we went to when we got there. I have already tried some of their products so I knew I would be heading there to see some of their other makeup they had. I actually did an unboxing of an elite box that came out by BDJ last July that had exclusively all full size Heroine Make makeup products which you can read here. The booth had a display of all their products and I saw some I had and didn’t have and definitely made a mental wish list. They were offering free makeovers using their products so Lynn got hers done and I decided not to do mine yet. They’ve talked about their products and Lynn like some of the markup used on her.

L’Oreal Booth

The L’oreal booth had makeovers as well and display of products which all looked so glamorous and again made me want more makeup to collect. What was interesting was the skin analyzer with this booth and I wanted to do mine but the line was always so long that it wasn’t worth it for us as we were heading to lunch after a few booths.

Max Factor Booth

As for the Max Factor booth they had a context to be a junior makeup artist for their brand and competed to see who did the best job. I didn’t sign up but it was fun to watch and see more of their makeup offerings. They also had a talk but I didn’t attend it. Lynn loves Max Factor so she enjoyed looking at their products.

PAC Booth

The PAC booth just had some makeup workshops going on and you could do your makeup with their products. We really didn’t spend too long at that booth so I don’t know what else they have but I love their little setup of their makeup areas.


Again I didn’t do much at this booth but I watched how they did their makeup. There was already a few signed up and I didn’t feel like getting my makeup done so many times that day so I stuck with just one.

Too Cool For School Booth

As for this booth I already knew about this brand, attended a few of their makeup workshops in the past and tried one of their products so I knew about them. They offered free makeovers again and again I didn’t take part of that but really loved their setup and packaging to their products.

Yves Rocher

The Yves Rocher booth was a little more exciting as they had promotions, a free sample and again free makeovers. Their activity was to like their Facebook page and receive a few sample satchels and a few coupons to their store and products. I might have consider looking but it is so far away from where I live and if I ever seem one closer to me I’m sure I’ll check out more of their ranges.

Real Techniques & Ecotools Booth

Another booth I was look forward to visiting was Real Techniques and this time their accompanied with another brush brand, Ecotools. Lynn was excited for this booth as well as she got her makeup done with Ana at the last Beauty Social so she wanted to get it done again with her. She fell in love with the Real Techniques brushes and I already knew I want one sometime soon. There was a line and you can just sign up so you don’t have to wait but we were so far on the list we didn’t end up going back but we got to say hi and see the brushes in person again.

Benefit Booth

To be honest Benefit’s booth is my favorite booth at both the BDJ Beauty Socials. I love their Instagram contests and unfortunately I didn’t win it is still fun as their booth is so cute, so girly and just perfect for my style. Really love their huge Majorette blush and their mascot for the day an actually majorette who I’m not sure was really one but her costume was really cute so I had to snap a picture with her and the whole team. The lady from last time actually recognized me and said I really love Benefit which I so do. They’re just so nice and friendly and I always enjoy my experience at their booth and look forward to going to the both at future events.

The Talks

Karen Bordador of Monster Radio RX93.1 was the host to introduce the various talks, announce the giveaway projects and just be in charge of all of that. I have met her before at a previous BDJ event and also got a picture with her which you can see here. She’s on a local reality TV show as well so my aunt recognized her before I did as I don’t watch much TV. Her outfit was just so cute and I loved her matching top and skirt which showed a little skin but not so much and I really like how she styled it. I used to wear a lot of those when I was a kid which my mom always bought me and I knew they were never in trend but finally they are and I’m sad I don’t own any more which now I might have to. She was a fabulous host and did a great job with hosting the event that day.

Cream Silk Philippines Talk: Beauty Up: Take Your Look to the Next Level with Nicole Anderson 

The first talk attended was with Nicole Anderson who is a blogger as
well and is an ambassador for hair and Cream Silk. Her talk was about a
few simple hairstyles to pump up an outfit and make it like you put
effort when you didn’t. I learned a lot and would definitely use her
tips because I agree you focus on your outfit and don’t give the same
attention on your hair. She did a really good job explaining and I love
to know more about how to do new hairstyles to look good with what
you’re wearing. There was a prize in the end who had good hair that went
with that outfit and I was sad I didn’t win but it’s okay. I really
loved the talk and enjoyed listening to some new tips for my hair to do
in my outfit posts.

Benefit Talk: Get a Beauty Boost with Miakka Lim

decided on the Benefit Talk like I did the last BDJ Beauty Social as I’m
a big fan of their makeup and just loved Miakka Lim the last time and knew
it would be worthwhile to attend again which it was. She focused on taking day time looks to night time looks which I really needed using only a few Benefit products. It was really informative and like last time it was a few simple steps to achieve the look and I’m sure I’ll be replicating with after I pick up some new Benefit products. I loved the talk and would definitely attend at the next event when they have it.

Beauty Ministry Talk: Beauty Prep with the BDJ Beauty Ministry

With this talk we walked in because we didn’t reserve for the talk but they allowed us to sit in. This is my first time seeing the Beauty Ministries together in person since at the other Beauty Social we went to lunch during their talk and I was still new to everything back then. This time we attended half of the talk as we needed to head to lunch since we hadn’t ate anything when we left the house. I did learn a few things with the audience asking beauty questions. That’s pretty much what that talk was about the audience ask anything beauty related and they’ll give you an answer to help you out. I didn’t get to ask a question but maybe next time. They were also prizes to the best question I think but I didn’t understand since we’re leaving just correct me if I’m wrong. I did get to meet one of them at BDJ Crafts Night and her name was Kate and I love her hair and her articles on their site as she talks about having curly hair and how to manage it and that really helps me but if course I do like her other articles. So the first part of the talk I really enjoyed and wish I could of finished it but we really need to get something to eat to continue exploring the event.

Woman’s Health Talk: Be Blemish-Free For Life with Larissa Joson

The last talk was actually Lynn’s which she signed up for but I got to sit in as well. It was the last one and many people were starting to leave and we kind of needed to as well as her 11 month son was getting fussy at home and we needed to get going. We stayed for a while and listened in but didn’t even make it through and needed to head home. It seemed interesting and even if I didn’t finish it she was doing a great job giving tips on staying blemish-free.

Here I am before we left where Lynn and I both got a photo booth picture at the Canon booth. She took this picture right when they did. This also serves as my outfit of the day as it was too dark to take pictures since it was so dark and the pictures I took for its own post turned out bad so I wasn’t happy to put them on here. 

It was the end of the event for us and we were their from 10:30 in the morning to 7 at night before we could leave the venue and head on the road. It was a longer drive home which took an hour in half but we had so much fun and Lynn says she loved her experience as did I but we both agreed that there was a little too many makeup booths. It is a beauty social so you’d think there would be more hair, skincare and nails along with makeup but maybe that’s how it set up but maybe next time have more of variety. That the only negative we both could think of but after that we did love the experience again and were both looking forward to the next one. Thanks BDJ for such a great event and you did. Great job setting it all up for us beauty lovers to learn and hangout with people who have the same loves as us. 

This is actually a 3 part series and instead of last time which I did a full week I decided to put the whole event experience in one post, an activity I did which I thought would be great to blog about and lastly what’s in the loot bag and freebies I received from the event. So I hope you stayed tuned for the next post as it was so fun getting to do what I did at the Beauty Social.

It took me a little while to get this up if you couldn’t tell but Lynn and I went to her house in Pampanga which is 4 hours away from where I live and it was because her son turned one and I went because he’s my godson. We were there for 2 weeks and got back on October 3rd, I didn’t edit my pictures before I left and I use a desktop for that so I left it until getting back. I had other blog posts I wanted to catch up on before this so this is why it’s so late and I apologize and hope to be getting the whole series up soon.

If you want to know when BDJ is hosting an event, avail their monthly beauty box or even get one of their year planner then check out their website and keep up with them on Facebook & Twitter.

*A few of the talk pictures are from the BDJbox Facebook page.

What beauty brand would you love going to an event for?

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