Camp Gorgeous BDJ Beauty Social | Loot Bag & Freebies

The last post of this series is the loot bag! I thought you would love a peek at my loot bag I received at the Camp Gorgeous: BDJ Beauty Social which I posted my experience of the event here where you can read all about it. I’ve done a few of these and always loved showing you what bits and bobs I ended up with from the event. I don’t see many of these posts so I decided to do my own as seeing inside what a person got at an event was always a thrill to read. I hope I’m not alone. Last time as well I received a loot bag with the same bag but of course different items inside. If you want to read that one then you can read about it here. I like it spread out so I always end up doing it on the floor, last time was my bedroom floor and now I did the living room to have a different feel and background. There is some exciting goodies waiting inside and some freebies I got at booths.

So let’s find out what’s inside my loot bag?

This is pretty much everything close up. As you can see I got a few sample sachets, some coupons, a couple flyers for various places and products and also a Revlon Diamond Nail File that is so pretty and purple and did I mention sparkly. I actually got a silver one and this was Lynn’s but she was willing to trade. I would have loved a pink one but purple is a close favorite color so I wanted it instead.

Here is the flyers we got to buy Real Techniques and Ecotool brushes with their prices, some gift certificates to spas and salons, a few more flyers for upcoming promos and stuff like that. I got a card to earn a free gift and some inspirational cards.

Next up was a free Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine and a mini freebie mag that came with it. I got a few hair product samples like the Cream Silk Conditioner which is a pretty big satchet which is pretty impressive. Then I got the sample set of the L’oreal Mythical Oil range. I got the shampoo and the hair mask which I got in a BDJ box not to long ago so I’m not sure if I will use this quite yet but I might bring it with me if I end up going anywhere as it is perfect. We have a mixture of more flyers and info cards for the products.

Like last time I got the Bifesta Sebum Makeup Wipes and I loved them and took them traveling with me. I even bought a full size bottle but when I do end up traveling again I’m sure to take this with me as it is so much more convenient than the bottle. I got some Shu Umara samples but cannot read what they are as the print is super tiny but trust me I am going to find out and will go as far as using a magnifying glass. More flyers and sample sachets.

Surprise! Some more flyers and coupons because as you could see there was a lot and also 2 full sized Pantene products. One is the Conditioner and the other is the Water. I got a set like this before from a past event but never used them so I might have try them now but I’m thinking of giving the conditioner to my mom.

My passport for the event that gave me VIP access to the talks and the loot bags and also my photobooth picture where you saw the behind the scenes picture in the event experience post. We had to write a message and mine was “I’m Colorful and Confident.” I made that up as I was feeling bright and colorful if you couldn’t tell that day. I liked that we could write whatever we want on the small whiteboard to hold up for the picture.

That was everything I received at the Camp Gorgeous: BDJ Beauty Social. I hope you enjoyed my 3-part series as it was so fun going to the event and just document it for me was amazing as I get to look back on this and other events I attended in the past year or so. I’m going to be going to something like this again soon so I can’t wait to post that experience but I think it will end up being next month. So to end my Camp Gorgeous posts, I say keep gorgeous everyone!

What goodies have you received from an event that you loved?

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