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| leotard: Dance, tutu: Made by Me, tights: Danskins, ballet shoes: So Danca |

Happy Halloween everyone!

Here is a What I Wore with a small pirouette (pun intended) as this is my Halloween Edition for 2014. I was Black Swan and I finally was able to dress up s it this year as I’ve been dreaming to do this costume for a while now and I think I even did a blog post that was a collage of how to piece together pieces in your wardrobe to create this costume which you can find that here and I can’t believe it is still popular post this time of year.

As for what I’m wearing. If you didn’t know I actually do ballet so my leotard is actually a costume I wore back when I was 10 or 11 and I cannot believe it still fits me so well. I mean it is very stretchable and I remember it being very loose back then so I’m glad it still fits and sometimes I get to wear this to ballet class but it is so sparkly and very much a costume leotard so not very often as it gets quite itchy on the shoulders. I do love the design of the leotard and the material of it besides all the sequins. The tutu is actually my design and I made it. I bought the material at a fabric store and I didn’t calculate right so had to come back a few times to get more tulle to get the full effect. I’m a little disappointed it didn’t want to stand up all the way but next time I’m adding wire to the bottom to make it stand and be even more voluminous. My tights are my regular dance tights I wear to class and I have been wearing this brand since I started ballet so it is quite a long time now. I still have tights that are till good with no runs but they don’t fit anymore but still good. It is opaque enough and pretty light pink perfect for ballet. The shoes are actually my real  ballet shoes and I just used them for the picture as I didn’t want to ruin them going out. I actually wore black ballet flat shoes I have to match instead. I do have pointe shoes but they will not squeeze into my foot so i only could wear my ballet shoes.

The makeup for this look was really simple but took forever to do. I wasted one whole eyeliner pen and when I ran out of that I used a matte black eyeshadow. I was going to do a little silver but ran out of time so ended up all black which looked good to me and very black swan. I did my makeup lighter than usually to get that white glow she had and I over did the blush a little but I think it still looked good. I didn’t get a good picture with my SLR as I was so busy but this was off my front camera of my iphone and I know it isn’t that great but hope you got a glimpse of it.

You cannot see but I’m wearing these feather clip ins that I made myself out of poster board, black feathers and diamond pieces glued on with a hot glue gun. I made a pattern then traced it out and just started adding feathers to it which i think they turned out pretty good. I saw these in the movie and could not find something similar so I thought why not DIY it. I didn’t put my hair up as I had it curled for something else that night but I should have made a ballet bun (as I’m pretty good at them now) but again I spent too much time on the makeup instead of the hair. Again these were taken to show my friends and not my blog so sorry for the bad quality.

I hope you liked my outfit which technically was my Halloween costume but I really wanted to show it to you. I went to a Halloween party and that’s pretty much what I did on Halloween which was okay but I’m glad I got to go out this year and dress u as it has been a while since I have done anything like that.I’d love to know what you did and did you make your costume or did any DIY’s to add to it as I had so much fun doing one. Until next Halloween!

What were you dressed up as this year?

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