What's in My Mini Hand Bag?

I have been featuring this bag in many of my outfit posts and that’s
because it is such a perfect sized bag and looks cute which is just the
most amazing thing a girl can find. Don’t you agree? So I thought I
would show you what I have inside my mini handbag. I did a what’s in my
bag post quite some time ago and I should probably update it but for now
here is what I carry around in this bag.

There isn’t that much I have in this bag as it is small and I only need the basics with me. I like having this because it kind of lessens the junk in my normal bag and it helps me keep everything in one place when I need to go somewhere in a hurry.

| The Contents |

1 | Wallet
This wallet is my obsessions right now! I know that the watermelon has been really popular in fashion lately and I have embraced the trend as well by having this cute little watermelon wallet I won at the arcade at the mall. I won enough tickets and this was the cutest thing I could find so I went with it. I actually have a separate wallet in my actually bag hat holds a lot more stuff and I would bring it as well if I’m needing it but this just holds some cash and coins to tide me over. Plus I have watermelon nail designs on my toes as well and wanted to just say how much I’ve been loving watermelon everything lately.

2 | Heroine Make Pressed Powder
I always carry a powder with me and this one is my go to powder right now so I switch it to my other bags when I head out. I have this Heroine Make one and it is so good and I love just dabbing some on when I get a little shiny throughout the day. I have a review on this coming soon as I think it is just so nice for everyday and has pretty good coverage which surprised me. I’ll give my full what I think in that post so stayed tuned for it. I also like that you could see our tree in the reflection of the powder as I took this shot.

3 | Keys
I love collecting key chains if you couldn’t tell already. I have more but they are currently on my keys as they get pretty heavy and annoying at times. I like buying a keychain of somewhere I been either vacation or a place I really like and add it to my keys or store it away. This is just my house key and car key as I don’t have another keys I own right now.

4 | Heroine Make Mascara
I normally don’t bring much makeup in a small bag as it takes up too much room but I add some essentials I know I use so I got some mascara that is brown and great for everyday again so I leave it in here. I don’t have a makeup bag like  i do with my other normal bag but this just fits nicely in the pocket inside with the rest of my makeup I decide to bring out with me. I usually only use makeup on the go for touch ups but this one is if I need it and don’t have any makeup on I throw this and some lipstick and I’m good to go.

5 | Skin Food Jelly Lip Tint
A lip tint is what I carry the most or the lipstick I’m wearing to touch up later. I end up with so many in my bag that it gets full of lip products so I end up taking a lot out. This is just a pretty red orange tint that gives a little color and shine if I need it besides the one I will actually have just in case and plus it doubles as a lip balm so that’s a plus.

6 | iPhone
No one can leave without their phone. I still have the iPhone 4s but I’m do for an upgrade here soon and I hope to get the new iPhone 6 when it is released since my contract ended as well.I love my phone and take it everywhere because it is so convenient to have on the go and if I need to use it for those awkward situations to distract yourself.

7 | Pen
I always have a pen in my bag and try to keep it there but now since my cousin gave me some quirky pens I have them in my bag so I can find them and I could also know it is mine. I love having these crazy pens and this one is the right size to have. Plus it adds that cute quality I love and fits my style.

That is all what I carry in my small bag and the essentials I carry around everyday. It was so fun doing this bag post since I love seeing everyone’s bag and what’s in it as I am curious to see what others tend to carry themselves.

What is in your miniature bag?

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