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If you didn’t know I went on a road trip recently with my cousins and it has been my first road trip I’ve been on here in the Philippines since I moved here 5 years ago. I have always wanted to travel as I have heard of so many beautiful places to visit so my cousins and I decided to head up north since my cousin’s wife lives up there and her family so it was the perfect time to visit and explore as I have only been there once for their wedding.

I spent 5 days there and it takes 2-3 hours to get to their house so I brought some things to keep me occupied through the trip.  So here are my essentials I brought with me if you’d like to use it as a guide as well.

| Beauty Essentials |

The beauty essentials I packed with me was a great idea to
have instead of puling out my makeup bag and wash bag inside my suitcase
which was in the trunk with the rest of the stuff making it easier to have right in my bag right when I needed it.

Hand Cream | I brought this because you never know when you will need hand cream so this was nice to just have in my bag. Anything like this or maybe lotion can be packed but I had this on hand and this was the perfect size to add to my mini makeup pouch.

Lip balm | I get chapped lips and being in a car for that long does serious damage so having my favorite lip balm at the moment helped. I don’t usually have makeup on anyways when traveling but a colored lip balm could help as well but I don’t have any on hand so a moisturizing lip balm was best.

Hand Sanitizer | On
a road trip I like snacking so hand sanitizer is great for not having
to stop and wash your hands along the way. Plus all the germs as well
from the various stops we would be making so this is just handy for all
of us in my bag and we did use it quite often which is really helpful. 

cousin had wipes in her diaper bag we could use if we needed so you
could pack those as well if needed. If you wear makeup or have somewhere
to go when you arrive then I suggest bringing some makeup to touch up
on in the car. We had to go to my cousins baptism she was invited to so I
was lucky to do my makeup at her house before we left so I didn’t need
makeup while on the trip.

| Personal Essentials |

Some personal essentials I packed a few extras that were must haves
for me. It depends on you and your personal likes so pack what you feel
is right.

Sunglasses | Who would forget to pack
sunglasses on a road trip? I almost did and I’m glad I didn’t as it was
so sunny all weekend which was perfect but very bad for the eyes. I have my Ray Bans that my cousin who was driving gave to me as a gift from Dubai a year ago. We all had on our shades and rocked out to the songs on my phone half the trip which was so fun to pass the time.

Book | A
book or two wouldn’t hurt to bring but since I had plenty downloaded on
my iPad and a few magazines I decided to bring only one as it is the
book I’m currently reading and thought just in case I get super bored I
can bring this to pass the time. If you love reading while traveling
like I do than this would be an essential for you too.

Snacks | Lastly,
a few snacks which I didn’t have a picture of as I hadn’t bought any to
take when I took this picture. I love having different snacks either
healthy or junk food whatever you prefer to take as you don’t know when
you will be able to stop nor can you predict what type of traffic
situation you are going to be in so having little things to munch on is
ideal for me and helps the journey go faster as you are just eating away
while chatting it up.

| Gadget Essentials |

iPad | I just got my iPad and it was so cool getting to bring it on its first ever long trip. I have the LTE & WIFI iPad Air and I got unlimited data on it so I could use it to do pretty much anything which will definitely take the boredom away just in case. It is my most important essential for any trip I think.

iPhone | Of course I have to take my phone with me not only for making calls but also for using to navigate around. Good thing I have a built in car charger for it so it made things easy and I didn’t have to worry about running my phone dead because you know how long the battery lasts on an iPhone. I have unlimited data for my iPhone as well on a different carrier so it is very convenient if the area has better coverage on that.

Headphones | I brought them to have quiet time if needed and so the baby could sleep and I won’t disturb him with the radio. My iPhone has an adapter on the car as well to play music but I preferred having the headphones just in case and to have them to watch movies on my iPad at night before bed.

Camera | I brought my camera to document moments and to not fill my phone memory even more and plus I love having a camera just in case. I did have my SLR with me but it was packed in my bag and didn’t want the hassle of lugging that big thing around when I could use something compact like this.

I did pack all the chargers I needed with me which were in my suitcase so it is a necessity to bring those just in case or if you know you were staying a while like me.

Those are all of my essentials I brought with me and needed throughout the ride. I hope this will be a helpful guide for you as it was definitely one for me. I also have my holiday post coming up in a few days as I am still editing and going through so many pictures I took while away.

Until then I hope you enjoy my travel posts!

What is essential for you on a road trip that I missed?

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