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Welcome to one of my Travel Lookbooks I did while I was on holiday. I tried to make an effort of what I wore when I headed out but I didn’t do all my outfits as some were not really outfits but comfy wear I wore on the off days. I’ve been wanting to do a travel type of outfit post and mix up my regular “what I wear” post since I love seeing other bloggers show what they are wearing on holiday. This was day two as I was very tired and had on sweatpants and t-shirt for most of day one traveling 3 hours.

This was a new outfit I wanted to try out and since I was on holiday I thought it was perfect to try something different than what I usually wear. I had these striped shorts that are a little too long but I decided to take them and try them out. I picked up this blouse a while back and have worn it with leggings many times but I decided it would be perfect with the shorts and it actually did. I also love the peephole back which makes it a little more fun and girly and its just the right size not to show too much. I dressed for summer as it was very hot and I only packed some of my summer clothes so when it started raining hard I was so sad and regretted my outfit options. While we were shooting this we had to get an umbrella because we were getting soaked. It finally slowed down so we could enjoy the rest of the tour. My bag and sandals were the only accessories I packed so that’s all I could style with the outfit. My makeup is only Benefit Porefessional and some lip balm that day.

| top: Forever 21, shorts: West Print, bag: Minicci, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bow: Forever 21 |

It was so nice getting to take my outfit pictures at a place like this and made it more pretty and looked so cool to shoot even if the weather wasn’t that great. I enjoyed the tour and you could read about my tour and what I did on holiday. You can read part I here and see all the snapshots I took and a few outfit outtakes I did and show you some pretty places while I was there.

What would you wear on a rainy day?

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