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Today’s outfit post is something different as I am writing this and doing this entirely on my iPad Air as when I was doing this post I was on a road trip with my cousins and really wanted to blog because this is one of the reasons I bought an iPad to help with blogging while I’m on the go. So at one of our stops along the way I had my cousin snap a few pictures on my iPad of my road trip outfit. When we got back on the road again and it was going to be another 2 hours or more (depending on the traffic) I decided to edit the pictures and upload them on to the Bloggers App as a draft. It was quite simple and I got it done. Then before I went to bed after we got to where we were going I added this bit and it was very easy just typing it out on here. 

I went for a very casual look because I wanted to be comfy and the drive was about 4 or 5 hours so I knew I didn’t want to be in anything tight or hard to move in. Of course while choosing my outfit I considered going in my pajamas but I knew we would be stopping along the way so I choose these pants I bought at Forever 21 which look and feel like pajama bottoms but they are actual pants that are these new loose style that I don’t know how to describe. The one thing I know is they are super comfy and so nice to be in for a long period of time. I call these my “feeling-pajama pants” which my mom thought they were when I bought them but she has now changed her mind and accepted them. Enough about these pants and let’s move on to my top which I have worn in another outfit post which you can see here and if you read it you know this is my most comfiest top and I go on and on about this in that post so I won’t here but it was perfect for the trip and so nice to wear.

This is the first time I’m sporting flip-flops in an outfit post and I was debating to put on shoes which I had packed with me but that wouldn’t fit in with the theme of comfy road trip chic so I went with it. These are my favorite type of flip-flops and they are my everyday footwear sometimes when I’m doing errands or I use them for the beach and pool in the summer time. They’re silver with glitter and I have a few other pairs in different colors as I am that obsessed with them. My bag surprisingly matched again because it was my bag I was bringing with me since it was not too big or too small to take with me on the trip. As for my bow I got it a day before I left and I packed it because I didn’t know what color clothes I would be bringing so I picked this white bow that will be neutral with any outfit as I packed this with some other accessories and didn’t want to bring my whole bow collection with me. Usually I add beauty to my posts now but I don’t have any makeup on as I didn’t need it while traveling. I do however have Caronia Chasse on my toes if you are curious and good thing I painted them since I knew I was going to be wearing flip-flops.

| top: Forever21, bottoms: Forever21 {similar}, bag: Accessorize, bow: Forever21, flip-flops: Montego Bay Club {similar}, nail polish: Caronia – Chasse

That was my road trip attire and I’m glad I stuck with the comfy look because I fell asleep on the way and it was nice wearing this outfit. I really love these pants and I’m glad I finally got to incorporate them in an outfit post cause I was unsure how to because I was afraid they would look like I was wearing my pjs to somewhere nice when I actually wasn’t. It was a nice coincidence that it blended together and made it sort of a themed kind of post.

Hope you liked this post and would like to see these types of posts again. I liked that it was different and easy to do on my iPad. I’m also doing a blog post about this sometime soon on the apps I used and stuff like that. Until next outfit post!

What is your perfect outfit for a road trip?

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