July Favorites 2014

July is done and over with and since I missed out on posting my favorites the last few months since I was using the same products and wasn’t buying anything new. I thought I wouldn’t do my monthly favorites post and felt like it was redundant to repeat so here I am showing you a few recent beauty products that I’ve fallen in love with.

The first thing I’ve been loving is the Benefit They’re Real Mascara that I received in my June BDJ Box you can see here. I really wanted to try it as I’ve seen other bloggers rave about it and I see why it is such a favorite. I have long and curled lashes naturally so I just need a mascara to enhance that and this made my lashes so pretty and so long that it touched my eyelids. There was no clumping which is nice and worthwhile. Even if I have a few mascaras to choose from right now I’ve been grabbing for this one as it is small so it is easy to use since I’m not quite good at applying mascara. 

Another favorite this month is the Benefit Fakeup Concealer again another sample I got in the same box. I need concealer for under eye circles and this one claims it is perfect for that since it has an eye cream also which I’ve read. It is the perfect color and gets rid of the darkness like it isn’t even there. I was so amazed the first time using it that I used it again to make sure I got the same results which when it did made me a happy camper as I didn’t have to cake on millions of product to get rid of the color. 

Next is the nail polish I’ve been loving and have been wearing most of June and July on my nails and also my toes is Caronia – Chasse which was part of their Art of Dance Collection I reviewed and swatched if you missed it or want to find out more here. It is a lovely cobalt/royal blue and looks so pretty for this time of you and really pops. This is the first dark blue color in my collection and I’m now officially obsessed and have to pick up more of this color. It goes on amazing both on my nails and toes and is already super shiny without a top coat which is great. I definitely recommend picking up a color like this for summer and it can also be great for when we transition to the autumn months.

Lastly, is the Bare Naturals The Mane Event Hair Mask which has done wonders for my hair. I wanted a hair mask that is good for you as in doesn’t have sulfate or bad chemicals that can ruin my hair even more. That’s why I need a hair mask to repair the hair from damage and not cause more so when I got this in my April Glamourbox which you can browse here I new this would be my favorite products. It took me a while to try as I forgot about it and was going through my boxes to see I never used it so the following day I jumped in the shower and loved how soft it left my hair right after I got out. It’s nice and light on my hair and made it bouncy which makes it so fun to have especially since I have curly ringlets in my hair. It’s definitely one of my favorite hair masks at the moment.

Those were my favorite products of July and ones that stood out to me out of all the rest that I’ve been using. I’m planning on reviewing them soon so I can’t wait for that. Hope you enjoyed reading what I’ve loved lately and check back in next month to see if I discover anything new to share in my favorites!

What product caught your eye in July?

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