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I was again fortunate to receive an invite from BDJ Box to their latest Beauty Soriee entitled: Get Pixy-fied! A Kawaii Experience. The event was a makeup workshop and we were instructed to bring our own makeup to retry the looks we will learn about. I have never attended a makeup workshop like this and since I’m not very good at applying makeup I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn. So let’s see what happened at the event!

The venue was at The Blackboard by Chef Michel, The Podium Mall. I kind of got lost while heading there as it was in an area I never been before and never explored but I love an exciting adventure. I got there safely and was there pretty early which I thought I was running late but I wasn’t. Good thing I got there before the power interruption and didn’t have to go up 5 flights of escalators but I felt sorry for my fellow tablemates who did.

There was about maybe 30 or 40 Bella’s that attended and before the workshop started we were treated to lunch by Blackboard. We got to serve ourselves and we got this delicious Filipino noodle dish called Pancit and a Chicken Burito Wrap which was both so good. The Pancit was amazing and everyone at my table agreed how good it was but my favorite was the chicken wrap because I love those kinds of foods and could eat them all day. So while we ate we chatted and talked about the upcoming lessons we will be participating in.

To introduce the brand Ms. Liz Lazuno from Project Vanity who is one of their brand consultants talked about how the brand started and how it came to the Philippines. She gave some insights about some of the products and it made me want to try the products even more and since I am of mixed culture I sometimes need to find products that will suit my skin tone.

The workshop with Mrs. Charm Suerte was very interesting and we learned to different looks by her but while she was doing both the looks she gave advice and answered questions we had about makeup and she cleared up common problems and gave good advice. I actually learned some pretty good tips that can help me apply my makeup. It was the best makeup workshop I went to and it was so interesting as it was like she was just giving advice to a friend and it didn’t feel like a class but a night with your best friend as she shares her tips.

She demonstrated two looks the Tokyo Kawaii look and the Tokyo Glam look. The models were from the BDJ Team and they got to show off both the looks. I really liked the Kawaii look as it was simple for everyday and was very natural. The look had more makeup then I was used to wearing but very simple and look great which I will try on more own time. The Tokyo Glam look was interesting for me so I decided to try it instead of the first look because this as a seminar to try and I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and not be afraid so I tried.

Our table got to try some of the Pixy products and since I didn’t receive the BDJ Box with all the full size products in it this was my first time trying it and seeing them up close. The palette had lipsticks, blush and the eyeshadow duos and I wish we could have kept it as it looked all so good and I really wanted to swatch all of them but I was focused on my look but maybe if I pick some up I could get some swatches.

I got Pixy-fied! I know my eyeshadow is probably too much but it was my first time trying a smokey eye or a dramatic eye look so please excuse the extreme eyeshadow. I’ve only watched youtube tutorials and have never tried it on myself and as I said it was the first time I did an eye look on myself this extreme before. I hope you like the color combination though and give me an A for effort. I am proud I perfected my base and really know how to conceal my under eye circles better then before. I think my foundation application was so easy after learning her tips and also my blush seems on point as she taught us what is best for our face shape. I just need to earn how to contour better and I can say I can do my makeup well.

Mrs. Charm came around to each table and gave us advice and she told me if I wanted it bold then it is okay but add more highlighter on the brow bone which I tried but apparently it didn’t turn out well. I blended as much as I could and she could see that which I’m glad watching tutorials taught me that. She also said to fill in my brows and have them shaped again and it would be okay. I think her advice was excellent and now I know what I can improve on and how to do it next time I try. Here is what is on my face if your are curious and yay for my first “Face of the Day:”:

Face |
Collection Colour Match Foundation in Natural
Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder in 04 Honey
Benefit Fake Up Concealer in 02 Medium

Eyes |
Pixy Eyeshadow in Bronze Delight
Qianyu Eyeshadow Palette in Glitter Neutral
Benefit They’re Real Mascara
Heroine Make Jewel Eyeliner in 02

Lips |
Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish in 101

| Lizah, Cheri, Marseille, Tess, Gen-zel, Sharmeyne, Mhisha and Ana |

Here are the lovely ladies at my table and in my opinion we were the best table and were the funnest to be around. I was a little shy but they were a great group of people and I love spending the whole workshop with them and they made the experience even more memorable. Thanks to all the girls I met and got pictures with!

I also finally got to meet Gen-zel of after chatting with her on twitter for quite some time. It was really nice to meet her and I learned she lives in my area which is really cool. I was surprised she got to go because there have been other events that we missed each other and now I got to sit next to her. I also loved her finished look at the event. It was nice meting you Gen-zel!

Another beauty blogger I met was Liz of and I found out about her blog through Gen-zel as for most other Philippine Beauty Bloggers. I love browsing through her blog and it was nice meeting her in person and she was so nice.

Before everyone went home I had my tablemates write down their blog links so I could follow them. We also added each other on Facebook too. I wanted to share their links if you would like to as well. Sharmeyne of, Mhisha of, Ana of and Tess of

It was such an amazing event! I had fun, met new friends and learned so many new things about how to do makeup. Here is my outfit and sadly I didn’t do outfit pictures after the event as it was late but here is a snippet of my outfit from the event. I just wore my new blouse I picked up at Forever 21, my jeans have been in my previous outfit posts and so have my shoes. Nothing special but I did like my top and the back has a peep hole which is quite fun. This is also in front of the restaurant the workshop was held at and it was a very nice place inside the Podium.

The loot bag we took home is always a nice touch and we didn’t get to
the leave the event empty handed. Inside had one of Pixy’s products
either a lipstick, a eyeshadow or a blush. I got an eyeshadow which
looks so pretty and perfect for me to try and recreate a more subtle
look I did at the event. Here are the contents of the bag; Pixy
pamphlets, A BDJ Box cookie, Pixy Colors of Delight Eyeshadow in Sorrel
Brown 02 and a Pixy Pocket Mirror. The mirror is going to be so useful
and I’m going to go attach it to my favorite purse.

was the whole event and I enjoy every minute of it. Thank you again BDJ
team for the invite and I can’t wait for the next event. Thanks to the
beauty bloggers I met at the event and got pictures with and to all the
girls at the table I hope to see you in future events. 

If you’d like to find out more about BDJ Box and their events and also beauty box subscription you can find their website and facebook here. Also if you’d like to know more about Pixy and their great makeup brand you can checkout their facebook.

*Some photo credits to: BDJ Box

What is your favorite thing about makeup workshops?

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