Sunday Summaries | July 6, 2014

I’m back with another edition of Sunday Summaries!

 I know I’ve been absent from here for a while but I had to take a break and life was just getting too difficult for me and it was getting in the way of what I wanted to do including taking time to blog. I missed it terribly but I didn’t have any motivation to do anything and it was just a hard month for me and I’m glad June is over and I’m hoping to move on and come back to doing things I’m more passionate about. I don’t want to touch on what happened and I don’t want to document it because I want it to be gone. It’s a bit personal and I want to keep something’s private and I don’t want to look back on this blog and see it because that is not I want this to be about. So now I’m feeling happier and I am getting back to where I was before everything.

Now enough about the crappy part of my life and go into something more exciting. If you follow me on twitter you may know I got my iPad Air finally!!! The exclamation points are necessary because I finally got it! I have been saving up my money to get one and when I finally did I had to order it and it was not in stock and was promised it will be available in 2-3 weeks and so I thought but it took almost 2 months to arrive and I was getting quite annoyed at how long the wait was. Once I got the text to pick it up I was finally excited about it again because to be honest I lost interest and thought it was never going to arrive. So now that I have it I am over the moon about it and love it to bits and it is my prized possession at the moment. I’m enjoying setting it up and discovering apps and just playing with it. Tell me some app recommendations and give me some cool sites to look for some pretty wallpapers. 

Next fun thing I did this week was go with my cousin, his wife and his mom to Quezon City to pick up some paperwork for his job abroad. We dropped him off and went to a nearby mall and looked around and had a snack until he was ready. It only took about 30 minutes so since we still had the whole day to ourselves we went to SM North EDSA and it was my 2nd time going there and this time we explored  more since last time I went I was very sick and had to go because of a play that was showing there. We went to lunch and took so many pictures and explored and I didn’t do any shopping but I did go to my usual stores to browse. It was a fun day and I got to spend it with my family especially my cousin who is going to leave to work in the Middle East soon.

Another exciting thing this week was we went to the mall again with the same people and this time I had to pay some bills and he needed to pick up some shoes for the meeting he has to attend. My godson which is my cousin’s son came with us again but we rode on some rides and since he is only 9 months I got to hold him and we rode on the train, a car and some reindeer which you’d think is out of season but it isn’t apparently. I also had fun with his wife who is Lynn who I have taken to some events and has been in a couple of other posts. We tried on some shoes together and I found her wedding shoes if she was going to have a wedding ceremony again. We saw some cute outfits and admired the window displays saying “I would wear that” or “You’d look great in that.” It was pretty much a typical girl day but with a few boys that tagged along. 

So it was a pretty fun week. As for the pictures, the first is me so excited with my new iPad as you can probably tell and then we went out to dinner afterwards with my dad and my aunt. The second picture was with this gigantic mannequin we found in SM North EDSA and I thought it was the coolest thing and I was saying it would totally fit me but I’d have to get it hemmed up a little. The last picture is me on one of the train rides me and my godson rode on but I didn’t want to put a picture of us since it is up to his mom. Lynn has a lot of pictures of him on her Facebook but I think a mother should but I’m only his god mother and also cousin so I wanted to leave him out of my blog but mention him once in a while. He is so cute and I love watching him grow and go through milestones because this is the first baby I’ve seen grow up while I’m there so it is really special for me. 

I hope you liked my little recap of the interesting things I did this week and I’m glad to be writing again and catching up in everything. I just need to get back into my social life and get everything back to normal. I have a few blog posts going up this week and I’ve been working on both of them this weekend so I’ve been pretty productive. I just wanted to do a little update with what was going on and stuff. I hope I go back to the previous style of my Sunday Summaries post which I tell about my week but sometimes it will be like this one since I’m not doing to much right now.

What was the most exciting thing you got yourself?

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