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I can’t believe I almost forgot to post this. I was editing my outfit post for this event and it reminded me I wore that to the BDJ Craft Night I went to. So here is a little recap of the evening and what happened during this event.

I was invited to attend this which is a BDJ Passion Series event but was also the launch of their new school planner which is a branch of of their original planner called the CampusBDJ. To celebrate that this was a crafts night and you could take your BFF with you to make this cute Monster Plushie by a local entrepreneur who created these. I saw them and thought they were so cute so I was excited for the event.

The venue of the event was Bonifacio High Street in a Fullybooked branch.This was my first time in this area and I wish I could have explored more but I have made it my goal to go back and take my parents for a little family day there soon. Going to these events have made me explore and go to places I never knew existed in this country so it is a plus to going to blogging events for me and probably a highlight for sure learning about these cool places. I took my aunt as hardly any of my friends know about my blog and my cousins were all busy so I took her as she wanted to see this event and was curious about crafting. We ended up arriving 4 hours before the event and took outfit pictures at the perfect time at the place. We then headed in  and waited inside browsing the bookstore. I was making a mental list of all the things I wanted which was a bad idea to let me in a bookstore but I’m proud I didn’t pick anything up.

Before the event started we were waiting in line but my aunt got confused and the line was then pushed the other way making us go towards the back of the line. The attendees of the event came early because of the promised freebies that was indicated in the email. The Bedroom Athletics was promised to the first 50 registrants get a pair for free during the registration. I got a pair and so did my aunt and she was really impressed with them and thought it was the coolest thing to get these for free. I love taking my family and seeing their faces when they learn something is free and learn why I have been going to these things. She took her box of slippers to the table and I got mine after we registered and we got a pretty good seat.

The event was hosted by Ms. Karen Bordador of RX931 FM and she kept the event going throughout the whole program.

The most important person of the evening was Ms. Beam Mariano who is the creator and owner of and makes these adorable accessories, stationary and more out of felt. She has different lines and all are so pretty and colorful and personally my style and what I like to buy. She handcrafts all her stuff but has families that are less fortunate employeed so that they could have a job as well and I think that is very nice of her. You can find out more about her at her site but she just introduced herself at the event and gave us a run through of everything.

During the event we were served Cofee Bean and Tea Leaf Ice Tea and J.Co Donuts so while we were listening we got some refreshments and a snack to tide us over. It was pretty late and we still hadn’t had dinner yet so this was just the right thing we needed. The drinks were great and all the donuts looked good and plus are slippers we got were right beside us on the table during the event.

Here we are listening to the talk and then doing our crafts with the people that were also at our table.

Then it was time to do our plushies! There was extra decorations so we could add to our plushie and just have fun designing them and making them unique. It was pretty easy making them and it made me look at the creative side and I loved doing that. I got pearls and more material so that I could add more elegance to mine because that is what I was going for.

Here I am with the main person herself Ms. Beam and her plushie. I didn’t have mine finished so I didn’t want to show it but it turned out quite cute I think. 

Here I am with the host of the event Ms. Karen and I loved her dress that evening. 

I got a picture with another blogger Ms. Joey who I have met at a few other BDJ events now and she is so nice and very social and it made meeting her a lot easier as I’m very shy. Check out her blog as she has some great beauty reviews that I love reading. I’m starting to recognize more faces now going to these events and it is nice getting to know people with the same interests as you and I have been enjoying that. Her blog is here.

Here is my photo booth photo and for once I got a digital Cody instead of forgetting to take a picture of the printed copy. I wanted my aunt to be in it but she didn’t want to so she held all of our stuff instead. I wish we could have gotten a photo together but she was too shy too.

And when we got home we had some donuts. My dad was grateful I brought these because he loves donuts as much as I do so we got a cheeky treat after dinner.

Some of the pictures were taken from the Facebook page of Belle de Jour Planner that were taken at the event. The ones with the watermark are the pictures I took at the event and the ones without belong to BDJ. Thank you for putting them up so I could add a few of them though!

I had a fun time and the craft idea was so cool and I would love to go again and create something else next time.  I got to hang out with my aunt and we bonded over this event and it was fun taking her and she like to go them now too. Thank you BDJ for the invite and I had a lovely time. Keep up the good work and keep creating these fun events.

What do you like to do with your BFF?

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