Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

Happy Father’s Day!

I wanted to wish my dad a happy one on my blog this year as he has supported me and my blog and so I think he deserves a shout out for that. He is always encouraging me to blog, critique my pictures, give opinions and suggestions and just overall motivates me to pursue what I love which is to blog. I saw so many Father’s Day gift guides but I didn’t want to do one so instead I did this and to express what I felt.

A bit of a throwback, the first photo was my pre-school graduation which was back in 1997 I believe. I don’t remember this really anymore but it was nice to have the memory. The second picture was me in 1st grade and I’m pretty sure this might have been Father’s Day but I don’t really know. Of course he is by his computer and that is where he is until now and no matter what house we live in it is always there. Again hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day Daddy!

I hope you and your dad have a wonderful Father’s Day!

What are you doing for your dad today?

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  1. Temporary:Secretary
    June 24, 2014 / 3:37 pm

    These are really lovely pics! It's nice to see some personal posts on blogs – they are so rare these days! x

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