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Today I wanted to do a little tech post on my blog because I recently bought an iPad Air. It hasn’t arrived yet and it will be here in 1-2 weeks so during that time so I wouldn’t go crazy waiting for it I have been browsing cases and so I made a wish list. Doing this didn’t make the time go faster nor did it make it arrive quicker but it was entertaining me so I wouldn’t go insane from counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds for it to arrive at my doorstep. If you’ve notice I have a certain theme it seems like and that is pink cases. If you see my iPhone case collection than you would see majority of them are a shade of pink and I like it that way. I might change in the future when I get a new iPhone 5s but right now I am obsessed with finding pink cases for my gadgets. My laptop and its case is pink so its not surprising I like pink and it’s my favorite color.

So let’s see what cases I have been lusting after and which ones I want to get when my iPad arrives!

one | Hello Kitty Smart Cover Leather Case
This is the first case I choose when I bought the iPad and I actually saw it in person at a store in the mall while I was browsing to gt an idea of what exactly I want. I love hello kitty and have always been a fan and if you’ve seen my room it is no surprise I want a hello kitty case. I have a few for my iPhone so naturally I would want them to match. I just think this type of case would be perfect for me as it is everything I would want and plus it is cute and matches my personality so I think hen it arrives I will get this case and I hope they still have them in stock.

two | Belkin Colour Duo Tri-Fold Cover
After a childish and girly case I also need a simple plain one but of course in pink. It’s for anything I need my iPad for a sort of formal business occasion. Also it would be really weird to carry a hello kitty case around so I thought this was the perfect fit. I wanted a simple one as well in case I got tired of the other one but I wanted it to have the same features which it does so I am going to find one just like this or this one. 

three | Leather Case with Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Stand
Another accessory I really wanted for it was a wireless keyboard case and again in pink. I saw many other bloggers with a similar one and I think it would come in handy on my daily commute to classes and also school work and not to mention to blog with as I intended my iPad be used for that as well. I just think my laptop is too bulky when I take it everywhere for me and that is why I got an iPad too because it is an in between of my iPhone and laptop. If you have one I would love to know which one you have or recommend for me as I want to do a little research before I buy one.

four | Pastel Watercolor Flowers Shabby Chic – Hard Case Cover
This case is different and I have a few hard cases for my iPhone but I’m not really a fan as I don’t think it would protect it enough but I do have some because of their pretty design and this is one of the reasons I want this sort of case. I love the pattern and I think it would be good for just using it while at home while in bed and something less bulky to have. I love the pastel colors and it just seems cute to put on the iPad.

five | Girly Bows Hard Case Cover
Pink and bows means I’m sold. It’s another hard case but I couldn’t resist the design and it just screams me so I had to include it and I may even get it if I am really desperate. It is just so pretty and I cannot resist pretty cases.I hope I like this type of case and I think I am going to be trying different cases this time not like my iPhone as I stuck to a specific kind because it was comfortable and I like the feel and features. I just hope it is protective and if you have one similar I would like to know if it is working for you. It’s pretty so I hope it is also protective and functional because it is a definite plus for me.

six | Ted Baker PRUNELA Bow iPad case
The last case on my wish list is a case I have seen numerous times and have wanted even before I bought the iPad. I love the Ted Baker bags I’ve been seeing on other blogs and I think they are just so girly and my style. And again pink and bows, shall I say more? I also wanted a different kind of case where I know it will be more protected because I assure you it will be my baby and never leave my side. I want one for my laptop as well since I have one similar for it and it would just be a cute bag I can carry it around in. I am going to save up and get this and I hope I do as I love their stuff and I would love it for my new iPad. Also I wanted to know if any of you have one of these if you could could put it in while it has another case like the pink and bow one? I was wondering if it would still fit or what because I would love to have multiple types of protection if possible. I may have to look into it. I just love the way it looks though and really want one.

That has been all the cases of the iPad (that hasn’t arrived yet) I’ve been lusting after and if there is any other type of case you think I should have or  invest in I would love to know as I am in love with collecting cases for the style and protection so I would love to know what you use on yours. I hope you enjoyed this post and I can’t wait for my iPad and will definitely be posting about it once I get it all ready and most importantly when it arrives of course. You can follow me on twitter @fashxfairytale because I will be tweeting about it once it arrives and will be very excited I’m sure.

What case do you have on your iPad right now?

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  1. Photo-Jenn-ic
    May 14, 2014 / 4:34 pm

    Ahh I love all of these cases! The Ted Baker one is really cute!Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  2. Catherine
    May 14, 2014 / 4:45 pm

    The little bow one is so cute! I have a mint green Ted Baker case which I absolutely love :)Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

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