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Last Sunday, my family, myself and some family friends went out to lunch for Mother’s Day. It was a little treat after going up to the mountains to where our summer property is and to stay for a bit. Our family friends recommend it and their son even has a food review on his blog about it (which I wish I would have gotten the link) but he said it was good food and a great environment. This is my first food type review and I really wanted to try it as he influenced me to write about it as I have my own blog and it is a nice mix to my fashion and beauty content. When I revamped I changed to more fashion and I wanted to add some lifestyle and it was fun doing my weekly summary posts I’ve been putting up every Sunday telling about my week so this was another topic I could add under the lifestyle category. So let’s get on with what we ate and my thoughts and I hope you don’t read this post hungry!

The resturant we went to was Morielli’s located in Tagaytay located with a nice view of overlooking the Taal Volcano. It was a cute small place that is family owned and is also a little inn that we toured after the lunch. It is a nice tourist spot.

The food was very diverse. They had to menus and the one above is the international menu filled with different sandwiches, pastas, french fries and desserts. The other menu was full of Filipino dishes that are perfect for those who are not into international food and want to enjoy the traditional food.

They had a cute thing hen you go there so you rite your name which I used my actual name instead of my nickname but I think it fits me better than if I used my nickname. I thought it as a cool idea they do while you wait for your food and it is actually quite accurate because my dad’s was spot on and describe him perfectly.

Now for the food and I will start off with what I ordered. I got the carbonara which looked amazing and came with an egg on top with some toast on the side. I enjoyed it but I don’t think its the same carbonara I ate before. It is smaller noodles and didn’t have creamy white sauce and it was quite dry and so was the cheese on top. It was an okay dish but I don’t think I would be getting it again.

 This is what my mom got which was the Yong Chow Fried Rice. It was a family size so we all shared it and all got a plate of it. It had large shrimp and some veggies mixed in. It was good and my mom seemed to like which is a plus because she is very particular in what she eats and doesn’t like much and will certainly tell you if she doesn’t like the food but it passed her standards which is good I guess. I only had a little but I don’t know if I liked it as much.

As for my dad, he got chicken fingers with fries. It seems like a little kids meal to be honest and something I would have gotten ten years ago but he doesn’t eat much Filipino foods nor do I so of course we both stuck to the international menu. The fries weren’t actually made out of potato but out of sweet potato or yams. It wasn’t in the description in the menu and so my dad didn’t eat as many and the chicken was far to crispy and burnt as he said. I tried the fires and they were dry but if you like sweet potatoes I can see me eating them if it had more flavor. I didn’t try any of the chicken as I am a vegetarian so I can’t comment on that and only can base what my dad said.

Lastly was dessert and you cannot forget dessert but personally I hardly order dessert at resturants and I don’t know why but I don’t unless something really ttarcts me. Since it was Mother’s Day, my mom got a free Creme Brulee as a gift from the place but since she is a diabetic she couldn’t eat it so it ended up with half for me and half for my dad. I never had this so I was excited to try it for the first time. I liked the texture and the cherry but it was very sweet. I’m not sure if it is supposed to be that sweet but it was quite good and a nice way to finish up our lunch.

I have a full outfit post on what I wore coming this Friday but here is a sneak peek of my outfit. It was very comfy and casual which was perfect for the occasion. We also had a group shot together with everyone but I know they probably didn’t want to be on here so I’m glad I had a few pictures myself but we also took a lot of pictures together to cherish the memory.

It was such a lovely day hanging out an treating my mom to lunch for Mother’s day but it was also nice to spend it with my family and some close family friends that made it extra special because it is so much better when there are a lot of you to enjoy. The resturant was quite nice and I guess I would go back but I would like to try other items on the menu.

My overall rating and review of Morielli’s:

F O O D | ♥♥♥♡♡
The food was not the highlight for me as it was just okay. I didn’t really like what I had as it was very dry and not very big of a serving as it was more like a snack item rather than a lunch or meal sort of food. My dad was not to impressed with his order as he didn’t seem to quite like the chicken strips and the fries and as for my mom she liked her fried rice but the noodles she ordered that weren’t pictured was too salty and has to be eaten with rice to actually eat the food. Maybe it was just the choices we made but we were brought by our family friends who said the ate here and the food was good which probably there might be some good dishes but we didn’t choose any. I’m not really sure but if I had a chance to go back I would try something else to make up for it.

S E R V I C E | ♥♥♥♡♡
The service was quite alright. We got served right away and even though some of the food we ordered wasn’t available they provided options and apologized for the inconvenience. They served half our food as it came out but we were almost done before they brought out my mom and her friends food which was kind of sad we were almost done and they still had food to be served and we did have to follow it up a few times which was a miss for me.

E X P E R I E N C E | ♥♥♥♥♡
It was a nice experience, the restaurant location was easy to access they had a selection of different foods and they made our Mother’s day lunch memorable. It was nice going to a new restaurant and discovering what they offered and they did a great job making sure we had a nice time. Besides the food I think it was a nice little restaurant who can improve and have bigger opportunities if they try.

M Y  T H O U G H T S |

What I like:
♡ The name card print out was a nice touch.
♡ The location was amazing and the view was such a sight.
♡ It comes with a large mirror to apply or touch up your makeup.

What I don’t like:
♡ The air conditioning was not working and it was an extremely hot day.
♡ The selection of food we choose.
♡ It can attract fingerprints easily as it is a shiny material.

♡ I liked it yet I didn’t. Its weird but there was somethings I liked and enjoyed about the place and there was somethings I didn’t quite like and made me unsettled with this review. It s a nice place, very clean and friendly staff but the food wasn’t a hit with me nor my family. I do recommend the place if you do go there and maybe you end up liking the food and we just have different taste. 

OVERALL: ♥♥♥♡♡
♡ It was a lovely experience and I did love the time I spent with my family. The restaurant did have its downside but it also had good side so I would recommend it and maybe go back the second time if I can.

I hope you enjoyed this and this is my first food review so I hope you liked it. It was kind of hard but fun at the same time and I hope I can do more since it is fun to see new places and try new things especially where I live and all the places that are around and also opening.

What do you order at a restaurant you go to for the first time as a “safe dish”?

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