Sunday Summaries | May 4, 2014

This week on Sunday Summaries…

Monday was the start of my summer film course I singed up for last week after all that stress I went through to get there. It went well I guess and I feel so happy that I am starting it. If you’ve read what I was doing last week well guess what, I went to the mall again and we picked up my cousins cell phone from the repair shop as she loves her phone and didn’t want to give it up but turns out it can’t be fixed and we will be going out to get a new one soon so it means more time at the mall again. My feet are killing me but when I got home my dad said we had to do our monthly shop where we get mostly all the essential groceries. We stopped by a market in town to buy a battery for my cousin’s spare phone and I found some cute iPhone cases and again it will be included in my haul. We then went to the grocery store we always go to and I picked up my favorite foods. It turned out to be a pretty goo Monday besides me waking up super early.

For Tuesday I had a day off from classes and I spent that time sleeping in and catching up. I had a lazy day at home but my lazy days include blog stuff. I planned so many things to do but the weather turned sour and all of a sudden became gloomy an then started raining out of nowhere. I had to postpone my plans and couldn’t get pictures done but I did get some writing done and fixed up the scheduled posts that were supposed to be up but didn’t work. It turned out to be fine but instead of following through y perfect and detailed plan that I made up complete with a time schedule it didn’t work. The highlight was catching up on the past few days of youtube videos that I had to miss due to my mall adventures. Aren’t you proud I didn’t go to the mall today?

On Wednesday I just went to class and didn’t do much that day. I did do some blog stuff and wrote some posts that I m going to do for the moth of May so it was pretty productive that day for my blog work. I caught up on some TV shows that I love and had a nice evening with my family. It was my little cousins birthday so we shared a cake as my aunt decided we should both share it. It was pretty good chocolate cake. Not much to say for this day as it was pretty boring.

If you thought yesterday was uneventful then Thursday was even worse. I stayed at home since I didn’t have class and just took blog pictures to keep up with all the products Ive been buying and do a few writing of posts. I have been doing other things like writing pieces for a story and stuff so that has taken up my time. I just spent the evening with my dad and we did things together and I taught him more techniques on photoshop.

Now Friday was very eventful not like the past few days and if you follow me on twitter than you know already. I went to my regular class and it was very short that day so afterwards I met up with my dad, mom and aunt and we spent the day at another mall because my aunt needed to buy a cell phone as hers died as well so we are just having a huge case of cell phone diseases as everyone’s phone is breaking and I’m hoping mine doesn’t catch it as I have 3 months left before my contract ends and I can get a new one. Then I decided since one of the cell phone companies were having a promo with their ipads I took the plunge and bought me one! It is so exciting as I’ve been wanting one fr a few months or even more now and I couldn’t bare to let go of that much money so an installment basis was the only choice but it is really hard here to do that. I’m glad they had a plan and I bought one. The bad news is that I have to wait 1-2 weeks before they could get one in so it sucks but I am counting down the days with my own hashtag. #countdowntojackiesipad We then went out to Subway which I haven’t been to for like 7 years as a celebration and I missed it so much. They just had one open in that mall and I enjoyed a tuna sandwich with chips and a cookie and this amazing apple ice tea.

Saturday was the day I had a lovely lie in and slept till maybe 2 in the afternoon. Ive been getting up early all of this wee so it was nice to catch up on sleep and just my life. In the evening we were invited to a house warming party of my parent’s close friend which was down the street from their place. It was a huge affair and it was catered and set with everything. There was amazing food and great service, games and chit-chat throughout the evening. We took a lot of pictures and my dad and I took one and then all three of us but my mom doesn’t like her picture on the internet so I just settled with both my dad and I to post. I went home full and it was a nice night. After buying the ipad though I spent quite a long time watching youtube
videos about whats on my ipad and getting ideas but it just turned into a
big thing and made me want it even more and completed my evening after the nice event.

I thought Sunday was going to be another lie in for me but I got woken up saying we were heading to the mall to return the cell phone as there was a factory defect and you couldn’t call the phone what so ever. We then headed back to the shop and traded it for an exchange one. I did look at ipad cases and found so many I want but I have an idea of which one I exactly want. We had diner there again and headed home. It was a very quick trip. When I got to my parents my cousin was there and we got o hang out and have a movie marathon like we used to. We generally have the same interest in movies or if not I just watch whatever he is into. We were watching a John Cena movie last night which I thought I would hate but ended up liking more than he did. We are like 8 years a part in age but I’m surprised how much we get along now than before.

That was my week which again was packed with fun things and I did a lot after a few weeks of doing absolutely nothing I feel like I am so busy with random things. I am so excited to get my new ipad and I hope it comes before I go crazy from waiting. I will update you as soon as I get it and I bet I ill be shouting on twitter how ecstatic I am so follow me on their for updates and countdown with me if you’d like. I hope you are enjoying these summaries of my week and don’t think they are to boring. I like doing them and I like telling about my days and it is a good way to look back on.Hope your week went okay and are having a fabulous rest of the day!

What were you most excited to buy lately?

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