Sunday Summaries | May 18, 2014

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Monday I passed one of the final drafts of my summer course project which I was real proud of. I do have some revision that I plan on doing and the professor agreed and gave me an extension. She has been impressed with my work so far and it is motivating me to get this done as I want it to be over so I can get back to other stuff like blogging without distraction again and also get back into dancing semi-full time. I have maybe 2 weeks left I hope and then I am free. I went in early so I can home early and I’ve been watching my weekly youtube videos that I have been missing lately. I have also catching up to do as for blog work. I have been falling behind but I got all the things I anted to done and now that I have a break tomorrow I am going to finish the upcoming weeks post. I have been sitting by the phone again waiting for a call when my iPad is going to come in but nothing. It has been a week since Friday since I ordered it and then today has been a week since they approved my account. I have been driving myself crazy waiting for it and I forgot over the weekend with so many things I did but when i see an instagram post with an iPad in the back of my mind I remember and I get sad waiting for it all over again. I’m hoping it comes soon before I go insane. It was pretty chill and I like having my routine back a little after the crazy few weeks I’ve been having.

Let’s just say that Tuesday is boring and nothing much happens on Tuesday apparently. I had another boring Tuesday at home working on multiple blog posts, editing pictures and chilling on the couch with my dog. Nothing special happened and I was stuck at home all day with nothing to do. I probably should quit writing about Tuesday’s as they are so boring. let’s hope next week there will be something interesting that happens and that I could fully enjoy writing what I did instead of this.

I think Wednesday was more amusing as I went to class and did what I was supposed to. I’ve been working on my second final project for my summer course and I think it has been going well. After that I stayed at home and did some photo works for another thing I am doing. I guess it wasn’t an eventful day as well as I didn’t have much to say but I know tomorrow is going to be more fun as we are planning to go somewhere as a family.

Thursday was actually quite fun as I went out with my mom and her two sisters and we went to the mall together. It’s rare for me to hang out with my mom as she doesn’t like going out and much rather stay home so when we do anything together it is quite special as it is rare. We went to the grocery store and I went up to the Apple store to look at some accessories what I could buy and just wanted to look. We went out and got a snack and then afterwards we went out for a nice walk to find such pretty buildings and the architecture was so pretty and I love seeing buildings with that design as it reminds me of a vintage shop or something out of a movie. It was a pretty good day and very calm and relaxing and I got to spend it with my mom and 2 aunts.

Friday was exciting for me as I was invited to another BDJ event which are definitely my favorites to go to. I have been going to a few lately and they don’t disappoint. It was in an area I have never been in but it is so pretty and love the rea. Thanks to these events I have been experiencing new places to go to here in Manila and around there and I’ve been enjoying seeing something new. It as a crafts night and I took my aunt and we had a lovely night making crafts and these cute felt stuffed animals called Monster Plushies which are so adorable. I am not finished with mine but when I do I will be putting it in my blog post! I caught up with some bloggers, took some pictures and had a nice night thanks to them. My aunt and I went out for a late dinner as the event ended around 10pm but it was so fun and she had a good time as well. I can’t wait to get that blog post up and show you the fun we had.

On Saturday we went to yet another event but it wasn’t really. It was a makeup seminar I saw on facebook and decided to signup and I got chosen to attend so I took my dad and aunt as we would be going to one of the biggest malls here in the Philippines which is Mall of Asia. I’ve been a few times and it is close to where I got to ballet class and I go sometimes before class to get some things but this time I didn’t have to rush and I could look around. My dad hasn’t been since it opened a few years ago so he wanted to see if they made any improvements and what it is like so I had to take him. It did get bigger he said and added more to it then he remembered. Before the seminar I dropped by Forever21 again because you cannot go by it without going into browse and then you get sucked in have to buy something which I did and again I keep on accumulating stuff that I haven’t had time to take pictures but I am stopping myself and will as soon as my summer class is over which it almost is. At the seminar I saw an old college friend who was actually the makeup artist that was holding it and I got to catch up with him. It was a fun event and afterwards I had dinner with my dad and aunt and we had Mexican which I miss the food and had a fish taco with chili fries and nachos with some root beer which was so amazing. It was definitely my favorite highlight of the day.

To end my week I had a relaxing Sunday. I had a nice lie in ’till 1 and then caught up with emails and stuff like that in the afternoon as I was behind and needed to get back with everything. I then started working on my final project for my summer film class and I did a few things like drive my motorcycle through the neighborhood and film things like that. I had my cousin with me so we took turns and I hope it turns out good. I am going to be doing that this coming week so let’s see how it is going to turn out. When I got home I edited this post so it would go up and edited the pictures. I then had a lovely night in watching youtube videos I missed the past two days from getting in late and crashing in bed so it was a nice Sunday for me.

If you are curious how I do this post I try to write each day on the day it happens at night so I remember what I did and just to summarize my day. Before bed I use the blogger app on my iPhone bring up this post and write it down. It’s like a diary where I reflect and see what I did that day and I wanted to share with all of you. So if you are wondering how I wrote these posts there you go. I also edit the pictures on Sunday and write the last day too and finalize it on my laptop before it goes up.

I hope you are enjoying your week and will have a great one this coming week. I hope to be doing something exciting and spending time with family.

What was the highlight of your week? 

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