Sunday Summaries | May 11, 2014

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Monday was another busy day for me. I went to class quite late and
stayed fr about 15 minutes and went home. My dad told me that he wanted
us to take the car to pick up something and do some errands while my
aunt and cousin were there so yet again we went to the mall but
something else also happened. There is a crazy cell phone epidemic at
the house! Now my cousins cell phone decided to go and it is hanging up
and won’t turn on.I am hoping so badly that my phone services this
outbreak and nothing happens. We got it fixed but they said nothing was wrong with it and when he tries it was like magic and working fine. I just said it was afraid to go to cell phone hospital and so that’s why it stared working suddenly. My cousin and I went to go clothes shopping for him as he likes taking me and seeing what I like on him and he bought a few things and even a new basketball. we went out to lunch and before we went home we decided to head to a beauty store as he knows how much I’ve been obsessed with this lately and bought me some goodies to blog about. (He knows me too well) He is so kind and after our movie marathon on Sunday and our day together I’d say we are getting along but I bet you later we will be fighting yet again as we always do. When I got home from such an amazing day I got caught up with the TV shows over the weekend and have been missing and snuggled up all evening.

Tuesday was boring. I didn’t do anything but sleep in, relaxing with my daily yputube videos & then finish off my summer course assignments. It was a very lazy day with me still obsessed with finding the perfect iPad case and browsing eBay and Amazon to see if I can find one that I would be happy with. I didn’t do any blog things as I wasn’t motivated that day but at least I got all the course work done.

It seems every other day for me is eventful so Wednesday I had my normal summer class and it didn’t take too long again so I got to go home early! I then needed to accompany my parents to pick something up at the dealer where we bought the car so we drove about an hour to get there. The dealer we bought it at had an amazing deal so we made the sacrifice and bought it over there but it was worth it. So we stopped there and looked at new cas but we all decided we didn’t need an upgrade just yet. After that I really wanted to take my dad to the mall that I went to for the BDJ event last March and since it was very close we got had the opportunity to go. I knew the way but not the way we were coming from we still got a little lost and went 10 minutes off schedule but we eventually got on the right track. We got there and my dad and I looked around and had fun just exploring the mall as I didn’t get to last time. I also stopped by Forever21 and got a few clothes which I was in need of and lucky for me they were having a sale. I am doing a haul so you will see that as soon as I get pictures. It was an exciting day and I love shopping with my family.

Thursday was fine and I actually received a few packages and beauty boxes I bought off the internet. Online shopping for is as satisfying as shopping for real. I love the thrill and have really got addicted to buying things on the internet that I cannot find here. I went in to submit some paperwork for my summer class so I was busy doing that. My aunt went with me and we got a cheeky Mcdonalds that day which turned out to be pretty good and pretty eventful for an off day.

As for Friday on the other hand it wasnt as exciting as I thought it would be. I went in for the summer class and then went home right after that. I sat by my phone all day because if you didnt read last week’s sunday summries then you missed that I bought an iPad and they said it would be a week and I was waiting all week for Friday but sadly it hasn’t arrived yet. I edited some stocked pictures that I’ve been too busy to finsih and then went to bed early as I had a big day next.

On Saturday I got to go to Bloggers United 7 and was so excited. I planned my outfit and wore my new clothes I bought and I didn’t know it was going to be so soon that I would gt to I thought they were going to be stuck in the bag until I went out. I took my dad as he wanted to go to a blogging event and he was as excited as me and we had the best time. It has been a while since i did a few instagram pictures in a day but we were trying to enter the contest while we were there. I had an amazing day and had great food and company with my dad. He had a good time I could tell and probably wants to go again as it was so cool seeing a blogging event. We spent the whole day there and got home pretty late but it was so worth it and I met some fantastic bloggers and people there.

Sunday was Mother’s Day so my family and I headed to our summer rest property up in the country. We go there every so often and if you’ve read my blog for a while I am always mentioning that place. We took some of my parent’s close friends who we just went to their house warming party last week. We went up there and took some pictures and just chatted the whole morning. The next place we went to was a cute small restaurant and had lunch together. It was quite good and I might even do a small review of it as if you do you get a free package or something so I think I will. I took outfit pictures day and again my dad was the photographer and we just stayed a while and hung out and enjoyed the pretty view of the lake. It was a nice mother’s day and I’m glad I spent it with friends,my family and of course my mom. Happy Mother’s day!

I hope you like this week’s fun filled activities and I hope you like the added pictures. I don’t usually plan on doing three pictures a week but sometimes it turns out that way. I will try to do more instagram and photo of the week as I like sharing snippets of my life with you and telling you what is up. I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day and are enjoying it as well.

What was the best thing that made you smile this week?

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