Skinfood Philippines x Saladbox Event & Store Opening at Alabang Town Center

Skinfood Philippines opened a new store last April in Alabang Town Center. I was really excited to go this as it is near my college campus and I go to it all the time as it has makeup products from back home that I miss so I love splurging there. This was my first time hearing this brand but I know it is Korean and it is all the rage here with the other Asian cosmetics so I again have been loving to try these kinds of products. Saladbox another beauty box subscription company was having a small event there with free makeovers and introducing products to try so I was excited to go and see the new store that opened.

The store is quite cute and I love the presentation of the place. I as timid at first as I thought there was going to be an event there but technically you just come in and anyone was able to join but you get priority if you come there with a reservation as I did. Walking in I was like a kid in a candy store looking at all the pretty cosmetics and skincare. I was immediately approached by the lovely girls and was asked what I would like to try and if I would like a skin consultation and a makeover and I agreed. I had to wait a few minutes as the previous girl was almost done and so I got to peruse the selection before I got to be put in the lovely makeup chair.

First I was given a proper skin cleanse and it felt great. The lovely lady put a moisturizer that cleansed the face and each step she did she explained each product she put on me so I knew and how to use it. I loved the smell of the Apple line she used which was made for Oily skin which I have. I loved the skin care routine they used and my face felt really soft and nice after each product. She suggested different products for me to use for my dark under eye circles and my blackheads which is the only problem I have with my skin and I think I am planning on picking it up next time I go. What was really nice was she thought I had a bad reaction to the products as my skin got super red but I am always like that and sometimes my skin sensitive but not always. I think it was just because of the way my skin was that day but it went away and I was fine.

After she cleaned my skin it was time to apply makeup which is one of y favorite parts during this type of things. I feel like I can not do it as well as they can and it makes me feel pretty afterwards and probably a much better job than me. The first thing she did was fix my eyebrows. I hardy get the done and when I do it is usually when I get my makeup done but the only shape them and that’s it. I naturally have thick and shaped eyebrows which I people like I guess as they always think I get them done but I hardly do anything but tweeze in between them every other week. When she was done they looked amazing and I had brows for the first time that looked like a girl in the magazine. I loved staring at them. She finished my makeup and I loved that she asked me what I wanted before applying it like do I want a neutral look or what which was the first time a makeup artist asked usually the just go for it and I end up not liking it. This time it was perfect and I loved the “no-makeup” makeup look on me which I can never perfect. We shared tips and chatted and it was very light not like some sessions I had where we were stiff and I was just sat there while she worked. I really liked having her do my makeup.

This was the final look and I’m glad she taught me how to it and what products each one was so I could replicate later if I wanted. Anyone tht day could have their makeup or skin consolation which I thought was nice so you can really get a feel for their products which is exact;y what they should be doing.

After I was finished I continued to browse the store as I didn’t get to in the beginning. My first reaction was I loved the packaging and everything was so cute and my style and it took a lot of will power not to buy everything in there. The store is filled with different shelves full of products like makeup, cosmetic accessories, skincare for men and woman, bestsellers, and new releases all displayed nicely with testers in the front so you can try it out.

In the center of the store was rows full of fun things to try and each categorize by area. There were eye products such as palettes, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. There were face products like different type of blushes, powders, and highlighters. For the lip products which was fun to look at and swatch and they have different types like matte lipsticks, tinted lip balms, lip crayons and more which was a nice selection but made it so much harder to choose from. And lastly they had two rows of nail polishes which was my favorite ever and was the first thing that caught my eye as I am a nail polish lover. The lady who assisted me said it was alright for me to swatch and use the testers. They were pretty good and long lasting as I still had them on for quite some time.

It was so much fun going to the event and I was so happy. I want to thank the ladies who assited me and they even wrote down their names for me but silly me I loose it but they were both so nice and helped me make a decision of what I want to buy. I picked up a few things that I love and it was so hard to choose from but I know what I would like to get when I come back. She guided me on which one would do best for me and things I didn’t have instead so I can have a variety to try from. I had a lovely experience and definitely a lasting impression for me to keep on buy their stuff from them. It was such a great experience for me and thy showed me a lot of new things that I can try. I can’t wait to go back and pick up things of off my wish list I created when I was there. I am eyeing the eye cream and the skincare routine she used on me first. The prices are okay a little up there on some items but with the quality and amount you get it is worth it and that is one of the things they told me. I got some free samples as well and was even more excited to try more things besides the one I picked up. So thank you for those and I can’t wait to use them.

Thank you to the ladies at Skinfood ATC and I hope to see you when I pick up some new stuff.

You can visit Skinfood’s website and on facebook for more details and information about them.

I hope you enjoyed my first experience going to s store opening. I had an amazing time and such a great experience. The lighting was pretty yellow inside so the pictures are a little off color. Everything in there was so cute and the packaging was amazing and I can’t wait to pick up some new things. I’m so glad I went and got to meet these nice people. I am including what I bought and the samples I received in a haul soon so I’ll share that hopefully when I get done with photographing them all. Hope you liked this post and tell me what you think of these products if you tried them or want to try them.

What do you think of Skinfood?

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