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This is probably the brightest thing I have ever worn. Here is today’s What I Wore to the Bloggers United 7: A Summer Fair which I posted about here last Wednesday and as promised here are my outfit details. I wanted to dress up and this is dressed up for me as if you couldn’t tell by my other outfit posts I live in leggings and comfy tee’s but this outfit is way different and I hope you think it is fashionable and I liked to try something new for once. I didnt know but I ended up matching color schemes with the event by wearing this hot pink blouse I picked up at Forever 21 a couple days before. I noticed this top right away with it’s color and I like pinks and have many in my closet but nothing this neon or nright so I had to get this color and I loved the fit of it when I tried it on. Plus it can double up as a very formal top or a casual laid back but dress vibe which would be very useful for me.

Th jeans are actually jeggings and these are my first pair! I have jeans but I cannot find the perfect fit and it seems to hot to wear jeans where I live with the humidity so jeggings would be perfect for me since I can’t give up my leggings at least I have an alternative now. They are again from Forever21 and I picked them up the same time I did my blouse but at first I never intended to pair them at the time but when I got home I thought they would go good with each. They are very tight and I was not in favor of skinny jeans on curvy girls but these are different I guess and I like how they shrink me. The suck everything in and they are a size 16 which I never thought I would fit into again but with all the ballet classes and healthy eating I’ve been doing it has paid off and I fit into them well which makes me very happy.

The details of my outfit are my cute basic mini bag I’ve been carrying for a while and I didn’t have time to change out my bag so this had to do which is fine as it matches my jeans I think. My bracelet is a charm bracelet my aunt got me for Christmas one year that I thought would do since I wanted to have a little statement piece but don’t have any statement jewelry besides this one. It has all kinds of fun charms like a spoon and fork, a tea pot and even a slice of cake. I also have a stamp on my wrist to get into the event so that is what is on my arm. My shoes are these sandals I just got that I have been lusting for and it has been on my wishlist but they store I went to didn’t have my size until I went to the local mall and they had them so I picked them up and they are so comfy. These are my first sandals and I love them.

And lastly my makeup is much brighter than usually and can you tell I choose a bright pink lip today to match my blouse? I thought it worked out perfectly and it was nice just having a smooth base with a powder foundation, a few swipes of mascara and a bold lip is lovely. I fell in love with bold lips and it just makes the look more fancy and it looks like I put some much effort but secretly I didn’t. I now know why us beauty bloggers have so many lippies and I want to collect more now that I am hooked with the obsession. My nails were featured in a separate post which I talked about on Monday if you’d like to read that here

| top: Forever 21, jeans: Forever 21, shoes: Montego Bay Club, bag: Minicci, bracelets: Accessorize & Claire’s, bow: Forever 21, nails: Forever 21 – Pink Confetti, lipstick: Lush – Believe |

Hope you liked this outfit and tell me how you style bold colors as I would love to try different ways of wearing these neon colors for summer. See you in my next outfit post and hope you are enjoying them as I love shooting these.

What is the brightest item of clothing you own?

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