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This has been my go-to nail polish ever since April I think because I remember featuring it in one of my monthly favorites but I’m not sure which one. This was the color I used to match a lot of my outfits, I used it for my birthday and I use it when I am in the mood for sparkles and something girly. It is such a happy color and brightens my mood whenever I look at my nails and it has been perfect for the weather and has been matching with the bright sun and summer season lately which lifts my spirits even more.

The polish applies evenly and it takes a about two sometimes 3 coats to get it perfect but not very thick coats which is good. It has enough amount of glitter on each application but I apply more to the tips and dab it on. I apply my favorite top coat but I tried it without one once and it stayed for 3 days without chipping and I was doing all kinds of work so I understand the staying power. I liked to feel the texture without the top coat as it felt weird but good on my fingertips which is crazy but I liked it. I did try it with a top coat and the were completely smooth and smoothed down and stayed on longer which I liked and lasted for about a week which I think s great as a lot of my other polishes chip in a few days.

I’m really impressed with this as this was a Forever 21 polish and the first one I tried so it has really converted me and now when I’m in Forever 21 I take forever to pick a color and I can’t wait to pick up more shades. I hope I like the consistency as much as this glitter one.

I hope you liked this polish as much as I did and how colorful and sparkly it turned out to be. I missed doing these “on my nails” post and I plan to do more but I have to find time to do my nails and photograph them but I will as it is a fun thing that I miss doing on my blog in a mixture of other posts. Let me know if you want more and I will try and create more and do some nail art again.

What polish makes you start at your nails a lot?

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