BDJ Rendezvous: Change the Game Event

I got an invitation to attend another BDJ event last month and I am
thankful that I’ve been going to these events and experience a whole
other side of blogging. This BDJ event was not by BDJ Box but by their
actually company which is Belle de Jour and what BDJ stands for. I have
had their planner a couple of weeks prior to the event after hearing so
many great things about it and I’m loving it and can’t wait to do a
review about it too. I will have it up if you are interested but once I
get more use out of it.

Change the Game took place
last April 12, 2014 and was held at The Ramp Crossings, EDSA Shangri-la.
The BDJ Rendezvous theme was how to change the game where the four
talks were based around this topic and how a ‘bella’ as they call it can
reinvent themselves or in other words ‘change the game.’ I really like
the theme and it was really inspiring for me.I also couldn’t wait to
meet up with some more bloggers as I have been loving the community of
ladies and wanted to meet them in person.

The event started with DJ Tracy Abad, the host for the event and she started with first a game to sort of welcome and get the nerves out of all of us. I know I was nervous and it did help and made it more fun plus who doesn’t love winning prizes! Games were played and raffles were started so they kicked off the event really well.

At the end of the event I got a picture with her and she was so nice and an amazing host. I was looking the other way because my uncle and aunt were both taking pictures and they don’t really know how to use an slr and iphone so none of the pictures turned out on both of the cameras as we were booth look at separate ones. It’s too bad but I got a picture and that’s what counts. 

There four talks were all different and unique and here is both the posters that I of course took a picture besides. The venue was in the middle of a department store which I thought was quite cool and wouldn’t have expected that so the shoppers were all looking which was a little weird but I probably have done the same and plus it was right next to the makeup section so a definite plus so you could go shopping afterwards. I didn’t but I could have!

The first speaker to kick start Change the Game was Ms. Ginny Gonzales from John Robert Powers. Her talk was about changing other people’s first impressions of you and the first 11 seconds you meet. This is the crucial period when your acquaintance with the other person really matters and because you cannot go back in time to change it as it is already done. So she made us do fun exercises to improve our walk, posture and how we sit to have a lasting impression which of course is important and was really beneficiary since I just got done with college and have other things to look forward to now.

She gave tips on how to make your presence long lasting, felt
and count to those around us by improving on the 3S which are: Stance, Signal and Security. It was a lovely talk and I really learned a lot and it was such a great way to start things off because you are left with such a positive vibe and feel good for the upcoming set of talks. I didn’t get a picture with her which was pretty sad as she left shortly after.

The second talk was definitely my favorite out of the four. The second set of speakers were from The Plump Pinay, who are plus size twin bloggers promoting body love and body acceptance. I think that is amazing and being curvy myself I was happy to learn about them. I actually never heard of them before but thy explained their cause and was so amazing to listen to their story and I was so inspired by them both. I learned so much and took it as an inspiration. They said we should stop being negative about ourselves and our bodies in particular as that was the body we were given and we should cherish it. By having a detox from these negative people it gets rid of that bad vibe and gives you confidence and confidence from yourself is the highest thing to achieve. They believe in fitness not thinness and it does not mean that if you’re skinny, means you are living a healthy lifestyle. “Our body issues is not an excuse from looking our best and everyone can enjoy fashion as long as we are comfortable with what we are wearing.” I think that is so inspiring and true and I think whoever is reading that should take that advice as well.

If you couldn’t tell I’ve been doing more outfit posts on here and I thank them for spreading confidence and again like they said if you enjoy fashion don’t be afraid and wear what you want.  I have been shooting more and more and it is getting easier and I’ve been doing it in public places now instead of all of them out home which says something. I took the plunge and I ended liking it so much and want to focus on doing more stuff like this and moving my blog into a direction more towards fashion. They are such inspiring bloggers and I recommend checking out their blog for more.

After their talk I had to get a picture with them and chat with them for a couple of minutes before they left. They gave me advice and told me where to get some new clothes and I had an amazing time meeting them both. I love what they wore and I hope someday I could be a little more daring as they are because look how cool their outfits were and how they rocked them was incredible as well. Who says curvy girls cant wear fashionable clothes like the rest?

After the second talk it was intermission so a game of the Price is Right was played with a couple of volunteers but I was busy chatting so I didn’t get a chance to play or watch that but it was pretty exciting. We were also invited to lunch so we had an assortment of foods that was set up in the back area of the event. You get to choose so I picked everything and can we just stare at how cute that pink doughnut is and of course I had to pick pink. First was I think Palabok and it is this noodle with shrimp and stuff I’m not really sure and then we had barbequed pork and sweet and sour hotdogs but I’m a vegetarian so I couldn’t eat it but good thing my aunt and uncle who drove me to the event that day as they were in the area came and ate it for me so it wouldn’t go to waste. I’m not really a fan of certain Filipino dishes but I did like the noodles. There were so many donuts left so I got to take two home for my dad which he loved.

Since I finished a little early, the Canon photobooth didnt have too many people so I got my picture taken and I have been loving collecting these different photobooth pictures. I forgot to take a picture of it but it ill be up in my loot bag post coming up tomorrow or the next day. It was nice having a little break with sitting in between the talks because as we know we get quite tired and bored easily with sitting even though there is something going on. I liked how the program was set up.

The third talk was with Bea Almeda, the head makeup artist from Canmake Philippines. I had seen her at the last BDJ event and she was doing makeovers at the Canmake booth. This talk was about changing the way we look and how we apply makeup and she even emphasized the difference with the makeup trends of Asia and the Western market. It is different the way they apply their makeup and techniques on both. She gave a brief talk and then started her demonstration.

She gave the model a perfect summer look and each time she applied the product she would tell more about it and show exactly how to use it and tips and tricks about it. I loved that so I know and have a good understanding with what it does in case I picked it up. She made a small mistake but we all do but that mistake made her teach us a trick on when you do that because even a professional makeup artist like herself mess up. I learned a lot and would love to try more of their makeup as it is so cute.

I got a picture with her afterwards and she was so nice. We got to chat and she told us to go to the store that was in the mall and we gt a free product and discount when we purchase something but I had to get home as it was getting late but I wish I would have browsed their store. Also I didn’t notice there was a huge finger print on the lens because my aunt doesn’t really understand picture taking and probably touched it by accident. It’s too bad as this was the only picture I got with her.

The fourth and last talk of the day was with Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet. He is a blogger I discovered during class one day and I was researching a specific restaurant for a magazine we were layouting. We were learning how to edit it together and didn’t have time for making our own articles so we just borrowed for the example. Our groups topic was about food so he had amazing reviews about restaurants and instead of doing work I was browsing his blog and admiring his work throughout the class period which was bad but I got it done. I was grateful I got to actually meet him and was ecstatic to know he was speaking. i never knew I would stumble across his blog and get a chance to hear him talk about his journey. it has been an awesome surprise to be doing that twice now though.

He told the story of his journey from his corporate life to a full time travel and food blogger. The blog started as his way of telling his kids of the places he had been and just documenting everything for record and not to get big like he did and make it a full tie job. I really admire what he is doing and I agree that blogging is a great place to just share your experience for later and it is so cute that he was doing it for his kids. He had a great story and was very inspiring and I hope he continues his success.

Of course I got a picture with him and it was lovely getting to chat with him and asking him question of his blog. He was so nice and I love browsing his blog but not when I’m hungry as it is very bad for me. He ha amazing travel posts as well and beautiful pictures of his travels which is so nice and I hope one day I can travel all over the Philippines like he is doing.

And that was the event. I had an amazing time at the talks and learned a lot and got to meet some amazing people that I never knew I would. BDJ puts on such lovely events and I cannot rave enough about how good they do to put these together. I have enjoyed all the ones I’ve been to and cannot wait for more in the future.

I hope you enjoyed reading my event experience from Change the Game. I’m sorry the pictures aren’t up to my standard but my camera is dying and would not take pictures that day and was so blurry and also wouldn’t turn on. I think it was having a bad day but I am in need of getting a new one for blogging and other stuff. Also my aunt isn’t really that good so it got annoying that the pictures came out the way they did. My dad and other aunt say they are fine and I hope they are. i took the food picture with my iphone and have a few iphone shots but it is nicer to have a proper camera. I have my loot bag post coming out in a day or two and you can see what I got as the have amazing loot bags all the time.

What blogger do you get inspiration from?

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