April Favorites 2014

Another month has passed and of course I can’t believe April came and gone. It’s so sad my birthday month is over but I have things to look for in May I hope.I wanted to see if i could get another favorites post up for this month and I’m proud I did. I thought I wouldn’t have any favorites but it turns out I did and I’m proud that I have been consistent and really enjoying these types of posts. So let’s not delay and get to the point of this to see my favorites of the month of April.

Nail polish isn’t a surprise that it would pop u in one of my favorites post. I think I am a certified nail polish addict now and need to add to my collection and feed my addiction. This month’s favorite were both a spring and summer color that I both loved wearing. The first was this lovely bright coralish pink shade that was a tad bit neon which I posted about in the Caronia special collection here. It has been on my nails for quite a while and I love staring at it. The Caronia Nail Polish in Pique has been brightening up my fingers and making me love the summer colors.The rest of the collection is lovely but this has got to be my favorite and I can tell as the bottle is getting less and less in it from reapplying it over the past weeks.

The next color being the pretty pastel purple has been on my nails the first part of April as I didn’t want to let go of spring just yet and it matched an outfit I was wearing so it kind of stayed on my nails for the duration. The OMG Nails in Prom Queen has been a lovely pastel and I love pastel colors for the longest time. It is so pretty and very opaque and has a lovely formula so it was nice having it on my nails. I should have done a nail post on them but I may do if I want it to match my outfit again. I need to find another color just like this as I love it.

The cult favorite of many and now I featured it in a monthly favorites of mine. I never thought I would but here it is and I could say it has become my favorite as well. I thought at first that it wouldn’t match my skin tone but it did. It is a little pink but not noticeable. What really sold me is it gets rid of my undereye circles and the dead zombie in me goes away and I look awake and bright in no time. I understand now why it is a favorite of many. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1 has proved to be what they say and has done wonders for me. I love the packaging and how light and small it is to pop in my bag when I go. I love their products and I am a definite fan of Collection now. I am going to do a review soon as well so I will talk more in depth of it then.

Another makeup favorite this month which is very unlike me is this eyeliner I’ve been using. I hardly use eyeliner as I could never find the perfect subtle one for me but now that I have it makes a huge difference. Apparently I was all about the eyes in April and focused more on those. I have raved about this in the review I just posted about in the Nichido eyeshadow palette and ho much it made smooth lines and was not so black which I like. The Nichido Eyeliner Pencil in Black has made my eyes more defined and I am grasping more eyeliner in my life and it made me turn into the direction of maybe wearing different eyeliners like liquid and gel. Let’s hope for more makeup favorites next month as I’ve been enjoying adding more and not a simple face.

I only have one hair product this month which is surprising but I also use my regular shampoo and conditioner and heat protector and they have been in my favorites for a while so I don’t include them. I was lurking in my beauty cabinet the other day and saw this jem I used to love. It was the first hair mask I ever bought and used so it was quite special to me. And yet when I got into blogging I saw so many options and decided to try a hole lot of products so this got shoved into the back of my beauty cabinet until now. I forgot how amazing this is and I love discovering old favorites as it seems like a big thrill all over again and you are experience it for the first time again. The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter has come back to make my hair softer and bouncy again. I miss the scent and even though it doesn’t smell amazing I could just remember using this and feeling my hair recover and have moisture again. With it being so dry I use a hair mask a lot so it is nice having so many to choose from. I definitely love an old favorite product of mine.

I’ve been getting more into body products and skincare and plan on building u my collection with that as I mostly steer towards hair products or nail polish so I want to have a more in depth skin routine now. The first body product I have been loving is this body cream that I have been talking so much about the past few weeks. Besides the pretty packaging it is also a great product and leaves my skin so soft and makes me love how I feel afterward. The Canmake Body Cream in Pink Grapefruit has an amazing scent and it isn’t too thick consistency making it easy to apply. I love body creams now and I’m glad it isn’t oily and doesn’t take a lot of time to rub in. Its an overall lovely product which I hoped for.

It is summer and it is 90-100 degrees out and I need sun protection. I am so lazy to rub sunscreen before I leave but this has been a savior for me. I even used it last year over the summer it has lasted me a while but I think I need to get another bottle if the weather continues like this. It isn’t sticky and it doesn’t have a chemical smell either. The Beach Hut Clear Sunblock Spray in SPF 36 has been saving my skin from harsh sunburns and without it I might be sitting in misery right now. I also have the regular sunscreen, face and hair one but I don’t use it as much right now but when I go on holiday I will. I would have never thought I would be adding a sunscreen to my favorites but with the hotness I truly use it to death.

Those were my favorites this month and I’m gad it was more of a variety. I hope next month’s will be too as I picked up a lot of new beauty products I hope become favorites too. If you have been loving any of these as well I’d love to chat about them even more as they are great to use. Next month I hoe I’m on time as well but we’ll have to wait and see.

What was your most loved product of April?

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