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Today’s wishlist is a combination of a lot of items I want which I haven’t done one of these in a while. I thought I would do one about what I have been wanting and planning on getting once payday comes and I wanted to actually use this when I do head to the mall over the weekend. So let’s see about why I want each item.

one | Beauty Box Subscriptions
There are a few beauty box subscriptions here and I have fallen in love with the idea and want to get one every month. They are also a fun thing for me to blog about nd maybe do some reviews and a comparison post between the two. I love reading unboxing posts and also watching them so I of course have to sign up for one myself. The first one I ordered is the BDJ Box which is the most popular I think because I have to wait ’till June to get mine as they are on first come first serve basis and they sell out quick. I’m still excited though and I hope it’s worth the wait but a lot of people have said they are great. The other box is the Glamourbox which I signed up for last January and adored what I got and the service so I kept that one as well and can’t wait to get it as I think it is coming out in a few days

two | Happy Skin Summer Lippie Collection
I have seen a lot of PH beauty bloggers blog I read and they reviewed this lip crayon set so I was curious myself about these as they have a fantastic color range and it is a great deal for all three. This is another brand I want to try and again their makeup looks amazing and I spent quite a while on the website seeing what I wanted to get my hands on but first is definitely this lippie set.

three | Skinfood Black Sugar Mask
I am heading to an event with this brand this Saturday and I decided to do my research about their products and I ended up browsing their site for a good few hours deciding what I would be looking forward to and this was their best selling mask so I thought it looked good. I do want to try a new mask and get rid or some blackheads and this is what it was made for. The ingredients are natural which is good since I like knowing what is going on my skin. I can’t wait to try a sample at their event to see if I do fall in love.

four | Skinfood Tomato Jelly Lip Tint in Orange Tomato
Again, another Skinfood product. I’ve been obsessed with trying Korean and Japanese beauty products as they are so big here right now and you know the saying ‘if you can’t beat them join them.’ So that is what I did and I have actually started liking the stuff I see and try. I never knew I would but I guess that is what you get for trying new things. The lip tint caught my eye and I don’t have products in between like this. I either have a lip balm or a lipstick so this is perfect for me since I have dry lips and don’t like wearing lipstick everyday and just want a hint of color. Plus I love all the shades they come in and need them all.

five | Forever21 Dainty Floral Woven Top
If you’ve noticed my outfit posts lately I’ve really have been loving the blush pink color and here is another top to add to my collection. I love the color and I know since it is nice and bright out I do want to try more out there bright and fun colors but the pretty spring colors have been my favorite thing in my closet. The details are so cute and I just want to go on a shopping spree for new clothes and revamp my wardrobe and try out new styles that I feel like I should have a change for a new chapter in my life.

six | Montego Bay Club Selina Rhinestone Caged Sling Sandal
It’s summer and when I was little I loved wearing cute sandals but I got older I moved into ballet flats but lately it is really warm and I don’t like having shoes on but I can’t wear just flip flops to the summer course I’m taking on campus so I wanted a cute pair that are comfy, suitable for school and also don’t make my feet hot. I saw these and wanted them so bad and aren’t they lovely. I also love the two-tone pattern on them and they come in fun summer colors as well as the neutral which is perfect for me to try out.

seven | Minicci Crochet Riley Crossbody Bag
I’ve always been a big bag person and having a lot of stuff in my bag that I don’t really need. Usually if I don’t need a bag I just take my wallet, phone and keys with me like to the grocery store or doing errands. I do notice that it is super difficult for me as if I need to carry something else I can’t because I m holding all that in my hands and sometimes I would end up putting my wallet or something on the store shelf which is really dangerous as I forget easily so I decided I need a cute mini bag like this to keep those 3 items. Plus it really helps since it is super cute.

eight | Victoria Secret Pink iPhone Soft Case
I’m obsessed with buying new iPhone cases and I just love the feeling of finding a new one I absolutely love. I like the soft rubbery cases that cover the whole phone and has a good grip and always seeking the perfect one that fits the description and my standards. I saw this one and feel in love with it and it passed what I like so I hope to be picking up something like it!

That has been what I want to get and I kind of liked doing these mixed up wish lists as I have been doing themed ones for a while now and think I might do one of these once a month to just combine all my wants together. I hope you enjoyed what I want for this week’s wish list and I hope you treat yourself to something nice this pay day as well!

What are you going to treat yourself come payday?

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