Tricia Gosingtian 150 Style Essentials For Every Girl Book Signing

I went to Tricia’s Book signing last March which was probably a month ago today I think. Sorry for the delay but I had to download the pictures and then edit them which took a while and had other posts going up and plus I was in the middle of #fxfrevamp so I waited to have everything finished to put this one up.

If you couldn’t tell I’ve been attending a few events lately. I’m not entirely sure if this counts as an event but it was fun going to meet one of the first Filipino fashion bloggers I ever followed.Tricia announced on her social media that she was having a book signing at National Book Store in Mall of Asia which I live about an hour away from if there is minimal traffic (which there always isn’t.) I made my way there and I’ve been to this mall several times and think it is one of my favorites to go to.

When I got there and I saw Tricia sitting signing other people’s books, I do have to admit I was starstruck and couldn’t believe I get to meet a blogger. Technically she is the first blogger I met and she is truly inspiration to be doing what she has been doing for so long. Someday I would like to write my on book about plus size fashion and she is someone I’m looking up to if I ever got the chance to.

Both my cousin, Lynn and I got there a little late but we made it and got to register but both of us were so shy to at first but we finally got registered and got the book so it could be signed. We sat down and I just stared and couldn’t process getting to meet her. I love Tricia’s dress and I myself have been obsessed with blush pink which you will see in a couple of outfit posts coming up.

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There was a little program which I wasn’t really expecting because this was my first ever book signing. I thought she would just sign the book and that’s it but Tricia took the time to talk with the audience and the individual in line. They even stopped the line once in a while to interact with the ones waiting and the hot did a lovely job. With my understanding the host was a long time friend of Tricia’s and she entertained everyone. I also was in love with her outfit and I loved the skirt she was wearing and want to find one like it if I can.

There was a slideshow of some of the features of the book and a little more about it playing on a projector to the side. Even if I had the book in my hands I still watched it hile waiting in line which surprisingly wasn’t that long.

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I got these off of Tricia’s blog and I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture of these but it was packed there and I guess I just didn’t snap a picture. But I did look at the display so it wasn’t a total lose. These were two of the sponsors of the event. I fell in love with Canmake thanks to her and I’m developing quite an addiction to pick up all of their products if I could. I even wrote two posts about them and hop to do more and try some of their makeup next. As for the watches i loved the styles. I’m on a look out for a new one so I will be checking these out too hopefully soon.

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Finally after getting to the front of the line I got to meet Tricia herself and can I just say how pretty and nice she is. First she takes your picture with the book and this goes up on her blog. With me being a reader of it and going back to try and read her previous entries I knew she does a blog post about each signing which for me is dedication and so sweet of her to show her love for fans she gets  to meet. That is one of the things I love about her that she shows appreciation and doesn’t think she is someone famous.

This is her signing my book and we got to casually chat. I was worried it was going to be awkward but I got to talk with her and told her about my adventures here in Manila and ow I’m pretty new here. She asked me a little about where I was from and told me about some of her travels. This is one of the posts I love reading on her blog and besides her fashion/outfit posts, I love seeing her thoughts on where she travels and to places I never been and her recent trip to Japan has made me want to go even more.

After singing my book was the most exciting part for me and probably everyone who was there which was getting a picture from her. I was lucky enough to get several since I brought my iphone and my dslr with me and plus there was a photographer there to so I have have so many pictures and a lot of memories of that day. I liked how she said I was super tall and she was already in heels. I get that a lot but I can accept my height now thanks to blogging than before. I think I thanked her so many times and said nice to meet you a couple more times. It was so surreal and I’m glad I met her if I could again I would even if  see her around. She is such a nice blogger and I enjoyed meeting her.

Here is her book she actually wrote herself giving girls tips on essential pieces to have in their wardrobe and I’m definitely taking some tips and using them for myself. As soon as I got home I read the entire thing and took notes. If you’d like a review about it I’d love to give one as there are some great tips to learn from it. I have very few signed books but now I could add this to my collection. It is so nice having her sign my copy and it will definitely be treasured.

If you’d like a copy of your own you can pick one up at most National Bookstores nationwide. If you don’t live in the Philippines, it is available to purchase a digital copy on Buqo. I might pick one up for myself to have as reference when I’m shopping because I’m that obsessed.

I hope you enjoyed my experience on meeting a wonderful blogger. I thank Tricia and her team for having an event like this so I could meet her in person ad get a signed copy of her lovely book.

What blogger made you starstruck when you first met them?

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  1. Jasmine Rabuñal Barrientos
    April 8, 2014 / 8:11 pm

    This looks great, I'm green with envy. I'd love going to more events. Tricia is fabulous, so stylish.Jasmine xFor a Real Woman So easy Spanish!

  2. Jackie
    April 17, 2014 / 5:13 pm

    You should go to more event and they are so much fun. Tricia was so sweet too I hope you get to meet her one day like I did!

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