Sunday Summaries | April 27, 2014

Monday was again a blogging day for me because I had to get everything organized, written and schedule before my life gets hectic again. It’s a good thing I spent several days last week taking blog pictures and also a few outfit pictures to last me the rest of this month and probably two weeks in May but by then I will have time again so I hope I can keep up with this schedule. I’m doing real good in keeping organized and having everything prepared as I am so motivated to get everything done right now and have stuff written and I’m focused. I actually stuck with being more full time and after my blog revamp I felt like I love it even more now.

On Tuesday I had a not fun day as I was super stressed trying to enter a summer film class on campus and their system was terrible so it was postponed and I had to commute for the first time in 2 years on public transportation just to get there and to find out it was canceled was horrible. I have gotten so used to driving my own car but it had to be put into the dealer to get serviced so I missed it so much. Another thing was it was so hot that day and I felt like I was going to pass out from the humidity. Not good what so ever but at least my parents got food delivered that night so that was a plus for a bad day.

Now on Wednesday I had to go back and I thought that the car as supposed to be ready but apparently it wasn’t so again I took public transportation. I have so much respect who do that everyday as it takes so much out of me and I was just so tired and my body was really getting a workout. Again it was really hot and when I arrived there was a line and not many staff and it was getting so late but I made it. I got some bad news that day and I jut had another horrible day that I wish didn’t happen but i can’t change it.

The summer course was supposed to start on Thursday so I went in at 8 at the scheduled time but waited their for 2 hours before knowing there were still a lot of problems and I wont be able to do it yet.The system is so messed up and really made me disappointed. I finally talked to the guy in charge and we got everything taken care of and I would be starting on Monday. I had o take public transportation again and waking up at 6 in the morning going there and having it canceled is the worst feeling but I got my car in the afternoon so my dad picked me up and we went to the mall to hang out and he took me shopping to cheer me up after the awful week I was having. It was nice and I definitely got some stuff and cant wait to do a haul.

Since I didn’t have to go in on Friday I got to go to the mall again as my dad’s Samsung S4 broke and the firmware was messed up on it so we had to go see if we could get it fixed. We also searched for new phones and was looking at different things. I went shoe shopping and had to order a pair as they didn’t have my size. I left my dad and went to the beauty counters as he wanted to go to the computer section but I don’t blame him. I had my car back which was easier to get around in so we spent are day at the mall.

The highlight of my week was going to a beauty event on Saturday. After a terrible week I was having I got to be invited to a store opening at Skinfood which is a Korean cosmetic brand. I had such a great experience and it definitely made me smile after being so miserable and sad and emotional it gave me back my drive again. AFter the event my dad came to hang out with me once again to finally get his hone fixed and he did. I was listening to him 24/7 complaining about how it didn’t work and he finally got it to work again. We went out for dinner and he took outfit photos for me and he even created an instagram account for him after being obsessed with facebook the past few months. As you could see we took a selfie and got dessert together.

On Sunday I was planning on having a relaxing blogging day to get caught up on everything but my dad woke me up declaring he wanted to go buy a tablet for himself after we spent the past 3 days of so looking around he was bound determined. If you couldn’t tell I was going to the same mall sine Wednesday but i forgot to mention it. Imagine going to the same mall everyday. We went out again but this time a different mall (surprise, surprise.) He go what he wanted but we went to a different mall again to look for accessories as that mall was very small. We ended up going to the mall we always go to by our house and to make up for his large purchase he bought me a few things. I have a collective haul coming that is huge but I am still waiting ’till I have no class to go clothes shopping so once I do I will let you know when I’ll post my haul.

I had a jam packed week if you couldn’t tell and in the latter part it started looking up. I hope you enjoyed this weekly recap and are enjoying them as well. I like having to write down what I’m doing and feeling as it makes me feel better. If you are having a bad week too we can get through it together and I guess t is better in the end as it turned to be pretty interest the past few days. I need to be going now as I am so tired and I’m finishing up this post very late at night after getting home and my summer course starts tomorrow so I better get going.

What gets you through a terrible week?

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