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| Nichido Make-Up Collection Eyeshadow Palette and Eyeliner Pencil*

This was featured in the post I did a few weeks ago which was in my goody bag you can read here. This palette comes with eight individual size eyeshadow in various colors and two blush shades. It also came with a free eyeliner pencil which was really nice of them. I have never heard of the brand but I think I have seen it in some stores but never paid attention to it. It is a simple palette and has a lot of bold color choices so it isn’t your average neutral palette.It has lightweight packaging and the pigmentation is fair. So let’s get in with what I thought about this palette. 

The packagingis pretty simple and comes in a box wrapped in plastic so it is protected. It is a sleek and shiny plastic case which holds the shadows and when you open it there is quite a big mirror to do your makeup on. It is lightweight and not too big so it can be slipped into a makeup bag or easy to keep for traveling.I just think it is a great compact to have and I love that in packaging.

The colors arranged as light on the top and dark’s on the bottom. The colors I wanted to use was the third on the second row as I like chocolate brown colors that have a reddish tint to them. There are three brown neutral colors and three bold colors and the rest are highlight colors. I expected the light ones to not have good pigmentation and the darker colored ones to be just the right amount. I hoped that the colors would be easy to put on but they were not as good as I thought.The blushes kind of looked the same as well. The top picture was shot with artificial light and the second was shot with natural light outside. There is quite a difference and in the packaging they all look so pretty but all different once swatched.

The first row was the lighter shades that probably were made for highlighting the eyes and the inner corners and if it wasn’t made for that than they have the worst color pigmentation. The white color was the hardest to swatch and I had to build it up quite a lot to see any color. It is sort of a chalk consistency and it isn’t pleasant to try and build up. This was probably swatched about 4-5 times maybe even more to get that exact color. I tried playing with it but that didn’t help either. The grey/silver color was one I was excited for but again it was very chalky and hard to get color but it didn’t take s many swatches to get this color maybe 3-4 at the most. The light blue was something I didn’t know whether it would show up or not and I was right. It was so hard to get that pretty blue and after 4-5 swatches it started to show color. It does have a nice blue once it is built up and would love to try and work with it if I really wanted to. The last color for the first row was the absolute worst. It was so hard to swatch and wouldn’t come u in real life let alone in pictures. I was hoping fr a pretty champagne color to have in the lids and a darker brown in the crease but it did not want to swatch what so ever. Maybe for a very subtle highlight to blend with something is the only way I would like it to work. Out of those 4 only didn’t show up which is quite good. It is hard to build up but they are probably highlight colors so I think that’s why. 

The second row had the darker colors and I hoped that thy were better pigmentation and not like the previous row. The purple was very vibrant and I wouldn’t have thought it would be. I did build it up a little hear swatching it 2-3 times to show the real color but it can go very light if you chose to. The yellow was the one I knew wouldn’t look good but it did have a nice golden shade which I was not expecting. It is actually quite pretty if you want a hint of golden eyes for a look. I did build this one up for about 3-4 times too see how far the color will go without looking cakey or horrible an it didn’t see quite bad. The third color which is th reddish brown is a very pretty color but actually too dark and not what I thought. I only swatched about 1-2 times and the color was already vibrant so it would be hard to use this if you want a subtle everyday look. And for the last color which was the brown was a lot more orange than I thought it would be and it also had amazing coverage as well and was swatched 1-2 times as well. The second row was quite promising and I was quite happy with the colors than the previous one. All the shadows had better consistency and the textures were better than the row above. Out of these 4 in this row they had all pretty good pigmentation and good texture so it was better than the first row.

The blushes of the palette were both a pink tone and in the palette they looked quite similar until swatched. One is noticeably darker and the other is lighter with more sparkle. The colors in the picture make it seem their the same but they actually aren’t. The one on the left is quite light and has a golden sparkle in it and for me I like it better. The one on the right is darker and has a silver sparkle that is not quite noticeable. They swatch easily and have good texture, color payoff and are quite workable which I like. I love blushes tht give me a natural flush so these are quite good and don’t make you look too embarrassed.

The eyeliner was a nice extra to received and I thought since it was a freebie with the palette that it as going to be this cheap pencil that would be difficult to sharpen and just be terrible but when I opened it up I was surprised to find a retractable eyeliner that had a nice point and great consistency. I was very impressed and as soon as I swatched it I loved it even more. It isn’t really a pencil but more like a gel type that can be smudged out. I haven’t had an eyeliner like this in a while so this was a worthwhile extra. It gives a great line and easy to apply even with me no being that good with eyeliner. I have applied it on my waterline as well for a dark look I went for an evening and it is a lovely eyeliner. It is really dark and comes off with makeup remover or soap and water easily but doesn’t smear and run which is great. I will be picking up a full size of this if they have one when this runs out.

Now for the review:

C O L O R  | ♥♥♥♡
The shadows had a vibrant variety over the neutral ones so I am considering this a color palette. They are all different and quite good with the pigmentation. Some colors have to be built up to see its true color but some shades swatched easily and had very good color in it. The blushes were both as well nice shades but very similar with each other making it not vary as good. 
P A C K A G I N G | ♥♥♥♡
I did like the packaging as I love having palettes to look sleek and professional looking.It is light weight and compact so it is easy to carry and travel with if you like the palette. The big plus for me is the big mirror it comes with to see your makeup and create your eye looks. The only thing I don’t like is that it attracts finger prints when you touch it so it is wise if you don’t use it with eyeshadow on your hands.
A B I L I T Y  T O  W E A R 
| ♥♥
I don’t think this is a great everyday palette besides the 3 neutral shades if you’re like me and like the natural and subtle look. A lot of the colors are fun and dark colors and ones that I don’t think I would be wearing much of.

M Y  T H O U G H T S |

What I like:
♡ Fun colors to use in creative looks & a cheap alternative for costume makeup.
♡ The packaging of this product is light and easy to travel with.
♡ It comes with a large mirror to apply or touch up your makeup.

What I don’t like:
♡ Not much color selection.
♡ Has a few shadows that don’t show up well.
♡  It can attract fingerprints easily as it is a shiny material.

♡ I like the palette but wish it had more color pay off with the lighter shades. You really have to really apply them over and over and it creates a cakey look so I wish that was different. I expected this palette to have horrible eyeshadows as the colors at first glance look bad but they are actually butter than I thought.

 OVERALL: ♥♥♥♡♡
♡ This palette is a great to use for creative looks and considering the price. I like it but don’t know what I can use it for besides the couple of shades. The other thing is that the shadows aren’t named which is kind of sad but I don’t really expect to have names like the higher end shadows. It is a lovely palette and for the price and how many shadows and 2 blushes it is good.

Would I recommend this product?
I think I would recommend this for young girls just starting discover makeup or trying to play with eyeshadow and want a cheap palette that they can use to create everyday look or fun and playful looks.I’m not sure about the brand but the eyeliner is so good so I would recommend that as well for beginners because it creates a nice line.

I hope you enjoyed my first makeup review. To be honest it was quite hard and I didn’t know much to say but with enough times doing it I will probably get the hang of it. This was the third eyeshadow palette I have and really like it if it had more shades I could use. I remember buying the first one I had from Covergirl and thought it was amazing so seeing all the ones come out make me want to get more. I hope to do another one of these soon and have more reviews coming up.

What was your first eyeshadow palette you ever bought?

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