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Today I thought I would start doing some more beauty reviews again it was a decision I made when I decided to revamp my blog. I also found a whole folder of edited photos I must have taken a while back in bulk to review but forgot about so I went in and reedited to add the title to the bottom and I would be all set.

I was being adventurous one day while I was at the local grocery store and went to the beauty section to see what was new and this was on offer in the imported products area and decided to get it because it was 1) on discount, 2) usually nothing in the imported beauty section is ever on sale and 3) I felt the need to switch up my skincare routine and it would also give me something to blog about (which is every bloggers justification to buy something new). I love my current facial scrub and don’t think I can ever replace it but it was time to try something new and this seemed like it could work so I plopped in the basket and went on my way.

I tried it a few days later to see how it was like and since I was doing my full shower routine and pamper session that Sunday I thought it would be a perfect time. So after I washed my hair and had the hair masque in this is the time I use my face scrubs. As soon as I applied it it burned a little and it wasn’t that painful but it was very uncomfortable. I started to rub it in and it started to tingle which at first I thought was good but as I continued to massage it all over my face the burning sensation turned into a stinging sensation and I immediately had to wash it off since it was getting so painful and I freaked out to think I was hurting/damaging my face. I got it all off and the burning stopped but I was still a little shock from it. The facial scrub did leave my skin clean and smooth but it was so scary to me and I wasn’t use to it.I didn’t do anything to my face luckily and it didn’t turn red which I as worried about but I was horrified I would be allergic to it.

After that I decided to leave this alone and go back to my favorite facial scrub and stayed far away from this. I think about a few months later I was going through my beauty cabinet and saw this and looked at it. I thought that I didn’t give it a fair chance and make the review fair so that night in the shower I tried it again but used less product than last time since I thought it was the problem. It did the same thing and I knew that was it’s last chance to try it. I don’t know if it was meant to do that but I hate the feeling so I gave up on it.

A B I L I T Y  T O  C L E A N | ♥♥♥♡
It did clean my face before I washed it off so it left my oily combination skin smooth to the touch right after the shower.   
P A C K A G I N G | ♥♥♥♥♡
I did like the packaging to this though. This was probably the only things that was good about it for me. If I did end up liking this it would be  perfect size to throw in my overnight essentials makeup bag and I like when they come like this instead of those tubs of products because it is easier to use in the shower.
S C E N T | ♥♥
I didn’t really like the scent of this. It smelt like strong chemicals and maybe that is why it was burning my face but I really like good smelling scents for my fave products because it makes it nicer to use and since i will be rubbing it on my face I would like to have something that smells okay and not so strong like this one.

M Y  T H O U G H T S |

What I like:
♡ The texture is okay and not too big of exfoliate beads to rub on your face.
♡ I really liked the packaging of this product.
♡ It didn’t leave me with a rash or red marks after trying it.

What I don’t like:
♡ The burning sensation was too uncomfortable for me.
♡ The scent was too chemically for me to handle.
♡  It is very watery and the beads don’t really do anything.

♡ I didn’t really like this product but I do still like the brand and if I see something interesting from them again I might still pick it up but as for this one I don’t think so. 

OVERALL: ♥♥♥♡♡
♡ I wish this would have worked for me. I don’t have very sensitive skin and I am lucky enough not to get breakouts or anything like that but I thought I would give it a try. I’m not sure if it removes many blackheads as I didn’t let it sit on my face so I can’t confirm that. It does clean the face but it burned too much for me to fully see results. I wont be using this again

Would I recommend this product?
♡ I think
if you don’t have sensitive skin and can handle a tingling/burning
sensation than it’s up to you to try it but it just wasn’t for me.Please don’t try it if you are prone to anything that will damage your face. I don’t know if all of these products are the same or if mine was the only one. Also the product maybe designed like this to clean your face but for me I dint like it.

I didn’t want this to be a very negative review and I didn’t want to say I hate it because of one product I didn’t end up being for my face. These are just my thoughts about it and I hope I find a Neutrogena product I like and can rave about but this wasn’t it. I gave my honest opinion of what I thought and my experience of using it but I’m in no way trying to be hateful towards it and I hope I got that across clearly.

I enjoyed writing this review though and have a lot more planned I hope. I also hope you like how I formatted my review so if you have any suggestions about that I would love to hear and if you tried this exact product was it the same for you?

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Allie Davies
    April 10, 2014 / 8:20 pm

    love your little rating system! I'm still trying to find the perfect product for metie-dye-eyes

  2. Jackie
    April 17, 2014 / 5:17 pm

    Thanks I thought it was cute too and I do hope you find one.

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