March Favorites 2014

Here is my favorites for the month of March and the products I’ve been loving throughout the month. Of course I have to say I can’t believe another month has gone and April is my birthday month so another reason to celebrate. I’m actually kind of on time this month with my monthly favorites for once since I started my blog but I may be wrong I’m not entirely sure. And I can’t believe I put two monthly favorites in a row so that’s great and I’m finally organized I guess but let’s see next month.

I didn’t change up my products much this month so that’s why I don’t have that much in this months favorites and I don’t want to repeat them so close together. I’ve also been at home most of the time and haven’t gone out to buy anything different or see the latest releases but maybe this month I can add to what I’ve been loving. 

For hair products I loved during the month of March was a dry shampoo and another hair masque. Since summer has officially begun for me my hair has been suffering from the heat and even with it up I can feel it getting sweaty right after I wash it so dry shampoo has become a best friend for my hair and is a life savor on those very hot days. I picked up Lush’s No Drought about a few months ago but haven’t used it that much as it is a little messy. I do have another dry shampoo that is a spray which I like as well but I lost the can since there was only a little left so I had to use this and it was my first time using No Drought regularly since I bought it which is kind of bad. I did discover to put it on my hair brush first and then brush it through which works far more better than me pouring it all over my head and getting it everywhere and all over me. So remember to put it on a hair brush first and it will save the product and less cleanup time.

I had been using the TRESemmé Thermal Recovery hair masque which I reviewed here and talked about in my February favorites and I still love it but I saw this was on discount and since I used the Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner then this would just match and I wanted to complete the set. Sometimes I’m OCD and have to have everything to match and it gets a real problem but I like completing the set. I do like it and I haven’t really noticed a difference quite yet between the two but they both do amazing on my hair. The TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Masque works lovely and leaves my hair smooth which is hard when I have such curly hair and it gets frizzy easily but this reduces that for the day.

As for Skincare or body products I haven’t really switched up as I said and I’ve been using the same products I featured last month. This was another thing from my Glamourbox and I just got around to trying it fully for a review and I ended up loving it so I had to include it. I’ve been loving a lot of products from Snoe and hey are such a great local brand. The Snoe Fizzy Clean Foaming Hand Sanitizer in Lavender Brew is actually a funner hand sanitizer and it foams up and melts when you run your hands together. The scent is lovely and I need to pick up more scents like this and it will make you want to sanitize your hands even more to get rid of those germs.

Nail polish has been a new obsession again for me. I have months were I wear nail polish and change it up every week or sometimes I don’t wear nail polish at all for a month or so. This month I have two nail polish favorites which are two colors far from each other but so pretty. I picked up this nail polish from Forever21 last time I went and fell in love with it sitting on the counter as I was checking out which should not be put there because it makes you buy so many when you obviously don’t need but buy one anyways to make your nail polish collection grow even more. The  Love and Beauty Nail Color in Pink Multi-glitter was what I wore on my nails throughout the month minus one week in between. It is actually quite easily to apply and remove which is what I loved and the color is so pretty. I’ll have a proper nail post on this soon but if you go to my Canmake Booth review here in the last picture you can see them a little.

As for the green nail polish I wore it in my St. Patricks Day nail post which you can find here. It is such a perfect green for the holiday and it isn’t an out there green and I even went out with this on and had it on when I dropped off some paper works at school and it wasn’t a big deal. The OMG Nails in Gossip is a lovely green that can be worn for Spring and of course like what I did St. Patricks Day. I loved the formula and it stayed on for about 4 days without chipping which was amazing for a cheap polish and it stayed on for about a week before I deiced to change it.

Those were my favorites for the month of March. I didn’t have much but I have been loving these throughout the month and I hope next month I can try and use some new products. I hope you like my initial thoughts about each one and if your curious about something and want me to do a full review I would love to. I am doing reviews on two of these and they are in the process so look out for those. I have more exciting post this month so please stay tuned for more content from me and more fun stuff to come to fashionxfairytale.

What are the things you loved last March?

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