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Instead of of my inspiration fashion finds post today I decided to show you my pretty sandals I picked up which I thought would be perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. I have had these a few weeks and have been dying to wear them out but have no where to go lately but once I do you’ll be seeing them in many outfit posts I’m sure.

I picked these up at a Payless since I cannot find any places where I live that sell shoes bigger than a size 9. That is the average size here for woman’s shoes and I wear a 10 or11 depends on the style. I have been on a hunt for more shoes that are not ballet flats as those have been my go to shoes since I was in the 7th grade and I think I have gotten bored and promised myself to venture into new styles. I do love comfort but I think I should find comfort in other shoes as well that are cuter too. I do need to wear heels in college and I wore 3 inch pumps and wedges but couldn’t handle how uncomfortable they were so I wore black ballet flats again. Now that I’m done and can wear normal shoes again I wanted to try a lot more different styles.

I saw these and thought they would be perfect and tried them on and I can walk in them without it being uncomfortable or too high. I have worn this with only one dress for a party back in February and they lasted through that but I haven’t worn them since and missed them. Since it is quite warm now and I might be going out more to more events I thought I would pull these out of it’s box and use them again and I’ve been staring at them and wanting t go somewhere just so I could wear them again.

 | Monteo Bay Club Strappy Sling Wedge Sandals 1,250php // $28.00 |

I don’t always wear heels as I am 5’9 and sometimes it makes me feel
like I’m taller than I actually am and where I live with the people
being 5’3 or below me being a mixed race makes me feel uncomfortable
being so tall but these wedges don’t give me as much height because they
are only 2 inch wedges and they are so comfy to walk in. I like the
little height it gives me and makes me feel but its not like I’m
hovering if that makes sense. The platform in the front makes it easier on my toes which I like and one of the reasons I choose this shoe. I didn’t just buy it for the prettiness and for once they are not deadly on my feet.

As I said it is not a high heel and I wanted a shoe like this for a while as I had a pair like this when I was a little ten year old and thought they were the best shoes and technically these were my first pair of heels I  guess that wasn’t quite a high heel yet. I loved pairing them with floral and flowy dresses and probably today I would still style it with that. I guess I was pretty stylish as a little girl but half of that was probably my mom’s fault.

I hope to be wearing these a lot and I loved showing you these shoes for today’s fashion finds. If you have any ideas with styling them I would love to know some tips as I already have a few outfits that I can wear with this but want to now a few more and for what occasions. They are definitely my favorite shoes at the moment but I wish I could wear them more often as they are so pretty and actually easy to walk in.

What are your favorite shoes to wear in the spring/summer?

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  1. Alice Barton
    April 20, 2014 / 10:04 pm

    i'd love to be so tall! i'm tiny 5,2 so i always wear high heels! these look super comfy yet stylish! Outfit post? 🙂 xxAlice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

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