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I’ve always been the girl who adores dainty jewelery. My philosophy with accessories is less is more and I know I should be braze and venture out of this small world and embrace statement necklaces, chunky bracelets and eye-popping rings but I can’t seem to steer away from the lightness of a pendent necklace or a single strand bracelet. Its like I need the simplicity in my life and won’t feel the same with out it. So for today’s fashion finds I wanted to share some of the pieces I love to wear and how pretty it can be. I know I said I wanted to try more big pieces but I still cant cheat on my love for dainty jewelery pieces.

A string of pearls, gold stud earrings or a diamond bracelet all remind me of classic jewelery pieces I always saw growing up and I guess it just stuck of me loving that classic style and having small pieces that my mother bought for me and let me wear. I did have a phase in middle school when the wild colorful accessories at Claire’s were my weakness and I saved up all my allowance just to browse their corny collection and pick up huge hot pink ball earrings and charm bracelets filled with random charms I thought expressed me. Those days were me being naive and thinking I had the cool fashion down but as I look back my best friend and I must have been crazy to think that was ever in style for our generation when it looked like we jumped out of an 80’s party. I’m glad I got that phase over with and got back into loving simple jewelery but I do wish I spent my high school years spending more on bulky necklaces to get that phase over it as well or maybe I have time now I don’t really know.

For now I am going to enjoy and embrace the simple jewelery and how delicate the pieces are. I really would love to know your preference and if you went through crazy fashion phases as well as I have a few that I’m not too proud off. It is really cool looking back on though and also learning from the mistakes that you make. I hope you enjoyed this fashion finds and share with me some of your favorite dainty jewelery pieces.

What do you prefer wearing when it comes to jewelery?

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